Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Almost Heaven

Hi everyone! I am going to try and get back to posting here as we have just about settled into our new house. There are still some boxes that need to be unpacked, one I hope has the power cord to my desktop computer. I have no word processor on this laptop --this post is being written directly into blogger draft.

This has been a long month and we are still sorting through boxes. We got packed in one day, on the 1st (was supposed to take three days). We wanted to be in Yorktown for the 4th of July, so we scheduled the packers around the holiday weekend. Since they packed us quickly, we sat among boxes until the 7th when the van came to pick up our stuff. The bedding was left out so we could sleep there.
The van that came on the 7th wasn't really a van but a straight trailer. Not good. After the trailer left our house, very late the evening of the 7th, they got a driver who had his own trailer. They did a trailer to trailer transfer, again, not good. Things that were wrapped or intact when they drove off were no longer in that condition.
The driver couldn't deliver on the 9th as we had hoped as he was driving down to SC that day. Monday the 12th was to be the delivery day. We waited and waited on the 12th, called a bunch of places trying to find this driver. Sadly, he passed away en route. He was in the sleeper part of his van at a rest stop, eating, choked and asphyxiated on his food. What a tragedy.
The police declared it a crime scene until they could determine the cause of death.....impounding the van. Great. Finally on Wednesday the 14th we received our household goods. Oh the damages....the van was not packed well. One TV smashed, dryer dented--needing repairs, dining room chair broken, etc. etc. We are compiling a list. But enough of all that!

One need only enjoy the view to get your mind off the mess in the house. We have some very nice neighbors. We have gone on boat rides with two neighbors...think a boat is in the near future for us.

From the water view--this is our house. The kids declined a ride this time-- you can see them on the deck.

I have plants to put in the ground waiting in this heat on the deck. I found my garden tools yesterday, so perhaps this evening or tomorrow morning they will be planted.

Hope to be on blogger more often now as things fall into a new routine.  Will be visiting your blogs soon.

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.