Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Many Faces of Janet

The rose 'Janet' that is~~~
In our family garden bed, my namesake plant has been blooming for the last week or so.  It is a David Austin rose.   Listed as a climber, it can be pruned to shrub form, which is how I prefer to keep it.  So, without further ado I present 'Janet'---

Sure glad to have this beauty in my garden.

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  1. So lovely and perfect! The sequence is great! Frame a photo or two for your home.

  2. Such a cool rose! I like how it changes so much.

  3. It has such lovely soft sunset colors!

  4. I always knew Janet was beautiful. LOL!

  5. See, now you have me loving roses again and I'll attempt to grow them only to kill them. Fantastic shots and thanks for sharing!

  6. She's a beauty indeed Janet! I love how she starts out yellow and gradually turns to a pretty shade of pink. :)

  7. Janet,
    I'm sure you more beautiful in person. And your petals won't fall on the ground. Enjoyed these photos!!

  8. Very nice and so is the Queen! gail

  9. She is very pretty! I love the idea of a namesake garden. What others are in it?

  10. Every face of "Janet" is lovely. Your idea of a garden named after members of your family is wonderful.

  11. if there was ever a rose named 'daricia' (what do you think the odds are??), i would want it to be that color. to me that peachy pink is the perfect color. lucky you, janet!

  12. Very pretty colors, loved seeing the colors change with the flowers age.

  13. Hi Janet,
    Isn't it so nice to have a beautiful rose with your name. I like that you organized the succession of shots so that it was like watching it bloom. Janet is beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

  14. What a gorgeous rose. Seems it takes after it's owner.
    Love the family garden. I started one.

  15. She blushes! One might almost say she gets hot flushes, since it only happens as she ages ;-) Beautiful.

  16. Cameron, thanks --what a great idea! I will try to decide which one/ones to print.

    Tina, I like how it changes as well.

    Sweetbay, that is a good way to describe it.

    Lona, yes! hahahaah

    John, roses are such temptresses aren't they?

    Racquel, I like how she changes as well.

    Randy, hahaa thanks! Naw, my petals are just saggin a bit. ;-)

    Gail, thanks so much.

    Catherine, so far in my family garden I have a Rebecca Clematis and a Rachel Peony, my two daughters, my rose and am waiting on a Charlie's White Peony for my husband. Also have a Ledebouria cooperii for our last name. Still knocking around which plant to add for son in law to be....Alex.

    Rosey, she is a pretty rose. I am pleased with our family garden.

    Daricia, After having looked at a number of plant lists, you never know what names you might find! thanks.

    bakingbarb, thanks so much for stopping by. It is a changing beauty isn't it?

    Jennifer, it was fun to photograph in the various stages of opening. Now we are down to one bud on the bush, all others are done.

    Lola, I am glad to hear you started a family garden! You need to share what plants you found and planted.

    Janet, You are a riot!! Yes, hot flashes indeed. :-D

  17. Good to see your namesake is earning her keep!

  18. Beautiful collection of flowers its an awesome i cant explain you in words that how much i like your post than you so much


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