Sunday, July 3, 2011

Haallllllllllloooooowww, Happy 4th of July!

Anyone there?  Just stopped by to say Happy 4th!
 Now that we have that out of the way---- new mystery flower.  Not sure when it started blooming, but it is in my wild area near the water.  Pretty pink.  Anyone have any ideas?  I did look through my wildflower book, to no avail.
 I love pretty finds in the garden!
Have a safe and happy holiday!

Update-- Freda and Daricia are wonderful... the ID for my pretty little flower is- Swamp Marsh Pink or Sabatia angularis.  thanks ladies. 

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  1. Ha ha ha! What a great photo of your little friend! :)
    Pretty pink flowers! Love the star shape in the center of the petals!

  2. Cute! Time to start naming your anole friends! :-)

    That flower sure looks familiar. Let me look at my wildflower books.

  3. Look up images for swamp marsh pink. There are several forms, but I think it may be one of those.

  4. looks like sabatia! i just took a bog plants class ... will be posting about sabatia dodecandra soon. (i think yours is probably s. angularis). great anole picture! very cute.

  5. I don't know what it is, but I like it. Lucky You! That star shape in the center of the wide open flower, and the curly-cue stamens are pretty cool.

  6. Love your little peeping Tom. :) What a nice little wildflower. Glad it was IDed for you. Have a happy 4th.

  7. What a cute photo of a Carolina anole!

    Happy 4th of July,

  8. That is a pretty little gem you have there. Glad it was ID'd for you.

    Have a wonderful 4th.

  9. Janet,
    I think Daricia nailed it. This plant is common here as well. Lovely clusters of flowers aren't they.

  10. The first photo is priceless and your caption ~ perfect!
    Happy 4th to you and your family too Janet. I bet you are boating??
    Glad you got an id on your beautiful pink flower ~ there are so many knowledgeable people in blogland, that's for sure!

  11. Cute Anole! Looks like the Geico commercial, lol. Nice wildflower find and glad you have an id.

  12. Aren't garden bloggers great? So glad they could i.d. your mystery plant. Love your little visitor:) Have a Happy Fourth, Janet!

  13. Why do I keep thinking of Geico?
    Cute lizard and Happy Fourth!

  14. What a great find! Beautiful flower and a freebie. Doesn't get any better than that.

  15. That first picture is hilarious! Love it!

    Re: your comment on my blog - my mom took us to lots of museums when we were little, and I ended up being married at the art museum! so, we're definitely getting Clara started young.

    Happy 4th!

  16. Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July Janet, love your newly identified Wildflower. What a pretty bloom! :)

  17. Cute picture of the anole! We have Marsh Pink here too. Pretty and a really nice fragrance.

  18. I love your little green friend - what did he glimpse through the window that was so tantalising I wonder?! Your Marsh Pink looks delightful.

  19. What a cute little ......lizard?
    Lovely wildflower, lucky you!

  20. Oh my, what an adorable anole!
    And very pretty wildflower.
    Hope you had a fantastic fourth of July!

  21. Hi Janet,
    What a cute little guy! LOL It almost looks like he is waving at us. I hope that you had a nice long weekend. Your mystery flower is quite the charmer. Glad you were able to get an ID.

  22. Ha-ha! I Love your guest! Let's trade: I'd take this cute guy and you take my mole! It will fluff your soil! ....Just kidding! The pink blooms are very delicate. Lovely!

  23. KZK, Isn't he great? I love this pink flower too!!

    Cameron, What a fluke to find him at the window in such a pose! Thanks for the help with the ID.

    Daricia, thanks!!! I look forward to reading your posting.

    Alison, Isn't the blogging community great? Have the ID already.

    Grace, he is a cutie isn't he?

    Lisa, We sure have lots of anole here!

    Lola, Me too! I am happy to find it in my garden.

    Randy, I think so too.

    Kathleen, We didn't go boating on the 4th for long, we have had so many thunderstorms in the afternoon. I am glad the plant was IDed.

    Darla, thanks! He does look like that guy doesn't he?

    Rose, I agree, bloggers are great!

    Rosey, hahaha, we have lots of little Geico guys around here.

    Marguerite, It is a great find! Long lasting flower too.

    Ginger, Isn't is great? Glad to hear about the museums!

    Racquel, I love the wildflower too!

    Sweetbay, I didn't get a fragrance with mine, maybe wrong time of day. I am happy to have it, fragrance or not.

    Janet, we have these little anoles all over the place....they like to eat bugs.

    Kim and Victoria, he is an anole. Cute. I am lucky!

    Aerie-el, he is it when they puff out their throats.

    Jennifer, it does look like he is waving doesn't it? Love the wildflower!

    Tatyana, no thanks! have some Moles of my own....maybe they are some of yours?? ;-)


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