Thursday, August 26, 2010

Evening Beauties

Every summer I enjoy the glorious blooms of the Epiphyllum oxypetalum. These beauties last just one night and if you encounter a sagging bloom in the morning, you know you missed out on something special.
I brought mine with me from Virginia and the trip was not kind to its foliage. Seeing the damage and stress to the plant I wasn't sure I would have blooms this summer. Yesterday afternoon I noticed the buds turning their faces I got the camera ready!

Five fragrant blooms opened last night! I owe some of the success of the blooms to putting a banana peel or two into the soil. It works for me. I have more buds getting set and I imagine they will bloom in September.

In the morning, this is what is left----kind of sad.

I should add --If you are interested in a cutting, let me know. I will be doing a pruning again this year.

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Janet,
    We missed the first bloom over a month ago. On Sunday night we had the second bloom, missed the opening as we fell out at 10 PM and by 6 AM it was closed back up.... Thanks for the wonderful photos, I can imagine the aroma as well too!

  2. Very lovely!

    How are you enjoying your new home and community? Hope you got things straightened out from the damage during the move.

  3. Honestly, my facebook comment should not indicate jealousy. You are fortunate to have so many. The last time mine bloomed (that we witnessed) was during hurricane Isabel when we brought it in to keep from blowing away. It was small consulation, but consulation none-the-less.

  4. de merveilleuses photos ..

  5. I have a bud on mine right now that I am eagerly awaiting its opening. I have moved it to the front porch, so I will not miss it. These are such great flowers, it is worth staying up late to see them.

    Always Growing

  6. They are pretty! It seems like you could easily miss their bloom if you are not checking them frequently. Glad you got a photo!

  7. You and Les were on the same wavelength huh? :) Pretty bloom, worth the wait.

  8. Oh, it's a beauty! And it is tough if it blooms after a rough move! I think you feel very comfortable in a new place with so many of your plant buddies around!

  9. My ephiphyllum cuttings that you sent me last year aren't blooming, but at least they're still hanging in there. I've kept them outside all summer on the porch, and they seem to like it there. Thanks for showing the blooms--I had forgotten what they were supposed to look like!

  10. Beautiful! I'm so glad they survived the move, it would have been sad to lose them~I also add a banana peel in my container plants. I wish I could remember where I read to do that! gail


    I got one at a plant sale last year and it has grown a ton and looks healthy, but hasn't bloomed yet. I know it will be worth the wait! Your blog is the reason I got it!

  12. What a unique plant! Night bloomers are so interesting but we cannot enjoy their beautiful blooms. This one is so beautiful that I would have to stay up one night to watch it open! Ha, wishful thinking that is…

  13. Don't know if you have any cuttings left........

    My cousin Fran├žois has one of these plants. Beautiful.

  14. Your royal majesty, I like the photos of your treasured plant, and the flower reminds me of a cactus I had for years with a huge fragrant flower, and it was called Queen of the Night. A very prickly tall cactus, so I doubly enjoyed your photos.

  15. I don't know what it is but it's beautiful! It's leaves looks like it might be in the Christmas or Thanksgiving cactus family? Interesting plant. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

  16. Hi Randy,
    I hope you were able to finally see and smell one of the blooms. What a wonderful plant to enjoy.

    Hi Cameron,
    We are enjoying many aspects of our new place. Still waiting on the claims part of the move.

    Hi Les,
    I know you were not jealous, well, maybe just a little. ;-)

    Hi Titi, merci!

    Hi Jan,
    I hope you didn't miss the bloom of your epi! Certainly worth the late hours.

    Hi Rosey,
    Yes, they were easy to miss, checking frequently is a must!

    Hi Racquel,
    Les and I had the same bloom time for sure.

    Hi Tatyana,
    It was really beat up during the move. I am glad I brought many of my 'babies' with me.

    Hi Rose,
    I am glad yours is doing well. I had wondered. I think they need to almost be root bound before they bloom.

    Hi Gail,
    It would be very sad to lose this baby. I learned the banana peel from my mother in law.

    Hi Ginger,
    I am glad you got one. I am honored you got one because of my sharing my pictures. Hope yours blooms soon.

    Hi Skeeter,
    It starts opening about 8 or 9 pm. not tooooo late.

    Hi Kim and Victoria,
    I have plenty and will contact you via your blog to get your address.

    Hi Terra,
    It is in the cactus family. Mine is not prickly, so no thorns to worry about.

    Hi Betty,
    yes in the same family as the Christmas/ Thanksgiving cactus. I love sharing these pictures.


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