Thursday, January 7, 2016

Roses Roses Roses- And the Winners Are.....

Rosa 'Janet'
Thank you to each and everyone of you who visited my blog or my Facebook page to participate in the David Austin rose giveaway.
I have been a fan of the David Austin rose in my garden. It is a pleasure to share three to my readers. Wish I could send each and everyone of you a rose.
The winners are Ed Yemola,  Donna Abel Donabella, and Lynn Hunt.
I need you to send your name and email address to me.
 My email is I will send your information to my contact at David Austin, Sally. She will send you an email with the details on how to receive your bare rooted rose. In the meanwhile go to the David Austin website and search the bare root rose list to make your decision. You have so many beautiful roses from which to choose. My choices were from the 2016 introductions but you don't have to limit yourself to my choices...the world is your oyster. The hard part will be making a choice.
Rosa 'Janet'
Again, congratulations to you- send me your information and look over the roses at David Austin. The roses will be sent to you according to your region's best time to plant a rose.

Rosa 'Janet'
And thank you to all who participated!

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blogs, Flings and Rose Give-Away

Last month I was asked to speak at a Master Gardener program about blogging. What does one say about writing a blog? Do you talk about the ins and outs of which platform to use? I did. Do you include why one writes a blog? Of course I did. I also included learning about writing html code and that I was glad it isn't critical. I also talked about other bloggers helping me get started. I appreciated my sister suggesting that I do a trial blog to make sure my photos and text all line up correctly and  Freda sharing a technique to line up multiple photos in rows and columns. Of course one must also talk about their photos. I talked about photo tagging, embedded info on the photos and different photo editing programs. Writing is critical, information needs to be accurate and well written. Check and double check your facts. I try to use a couple different references, especially when I write about trees.

 I told them the best part of blogging are the friendships from all across the world have been formed. Blogging friends are electronic pen pals. I have been blogging since 2008 and made many friends along the way. A few posts ago was my 400th post.
A couple years ago I went on my first Garden Bloggers Fling. It was like seeing old friends. Each subsequent Fling is a great gathering, seeing old friends, making new ones.

I wrote about the Fling in Toronto a few posts ago. You can read about it here. The Flings are sponsored by a multitude of garden related companies and individuals. The organizers of the Fling get support from far and wide to help lessen the cost for attendees. Over the years we have been privileged to receive tools, seeds, clothes, gloves, books, and plants. One of our sponsors this past year was David Austin Roses. Through some luck and the kindness of our Fling planners, I won the raffle for the roses! I am sharing my winnings with my readers. Two for me and three to share with you! Three chances to win!!

David Austin Rose 'Janet' 
My regular readers know I have one David Austin rose in my family garden. The family garden is a section in my garden where I have plants with names associated with members of my family. Rosa 'Janet', Paeonia 'Charlie's White', Paeonia 'Rachel's Red', Camellia sasanqua 'Rebecca's Paradise', and Hemerocallis 'Alexander's Ragtime Band' to name a few.

Over the years I have shared many photos of my 'Janet' rose. The fragrance is incredible and the colors change as the rose matures. It is a wonderful addition to my garden.  Amazing to think these two photos are of the 'Janet' rose.  The petals just keep opening and opening. A gorgeous rose.

The choices I made for myself are two new introductions for 2016. The first one is 'The Lady of the Lake'. It makes sense doesn't it? I live on a lake, therefore I NEED this rose. The second one I chose is 'Olivia Rose Austin', a heavy fragranced bloom. The photos below are from David Austin's website.
'The Lady of Lake'
'Olivia Rose Austin' 

If you would like to win one of the rose bushes, there are three chances! Just leave me a message below or on The Queen of Seaford Facebook page, or both! You will be able to make your own choice, the roses are amazing, to decide on one will be hard. A bare root rose bush will be sent to you at the correct time for planting in your area. THREE CHANCES TO WIN!!! Drawing will take place on January 7th.

Many thanks to Vincent Plotczyk for taking photos during my program.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Making Your Own Path

Oh those weather surprises....last February we had an ice storm that took many of us by surprise. The weatherman had forecasted rain for our area and no mention of ice. The cold front moved further south and this is what we woke up to in late February.

A closer look at the poor Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'. Branches were snapped off and others were laden heavy with ice, ready to join the others on the ground.

The roads were icy and the trees all coated with a layer of ice, creating a winter wonderland.

A view of the house with the now arching tree and those that snapped off.

My lovely assistant and I cut up the fallen tree into six to eight foot lengths. I wanted to save those pieces.

These fallen trees were quite tall pines.

All cut and stacked along the driveway.

Where were these logs going to go? I had a plan to put another pathway in the shade garden. Looking at the garden from the house, it is the left side of the property. I have some small plants, like Cyclamen, nestled into the trees, quite far from existing path. Whenever I took someone through my garden I cringed as they walked along with me....hoping they don't step on any of my babies.

I had enough logs to dress one side of a pathway meandering along the western edge of our property. This pathway had to wait for the growing season to get underway as I couldn't find/ remember where some of the ferns and various bulbs were planted. I certainly didn't want to put a path or log on top of an emerging fern! 
Here is a view of the new path from the house to the lake.

And once you are at the bottom, turn around and walk back up to the house.

The entrance has two logs framing the path. As we have other trees come down I will add logs to the pathway to define both sides. One of the benefits of putting in a path on this side of the garden is that I get new views. Walking halfway to the lake and looking to the right gives you a totally different view of the garden. Before the path, my references were from the center of the garden on the original pathway. 

I am quite glad I added this pathway and use it more often than the one going through the center of the garden. It might need to be made wider, which is means moving a few plants. Time will tell.

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