Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Year's Progress

It is hard to believe we have been in South Carolina almost a year now.  We stayed in Yorktown for the 4th of July festivities, then packed and left after that.  Since this coming weekend is 4th of July---let's go back and see the changes over this year.

In the backyard, I have planted tons and tons of plant material.  We added the flagstones along the pathways and recently bought a bench.  We have had some big storms here in the last few weeks and had some washout in the garden and pathway.  Slowly but surely I will get that squared away.
 You can see the Japanese Maple in front of the birdbath.  This garden area is the sunniest.  Am trying to add more flowering plants in this area.

This area is the shady part of the garden.  There are ferns, azaleas, hydrangeas, and other shade lovers in this area.
 In the corner of the garden where the path begins we planted a Japanese Maple for our wedding anniversary.  It is Acer palmatum 'Glowing Embers'. 

Soon after we moved in last summer there was a big storm and a lot of washout in the front by the driveway.  Charlie and I did some planting and mulching and turned a construction looking area to a nice front garden.
A few of the grasses didn't come back, so I added some Powis Castle Artemisia in front the Crape Myrtle. 

Have more weeds to take care of...but that is an ongoing process.   I like the Miscanthus 'Little Zebra'.

The side garden has filled in quite nicely.  I have been adding plants along the woodline as well.

Next, a couple views from the lakeside looking back toward the house. 
 In addition to the storm water moving mulch, we have had a lot of branch tips falling out of the trees.  The female cicadas cut the branch tips to lay their eggs.  These tips die and hang from the trees until winds knock them down.  After each storm it looks like a war zone.  So in addition to the weeds, I have lots of tree litter to pick up.

The patio bank is still being added to.  Recently I planted some Nepeta racemosa 'Walkers Low' and more roses.
Looking forward to having this fill in.

The front garden on the left of the walkway is filling in.  Last summer I had some Ruby Grasses, not perennial in my area.  This summer I am just letting the Acorus to fill in more.

 Looking from the front door to the woods in the front, the garden on the left has had its problems.  Last summer part of it was planted with Pennisetum 'Little Bunny' and it didn't come back.   First I tried some Blue Fescue grasses, but they didn't seem to thrive.
So, yesterday and today I planted a bunch of Liriope muscari 'Variegata'....ordered 50 barerooted plants.  I had more than enough for here and other places in the yard.  I clustered the Blue Fescues together and planted the Liriope behind them.

 This picture was the Little Bunny from last year and then tonight, Liriope and Blue Fescue.  Along the house are a line of Gardenias with a focal plant of a Nandina 'Blush Pink' at the door.
 This was the Blue Fescue.......which would have looked nice with the stacked stone...oh well.
 The little black fencing is around most of the foundation gardens to keep my four legged friends out of the gardens.
In the front area is creeping Phlox which was grand in the spring.  I added some white verbena to try to have some color.

In addition to planting all the bare-rooted Liriope I planted another Rhus typhina 'Balitiger' or Tiger Eyes.  I had one earlier this year, almost in this spot...but I thought it needed more sun and moved it.  That was the end of that Tiger Eyes.  Keep your fingers crossed for this beauty.
 And finally, my containers for in the front of the garage....I was going for the purple and yellow combo.   I have a Sun Coleus for the tall feature, a Sweet Potato Vine for my trailing, and in the middle~~ an ornamental pepper and two different petunias, 'Pinstripe' and 'Phantom'.   I added some Liriope (from old container arrangements) and a small boxwood 'Sunburst'.  As usual the Sweet Potato vine is going gangbusters...I may pull it out and put something a little less robust.   I do like the Ornamental Peppers and Petunias. 

Thanks for coming along with me on my first year tour of the gardens. 

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  1. Congratulations on your 1st year in SC! Everything will fill in and fill up before you know it.

    Love your choices and the rhus is stunning! I've got to sort through my seeds soon (should be dry now). Do you want nigella sent with your campion seeds? Can't remember if I've asked.

    You've been very busy for this hot weather. Watching our weather report, June was our 3rd hottest ever and little rain. Will be 99 on July 4th.

    Take care in the heat. Enjoy your holiday celebrations!

  2. I loved the tour. It is all coming along nicely. I like the liriope in the front garden.

  3. Love the color combo in that container.

    It must be so exciting to start a garden from scratch like that, though it must also require a lot of patience.

    Have you seen a photo of my dog? It looks EXACTLY LIKE your dog except older. Ours is a lab/shepard mix. Yours?

  4. Wow! A whole year already? Hard to believe. I think it was just before you moved that I started following your blog. Things are filling in nicely -- well, the things that survived.

    Did the blue fescue not return after winter? I thought it was hardier than that. If you're looking for a blue grass that's similar, I have one called Helictotrichon sempervirens here, which I like better than fescue. My problem with blue fescue is that the clump reverts back to mostly green after a while.

  5. what a treat to see your garden befores and afters this morning, janet! it looks great! i am going to look into getting that rhus myself. btw, love the name of the anniversary maple. appropriate!

  6. Wow, Janet, you have accomplished so much in one year! I can't wait to see it another year. Too bad the blue fescue didn't work out, but changing to plants that will work will give you an even better headstart on everything filling in. I should think about adding some little fencing like yours to keep my furry friend from bounding through the garden.

  7. Congratulations on your paper anniversary. The two of you have accomplished a lot, but know you, you have only just started.

  8. I can't believe it's been almost a year already! Love seeing the progress of the plants but I'm MOST impressed with all the flagstone you put in along the paths. That is a TON of heavy work!!! (And looks really nice! :) )

  9. Wow has it been a year already? Well everything is slowly but surely starting to fill in and in another 2 years it should be quite full & lush. Your containers look great! Love the purple & yellow color combo. :)

  10. Wow, it's looking great. Your whole place looks fantastic. It sure looks different from the start till now. Lots of hard work, it has paid off.

  11. Wow Janet what a change you have made in just one year.I love all of the stone you have added along the pathways. You have done so much work and planting.
    I have saw pictures of the Tiger Eyes and loved the looks of them. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. What an incredible amount of work you've been doing. Such a beautiful property, how exciting. Shame about losing some of the plants but that seems to be the way isn't it? Sometimes a plant works and sometimes it doesn't. Can only learn by trying.

  13. Hi Janet, What a ton of work you have done in the space of a year! I can imagine the hours that went into creating all the planting beds and filling them in. I look forward to seeing the garden progress in the coming year. Happy Anniversary and Happy July 4th!

  14. I used to live in Sumter, SC! My husband was stationed at Shaw AFB. Your landscaping looks great! I grew loropetalum when I lived there. They have wonderful foliage and beautiful pink flowers. Have fun in your new place!

  15. Cameron, thanks! Hard to believe a year has passed. I would love nigella with the rose campion...most appreciated! I have been looking at the forecast, the 4th is supposed to be really hot!

    Tina, thanks. I like liriope muscari... easy to have for sure!

    Ginger, thanks, I like the bold colors too. I have been having fun with the new garden, though I see ages old Camellias and wish I could have mature plants as well. I will have to look at your dog's picture, forgot a little while ago. Newton is a mix...German shepherd and maybe Aussie too.

    Alison, Yes, there have been a couple set backs, but still moving forward. Like you said earlier--sleeps, creeps, leaps. No, the Fescue must have gotten too wet, we have so much clay. It was planted earlier this spring.

    Daricia, thanks! I never thought of the Maple name as being appropriate ---good catch. The rhus is a beauty.

    Rose, I can't wait to see more filling in and blooming! Since the fescue was in the garden by the front door I wasn't as patient about letting it fill in. The little fences have helped with the dogs.

    Les, Paper indeed! thanks. You know me, and I have lots of room to fill in.

    KZK, you need to come see it.

    Racquel, a couple more years and it will be amazing for sure!

    Lola, it is so different from last year to now. I will have to try and get pictures every year.

    Lona, I like the stone edging too, helps define the pathway.

    Marguerite, You know about getting new places planted to suit you! I should have listened to my husband when he said the first Tiger Eyes was failing....I had hoped it would take hold. oh well.

    Jennifer, yes, when you look back over the year how much was done, it is a lot! thanks!

    Casa Mariposa, wow, thanks for visiting. I will come over to your site and see your blog. I had 8 loropetalum in the back, deer took some of them. I think I will add some again.

  16. How fast a year passes! It seems almost impossible. You've come so far since moving in ~ I'm impressed at all your hard work. I think you've gotten off to a fantastic start. Everything is looking great.
    PS I love your "phantom" petunia container! The addition of the boxwood is something I would not have thought of but I love it.

  17. What a great start Janet. It takes a lot of patience and persistence to get the right plant in a spot where it can thrive. Then there are the micro climate and soil differences that need to be understood. Good luck and I can't wait to see next years pictorial.

  18. Hi Janet, how lovely to see the before and after shots, they show how much you have achieved in such a short time. The setting is stunning anyway, but you are well on your way to having a garden that compliments it. I hope the deer - and the dogs - allow your new plants to establish. I particularly love that first pair of photos, the stone edged paths through the trees work wonderfully, and you can really see the understory planting taking shape. I am already looking forward to seeing it a year's time!

  19. Great tour! LOVE the before and after pics. You've done a lot of work there. Your property is gorgeous; with woods and overlooking a lake.........lucky you!

  20. Great before and after pix! You have done so much in such a short time. It will be fun to see the gardens as they develop over the years.

    I'm impressed when anyone has a plan, and you have a beautiful garden design there. I'm trying to learn to do a little of that instead of buying plants and then plunking them in the ground where the inspiration strikes me.

    Thanks again for the great garden tour!

  21. Kathleen, I agree, time sure zoomed by quickly. thanks, I am enjoying the container.

    Gene, thanks! I have had a few failures due to wrong placement of plants. It takes a while to learn the subtle differences in the garden.

    Janet, thanks! I like seeing the differences. The dogs are always into something in the garden. I will be sure to do another posting next summer as well.

    Kim and Victoria, thanks, lots of changes. We are very the lake.

    Aerie-el, thanks, love comparing the befores and afters. I wouldn't say I really have a clear plan....I do a lot of buying and plunking!


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