Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Kindness of Those in Garden Blogger Land

Earlier in the spring, when all the forsythia was blooming, I made a comment on how I loved Flowering Almond shrubs.  One sweet lady, who I only know through the garden blogging world, emailed me and offered a piece of her Flowering Almond.  This lovely lady is Lola, you may have had her comment on your blog as well.  Lola said as soon as her shrub was done blooming she would dig some up and send it to me.  What a sweetheart! 

Friday I got a package from Lola.....with lots of goodies, not just some Flowering Almond!
Included in the box was ----
  • a small  fern (not sure how this one will do, looks a bit sad today)
  • a bunch of stems of a forsythia
  • Flowering Almond, Prunus glandulosa
  • about 5 stems of an azalea
  • 5 or 6 bulbs, Snowflake, Leucojum
  • A Pine Cone Lily, Zingiber zerumbet 
  • A Mother-in-Law's tongue, Sansevieria trifasciata
  • an asparagus
After giving them a good drink and letting them rest in the shade,  I planted the lot on Saturday morning.

Tiny fern frond, cross your fingers for this one.

With kneeling pad in hand, soil knife and plants, I planted Lola's plants.

Azaleas near the ferns in Fern Gully.

Another azalea planted in the water side of the garden.

Asparagus by the wall.

Pine Cone Lily looking a  little limp...come on baby, perk up!

Forsythias in the dappled sunlight.

And the Flowering Almond on the other side of the bed, also in dappled sunlight.

The Mother-in-Law's tongue is in a container up by the house with a couple Elephant Ears, kind of a tropical look.
Many many thanks to Lola for such a generous offering of plants.  I appreciate it so much!

If you are having trouble leaving a comment you can either go to the Facebook page of this blog or email me.  I have visited a number of blogs this morning ---unable to leave a comment, while other blogs I had no problem.  What is Blogger up to?

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  1. How very sweet! What a generous surprise! That must have been quite a thrill, opening that box. I hope they all thrive for you.

  2. That is a real treat! I hope they will all survive and do well for you!

  3. What a great package Janet! I just bought a double pink flowering almond. I hope ours both do well. You are a very generous gardener yourself (remembering a nice package you sent to me). :-)

  4. What a treat and great package of plants Janet. Gardeners are so generous. Flowering Almond is so beautiful in bloom. They have found a good home.

  5. No problems here commenting. How nice to get some goodies. Lola is indeed a sweetheart.

  6. Don't you appreciate the time and effort that went into Lola sending you that nice, nice package of plants? I'm sure that will do fine under your care.

  7. That's a nice load of goodies! Hope all establish and flourish for you.

  8. She sure did send you some nice plants! Gardeners sure are generous people.

  9. That's so sweet ! A neighbor here has a flowering almond - they are sooo beautiful!

  10. How nice of you to do this post.
    They do look a little grumpy now. Sure hope they do well for you.
    No thanks needed, just glad I could share. I love to do that.

  11. The generosity of garden bloggers is so amazing! Great pass-a-longs, hope they do well and you enjoy them for years to come. :)

  12. Lola is indeed a sweetie; two years ago she sent me some asparagus starts as well. Unfortunately, they didn't make it through our harsh winter, but the buttercups she sent as an extra were a nice surprise. I bet the flowering almond will smell heavenly once it's established.

    I've had the same problem with leaving comments on some blogs. Last week I read a tip from someone that when you sign in to Blogger, don't check the box "Remember me." I have no idea what difference this should make, but ever since, I've been able to leave comments on everyone's posts.

  13. Flowering Almond is lovely and it was so nice of Lona to send you a start.

  14. Aren't you the lucky blogging friend? That was very kind of her to send so much.

    Last week I had a hell of a time leaving comments on some sites, but only with certaon Google powered sites, mainly those with drop down menus where you can pick how you would like to comment as. It seemed to have cleared up though.

  15. Blogger has been stinky for me too. I get so frustrated.
    Hope this sends.
    You have some lovely plants, hope they grow well for you!
    Sweet Lona.

  16. Garden bloggers really do beat all! There is so much support and kindness out there that I've heard of and received. What a wonderful lot of plants that is. A very exciting package.

  17. Hi Janet, What a nice gesture. Garden bloggers are the best!

  18. Oh, what fun to receive a box of plants from a fellow gardener!

    Hope they manage to cope with this extreme heat...

    I think Blogger's servers are just being overloaded today for some reason -- it doesn't seem to be a specific blog problem, but rather connectivity at that particular moment...


  19. U have nice tips about planting i learn many things from you thanks a lot for sharing

  20. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Thanks especially to Lola for the wonderfully generous box of plants. Bloggers are certainly wonderful folks.
    As for Blogger, think most of it is fixed, though tonight I heard there were some more gremlins in the internet again. oy!

  21. What a wonderful gift! Hopefully, most of them will make it through the year. You'll think of Lola every time you see them!


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