Thursday, August 26, 2010

Evening Beauties

Every summer I enjoy the glorious blooms of the Epiphyllum oxypetalum. These beauties last just one night and if you encounter a sagging bloom in the morning, you know you missed out on something special.
I brought mine with me from Virginia and the trip was not kind to its foliage. Seeing the damage and stress to the plant I wasn't sure I would have blooms this summer. Yesterday afternoon I noticed the buds turning their faces I got the camera ready!

Five fragrant blooms opened last night! I owe some of the success of the blooms to putting a banana peel or two into the soil. It works for me. I have more buds getting set and I imagine they will bloom in September.

In the morning, this is what is left----kind of sad.

I should add --If you are interested in a cutting, let me know. I will be doing a pruning again this year.

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day...the Day After

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, a day late. We are still unpacking and sorting out all our 'junk'. We have more toys and other treasures than I thought. Both of our kids have grown and moved why do we have this stuff? Memories, easiest way to describe it, memories. Now to find a place to put it all away.

My garden has been blooming more and more every day since we moved in. In the front garden I have Phlox subulata, which is blooming a little bit now. Glad it is getting established and happy.

Additionally in the front garden I have some gardenia bushes, 'Frost Proof' and Pennisetum 'Little Bunny'.  The gardenia is also blooming more and more every day.  Little Bunny is a really nice mini-ornamental grass, at most it is a foot tall.  You can tell it is a rainy day.  Love the raindrops on the blooms.

In the middle of the front yard is a Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'.  Right now there are three buds getting ready to open.  The fragrance of this bloom is really nice.  Little Gem will be a great specimen tree for the front as it grows and matures.  I also have three Little Gem in the backyard. 

A reliable bloomer and favorite of the butterflies and hummingbirds is, of course, Miss Huff.  Lantana camara 'Miss Huff' fills the area next to the driveway.  When I look at the difference from when we closed on the house and today, I am amazed at the growth! 

We have lots of little friends in the garden. Here is one of the little guys. We have all sorts of colors..yellow ones, green ones, tan with bright blue tails, and who knows what else.

One of the items on the wish list was a didn't take too long for the wish to come true............

So, if I am not gardening or studying for my new Master Gardener class (which starts tomorrow), I will be out on the boat with my honey and the water dogs.

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words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.