Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hi Again, It's Me

As the temperatures get closer to overnight frosts in the Upstate of South Carolina, I thought I would share some of my fall blooms. Many are volunteers in the woods along the driveway. Others, as this Cyclamen are planted little jewels that pop up at a time where your eye looks for some color in the garden.

Cyclamen hederifolium

I let this little cutie reseed in various parts of the garden. If it isn't in a good spot, I have no qualms about 'weeding' it out. Who doesn't like a nice little yellow bloom?

Hypericum hypericoides

Another fall color in my garden is a bit of a mystery. I bought a flowering crab-apple a number of years ago, variety 'Golden Hornet'. Spring blooms- white with pink sepals- check. Green leaves- check. Yellow fruit- um, no. As this season has progressed the fruit is turning deeper and deeper red. I guess in the big scheme of life it doesn't really matter, I am glad it is producing fruit, just a little confusing.

Malus 'Golden Hornet'

Another volunteer in the woods is a tiny purple/lavender bloom. I have a thick stand of it near my well 'rock'. It is known as panicled-leaf tick-trefoil, its seeds stick to animals and people, they are the little triangular seeds- you've seen them. You probably had to pick them off your socks and pant legs.

Desmodium paniculatum var. paniculatum

Another planted beauty comes from my friend Julie Adolf, of Garden Delights. A white toad lily with a kiss of lavender on the tips of its petals and a yellow spot in the throat. Fall bloomers are so nice to have in the garden, sadly the bunnies also love them.

Tricyrtis latifolia

Putting on a good show this year is my black leafed Crape Myrtle. It took a few years for it to really shine. The beautiful dark leaves and this pure red bloom are a nice combination.

Black Diamond Crimson Red

A few fun native blooms popping up in the fall include this Sida, said to be edible (though I would not recommend anyone eating anything unless you know for sure what it is and it is safe). Some of my reading says this is a shrub, though in my yard it is a small woody forb.  A common name is Wire-weed. Doesn't sound appetizing does it?

More yellows in the fall include various Goldenrods and Goldenasters. The pollinators love these!

And finally, a repeat bloomer from early spring, the lovely "Lemon Pledge" fragranced bloom of the Magnolia. I love every stage of this bloom, from tight bud, ready to pop- to the seed pod of a spent bloom with its bright red seeds emerging from the pod. If you are in a zone that can handle Magnolias- plant one- you won't be sorry.

Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'

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