Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Camera Has a Food Setting--- Who Knew?

Summer dinners are so wonderful, tonight's is probably top of the list.  We had veggies from the Uptown Greenwood Farmer's Market, Parisi Farms.   A gift from one of my world travelers was a nice Italian olive oil that begged for some dipping bread was on the menu.  

Dinner was ready as soon as the bread was done.  I found a great dipping bread recipe online.  I have a large variety of herbs on the deck, so we were set!

Becca made some Ratatouille with the fresh veggies and more herbs.  Included in the dish was zucchini, yellow squash, white eggplant, thin purple eggplant, a red pepper that is in the banana pepper family, onion and garlic...and of course tomatoes! Recipe from Smitten Kitchen-- super blog!
Isn't it pretty?

 The Ratatouille was served on Couscous with a dollop of goat cheese on top.....oh man!!!

An additional side dish was Braised Celery with Parmesan Cheese.....hadn't had it in ages!

Chicken breasts lightly marinated in Italian dressing.

 Doesn't this plate just glow???? 
 Some very nice olive oil from Sorrento Italy. 
And some bread to dip it in!

Dinner's ready, come and sit!

Hope you all are enjoying the bounty of summer's harvest.  Me?  I am binding my time until it is time for the homemade chocolate chip cookies.... :-D

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  1. Wow what a fabulous looking meal, looks tasty too. :)

  2. Yum! That dish IS very pretty indeed. Glad you snapped a photo to enjoy it forever!

  3. Janet,

    The Ratatouille looks great! I'll pass on all that cooked celery, don't care for it, one veggie not enjoyed when cooked.

  4. Wow! Wish my camera would cook for me! :-)

    Your food looks lovely and delicious as well as photogenic.

  5. I've always wanted to make ratatouille--this looks delicious!

  6. Yummy. Nothing like fresh.

  7. Even though I just ate dinner I actually drooled a bit reading your description. What an amazing meal. I get the sense you're a pretty darn good cook!

  8. Racquel, it was very tasty!!

    Tina, I love how she layered all the veggies. It was sure tasty.

    Randy, MY celery is very good. It is braised tender crisp...not mushy at all. Cheese makes it wonderful!

    Cameron, I wish my camera would cook for me too! The food setting on the camera does something magic things in the photo.

    Rose, This is the first time in ages I have had ratatouille...and it was good. There was a link for the recipe Becca used.

    Lola, Exactly!

    Marguerite, Glad it looked good to you on a full stomach. I like to eat good I guess I am a good cook. :-)

  9. yum-meee! that looks so good. i love smitten kitchen, too. who went to italy? we get fancy olive oil at southern season in chapel hill once in a blue moon. really tasty, but getting it in italy would be even better. :)

  10. Yummy, you clearly know how to eat well! Wish I lived with people who liked ratatouille. When I was single I used to eat it a lot. TNG hates the stuff, and the rest of the household are singularly unimpressed. In fact, I think I may have grown 4 courgette plants just for me!

  11. Yummy! Does that look delicious and tempting! What kind of camera do you have that takes such great close ups like this? I'm in the market for a new camera. Hate the one we have now.

  12. Janet, Gosh, that plate of food looks yummy! When can I come to dinner? I think I may try that braised celery (it sounds so easy). I love the idea of couscous, zucchini and goat cheese too. There is no better eatin' than in the summer when everything is fresh from the field!

  13. That looks SO delicious!!!! I love anything with goat cheese, couscous, and veggies. This is going on the menu!!!

  14. The food setting works fantastically Janet! I think you've succeeded in making us all hungry. :-)
    I'm feeling like such a pathetic cook this summer ~ it's been too hot to do much of anything even with AC on. I need to get my act together. I've never tried Ratatouille but it looks AMAZING. Wish I could invite myself over!

  15. Gee, for some reason, I am now hungry..... that is one pretty dish...

  16. Daricia, Becca went to Italy, my poison ivy girl. Love Smitten Kitchen and now... -- a compilation of all sorts of food blogs.

    Janet, We do eat well, then sometimes it is just tomato all sorts of foods. I will have to make the Ratatouille again after she leaves...was really good!

    Betty189, My camera is Panasonic Lumix 8x optical zoom, 14 megapixels. It is a handy camera as it fits in my pocket very easily.

    Jennifer, Sure, come on to dinner! The celery is really easy. Braise the celery in chicken stock until tender crisp and drain, sprinkle parmesan cheese and some butter.

    Casa Mariposa, the goat cheese is soooo creamy, just great!

    Kathleen, haha , glad to help all get hungry! We go from tomato sandwiches for dinner to this to BBQ, which makes for great leftovers! Wish you could come over too!

    Skeeter, it was pretty and pretty yummy!

  17. Man, I'm hungry now! Will have to go to the farmers market tomorrow and start cookin':-)

  18. Jan, so.....what did you make? Something yummy?


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