Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Almost Heaven

Hi everyone! I am going to try and get back to posting here as we have just about settled into our new house. There are still some boxes that need to be unpacked, one I hope has the power cord to my desktop computer. I have no word processor on this laptop --this post is being written directly into blogger draft.

This has been a long month and we are still sorting through boxes. We got packed in one day, on the 1st (was supposed to take three days). We wanted to be in Yorktown for the 4th of July, so we scheduled the packers around the holiday weekend. Since they packed us quickly, we sat among boxes until the 7th when the van came to pick up our stuff. The bedding was left out so we could sleep there.
The van that came on the 7th wasn't really a van but a straight trailer. Not good. After the trailer left our house, very late the evening of the 7th, they got a driver who had his own trailer. They did a trailer to trailer transfer, again, not good. Things that were wrapped or intact when they drove off were no longer in that condition.
The driver couldn't deliver on the 9th as we had hoped as he was driving down to SC that day. Monday the 12th was to be the delivery day. We waited and waited on the 12th, called a bunch of places trying to find this driver. Sadly, he passed away en route. He was in the sleeper part of his van at a rest stop, eating, choked and asphyxiated on his food. What a tragedy.
The police declared it a crime scene until they could determine the cause of death.....impounding the van. Great. Finally on Wednesday the 14th we received our household goods. Oh the damages....the van was not packed well. One TV smashed, dryer dented--needing repairs, dining room chair broken, etc. etc. We are compiling a list. But enough of all that!

One need only enjoy the view to get your mind off the mess in the house. We have some very nice neighbors. We have gone on boat rides with two neighbors...think a boat is in the near future for us.

From the water view--this is our house. The kids declined a ride this time-- you can see them on the deck.

I have plants to put in the ground waiting in this heat on the deck. I found my garden tools yesterday, so perhaps this evening or tomorrow morning they will be planted.

Hope to be on blogger more often now as things fall into a new routine.  Will be visiting your blogs soon.

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Janet,

    WOW! Great to hear from you! So exciting.

    Things will get sorted out and such from the move. I know it was stressful, but you're HOME! :-)

    No wordprocessor? I always write directly into the blogger editor. Never use a wp. I'm not that careful with my writing! LOL

    Take care!

  2. I didn't see everything at first in your post since my browser upgrade is slow and misfiring -- what a tragedy with the driver. I was so excited that I started writing without reading every word and was re-reading the details. Hopefully, insurance will cover your property losses.

  3. Hi Janet. I am so glad you are getting settled in the new home. Sounds like the hauler gave your furnishings a rough trip.I would be ticked off good LOL! Glad you found your gardening tools. Everything just takes time to get in order, although we wish we could do it all at once. Your home is so lovely.

  4. Janet,

    Word processor what word processor, you need that? Shame about the mover and all the trouble you had, it only gets better from here on.

  5. Wow! What a saga. I am glad things are getting normal, now. Look forward to your posts from your new home.

    Always Growing

  6. That was quite the ordeal with your mover. Glad you finally got everything unpacked though. What a beautiful view, you must be so excited to finally be moved in. I look forward to more about your new home and garden.

  7. Hi Janet, it's good to see you back. Sorry everything went so rough with moving but it has to be all uphill from now on right? Your house and property look beautiful. For Bob's BD I told him to go license the boat and trailer. You know how it is - hard to find a good BD present when you just go buy whatever ya need. I figured if he licensed them he'd go fishing and I'd get him out of my hair. Ahhhhhhh a reason to my madness! LOL I wouldn't mind a boatride with the grandsons myself either. Double reason. hehehe

  8. More words from the Queen tell me things are becoming the new normal. I would take it as a sign, that since you found your gardening tools today, you should get those plants on the deck into the ground. Your viewing public awaits your next post.

  9. What a terrible ordeal your move was! Sad about the driver too.

    You do have a gorgeous view to enjoy now. Hopefully you will be settled and have that garden flourishing in no time!

  10. Goodness Janet ~ no one could have foreseen all that happened to you during this move. Horrible about the driver. I hate to think about him choking and no one around to help.
    Now that you are unpacking and thinking about planting, things are definitely looking up. It's just beautiful there. A boat ride sounds lovely to me too!
    Glad to see you back.

  11. Oh Janet! What you've been through with the move! That's awful about the driver passing away. :-(

    Your home is just beautiful!

    I always do my blog posts directly in Blogger dashboard! The only times I haven't is when my internet was down.

  12. What a wild moving story! Sad, too. Your new home is so gorgeous and will look even better after you start gardening in earnest. Good luck getting moved in.

  13. Janet, what an ordeal you have gone through moving to your new house! So sad about the driver of the moving van. But despite the damages and the wait, I'm sure you'll be so happy in your new home. Such a beautiful place!

  14. Sorry to hear about your furniture travels and the tragic loss of the driver. Furniture things can be replaced and hopefully, you had everything insured. Ah, you found the garden tools, so time to get to work and get those beauties into the South Carolina soil. The kids skipped on a boat ride? Now that does not sound normal as kids usually love boat rides. I bet once you get a boat of your own, it will be a different story. Congrats on your new home….

  15. it's good to see you back, janet. what an ordeal moving is, even in the best of circumstances. i hope things settle down quickly for you. very pretty place you have there - look forward to gardening reports from south carolina!

  16. What a story!
    It brought some memories about our own move from Missouri to the NW. A hole in our TV, for example. But we got a new, better, TV instead of the broken one. I hope you will have a happy ending! Sad about a mover.
    Janet, the view is absolutely fantastic! Lucky you. All the best to you in your beautiful new house!P.S. I always write posts in the blogger draft page.

  17. Poor fellow. Something similar happened with my aunt and uncle's mover when they moved from Kansas City to Portland. Seems rather unfair to have such a thing happen while someone's on the road alone.

    Glad you've made it safely to your new place, and I hope you're having a wonderful time meeting the neighbors and getting settled in. Looking forward to hearing more about the place.

  18. Janet, A sad tale of a move, but what a tranquil view from your deck. Hope you can re-read Wind in the Willows this winter, since you will be "messing about in boats".

  19. Oh my gosh, it so beautiful! Lucky you!!
    Do you not have squirrels there? They would reak havoc here if I had a birdfeeder attached to my deck like that.

  20. Boy, what a moving story to tell! Sounds like a horror story. Sorry you had that experience and sorry about the mover's death. I hope his family was compensated well by his employer.

  21. Hi Janet!
    What a great new view from your deck. So sorry to here about your moving experience. Hopefully things can only get better from this point forward.

  22. Hi Janet, What a beautiful home and view you have! It is so sad about the driver and frustrating about your household goods. I know those days all too well.

    I was wondering about you possibly trying to get your MG certification transferred to SC. Seems a shame you'd have to take it again and have to complete all those hours and all. Sometimes, depending on the state I think you can transfer if you don't have the time to go back thru it all.

  23. Wow the house and the view are beautiful. How I missed this post I don't know. Hope you hear from you soon. :)

  24. Exciting times for you, full of promise. No longer in Virginia, I will have to move your blog off my 'neighborhood' blogroll now. The Carolinas are too far away to be in my neck of the woods. :-)

  25. Janet,
    Welcome to South Carolina (and sorry your move had so many twists and turns).

    I'll look forward to hear how you're settling in to your 'new' garden. I'm sure you'll create a lovely space quite quickly.


  26. HI Janet, I'm glad to see you're getting settled. Your new home looks delightfully serene and inviting. The birds are already making themselves at home I see. :)


  27. Greetings all!!
    I have missed everyone.
    -Cameron, thanks, we are home! You are not the only one to comment saying they didn't use a word processor. With the blogger preview window I feel a bit better seeing what it looks like before I post.
    We still have claim forms to submit, power cord to the desktop is still missing. Who knows where it is.

    -Lona, We have had lots of twists and turns with this move. I am hoping they are all behind us now. Slowly things will settle into place.

    -Phillip, you are so right! Trying to do it with a plan (one that I will stick to!)

    -Randy, I think about you with your knowledge of dragonflies and damselflies. We have lots and lots.

    -Jan, yes, it was a saga...don't want to do it again!

    -Catherine, I felt so bad about the driver, very sad. We watch the hummingbirds every day. What a show.

    -Linda, thanks, I have missed chatting with everyone. We are enjoying our boat...very relaxing.

    -Les, normal is starting to be. Have planted a few more things, will post more about them in the coming days.

    -Robin, it was really sad about the driver. We appreciate the view -- all chairs at the dinner table face the windows.

    -Kathleen, I look forward to fall to do a lot more planting. I have put a few things in the ground...the temptation to get a lot of plants is overwhelming.

    -Kylee, thanks. We are still having internet issues, I worry about getting a post almost done and then losing my connection.

    -VW, wild for sure! and yes, sad. With this long growing season I look forward to having a lot of gardening time in the fall when it is cooler.

    -Rose, I am trying to get past the damaged. Keep reminding myself it is just 'stuff'. We pinch ourselves every day, we love this place.

    -Skeeter, I know it is hard to believe they passed up a boat ride, but they had been out in the water all day....and a bit on the burned side. Now that we have our boat we have been telling the kids to come back.

    -Shawna, thanks for visiting, and thank you. We love it here.

    -Daricia, nice to be back! Now that I am here we will have to make plans to meet somewhere in the middle.

    -Tatyana, I think everyone who moves has a story, some stories more ridiculous than others. We will be getting a new TV too. We love our view...and the population of hummingbirds at the feeders have multipled. Fun to watch them.

    -Megan, it was especially sad that he was alone. Will be posting more and more every week.

    -Charlotte, I will have to look into rereading Wind in the Willows for sure.

    -Ginger, I have thought about your comment about the squirrels. The day you wrote your comment was the first and only day I saw a squirrel. Guess we have enough wooded area around us that the squirrels steer clear of our yard with the dogs. We do have Goldfinches that dumped all the Safflower seed out to the ground. Silly birds.

    -Betty, Hi, and thanks for visiting. Hope you come back again. I am not sure about the compensation. Hope they were taken care of.

    -Alan, sorry we didn't get a chance to get together before I left Virginia. Have thought I needed you here to tell me if I have Indigo Buntings or Evening Grosbeaks...they are so fast I can't tell.

    -Tina, I am glad this is our last move!!! MG class starts tomorrow.

    -Racquel, thankS!! Will be visiting your blog soon. Hope all is well at your place.

    -Ray, sorry you had to move me out of the 'neighborhood'.....glad you didn't bump me completely.

    -Lisa, thanks! Twists and turns indeed! We went up to Anderson the other day, not too far. Have a neighbor that teaches at Clemson...will have to journey that way in the fall.

    -Grace, thanks, we are getting settled nicely. We have been enjoying the birds a lot!


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