Tuesday, June 29, 2010

saying goodbye----

Welcome to my blog fellow Master Gardens of York County-

Memories of York County Master Gardeners

I have long contemplated how to go about writing this article.  It is serving a double purpose...one to say good-bye to the York County Master Gardeners and to introduce them to my blog.  Many of the MG's know I have a blog, some wonder why.  For my regular blog readers, you know I have shared many photos of the Learning Garden over the past couple years, introducing you to part of where the York County MG's work.  Many of my tree photos have come from the trees in the LG.  
So now, I welcome my MG friends to come online and get acquainted with my blog and then in turn, other gardening blogs.  There is a wonderful world of garden bloggers who share good information and wonderful photos.  If you are reading this in the Green Thumb online you should be able to click on this link and go to my blog. The Queen of Seaford  Please explore the tabs at the top of the page.  I have written many posts about trees...used to do it every Tuesday, but time got in the way.  You can search the blog for certain topics or specific words.  I wrote about last year's study trip and this year's study trip will be getting posted sometime in the near future. .   Along the side of the blog there are links to blogs that I like reading...some folks post an entry daily, some weekly and others post whenever the urge hits them.   
I welcome  you to make a comment on the postings.  You don't have to belong to any web site to do this.  If you comment anonymously please sign your name so I know you visited.  You can also have the posts delivered to your email address, check the sidebar for entering your email address.   I will continue to have my old email address so you can always reach me.  So stop by the blog and say hi.  Send me an email... and if you are in South Carolina, stop by.  I will miss you all and have enjoyed working with you over the years. 
All photos in my blog can be clicked on to view in a larger venue.

If none of you have visited the Virginia Tech Research Station over on Diamond Spring Blvd., I encourage all of you to go. The gardens are fantastic, the plants are labeled and the arboretum is amazing. Thanks for making this garden visit with me today Karen.

To all my blogging friends out there....packers come in a couple days and then we head down to South Carolina. Maybe by August I will be back here on a regular basis.

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Interesting Places

Since I haven't been posting for a while I am sure many of you wondered where I have been. Well------lots of interesting places!!

For Memorial Day weekend we took a plane ride to this location....

Not ringing a bell? I did ask that we stop at the above places to get these photos....my husband takes me to some of the best places.

Route 66!!!

This is where we were------ST LOUIS!!!

We were in town for our nephew's wedding-- congrats to the happy couple.

The day after we got back there was a Master Gardener garden tour...one I really wanted to make sure to be a part of. Our first stop was to Phillip's house.... yes, Phillip of How It Grows! One of our fellow bloggers! His home is a native garden delight. Lots of fun meeting him finally....he lives just up the road in Williamsburg. Be sure to stop by his blog and say hi!

He was most kind in allowing our large group to come through and ask tons of questions!!

Lots of ferns and lush green growth, very peaceful garden.

Two days later we were on the road to South Carolina for a quick look at the house. We hadn't been there since March --this was another drive down one day very early and drive home the next in the afternoon. I am getting too old to do that too many more times!

This is the 'Greatroom'. Living room/dining room/ kitchen.  Like the toilet in the front hall?  Plumber was still working.

Lots of red soil/clay! Landscaping/sod etc. is the last to go in--

We now have the exterior painted and garage doors!!

Early summer view of the lake from the deck-

Look at all that sunlight on the deck! Great for containers (tomatoes!!)

Hoping to get the study trip pictures done within the next few days...stay tuned!

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.