Saturday, January 16, 2010

Updates And A Promise

Thought I would give everyone an update on the 'color' in my front garden. The county guys came on Tuesday and told me they would be doing the work on Wednesday. They saved the piece of pipe that had been 'punctured' by another utility...looks more like they broke it! Pipe was cut and repaired, a new cleanout pipe put in, sand, topsoil, seed and straw placed. These guys were really great. I couldn't dig up my bulbs because of the frozen ground. Since they had the big bucket scooper they scooped my bulbs and set them off to the side. How great is that? They also made sure not to grass seed my garden bed area at the end. You can click on each photo to see the enlarged picture. I spent a little time this afternoon putting the bulbs back in the ground and scattered a few seeds that need the cold period.

And now for a promise of color for spring...the Carolina Jasmine on the back swingset is full of buds!

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. That looks almost exactly like the equipment that was in front of my house last week! The guys were really nice and I did feel very bad for them since it was so cold. You got some excellent pictures! Spring is in the air...I hope! It's great to see your plant blooming!

  2. Hmmm my jessamine doesn't have buds yet... I hope it isn't in too much shade...

  3. I'm glad the workers were able to save your bulbs!

  4. Hi Janet~~ This is the kind of service we need to remember when, completely discouraged, we ask ourselves, "what is the world coming to?" Your story proves that there are still gentlemen out there. Buds, albeit it tiny are another promise: spring is coming!

  5. Janet, Most of the time workers really want to help...I am so glad you had a good crew! ... Lucky you to have those delightful buds! thank you for the Haiti help button...I've added the code to my blog after visiting the site!


  6. Very nice of the workers to help you out. A move might be the silver lining for the bulbs. Maybe even time to dig them in preparation for your move?

  7. You are very fortunate. My experiences with similar crews has been different.

  8. I have experienced the same good fortune with the fellows working on our roads ... they do try to please. Lovely Lovely photo of your Jasmine budding. I sometimes think that this stage is equal to the full blown flowers. There is so much hope and promise within this poetic beauty.

  9. You've got awesome county workers down there! Nicely done.

  10. Great news, Janet! Don't you wish we had those kinds of heavy machines, and the men to run them at our beck and call? Good deal on the bulb replanting too. I think our ground might finally be thawed, but it is raining so no playing outside in the mud. Maybe tomorrow. :-)

  11. What a blessing to have a construction crew that is respectful of your garden. I am so glad you were able to save and replant your bulbs. I can't wait to see your yellow blooms :-)

  12. I can almost smell the jasmine from here--a wonderful sign of spring! How nice of these workers to be so helpful and cooperative; you were very lucky, Janet. I could use one of those pieces of equipment to clear away some grass to create some more garden space here:)

  13. Glad everything worked out. Wouldn't it be great to own equipment like that? Would help with the digging! LOL!


  14. Wow. Good deal Janet! That's about as painless as it gets when you're talking about heavy equipment. I'm glad you had such a good experience.
    Pretty buds on the Carolina Jasmine. It's amazing you have blooms/buds already in the middle of January. Looks like they'll be open really soon.

  15. How often would some heavy equipment come in handy in the garden. My weed excavation project that breaks my back every spring would be so easy with the proper machinery. So glad they could give you a hand with the bulbs.

  16. Oh, I wish I could be there when your Carolina jessamine blooms! Yummy. How nice that the workers were careful of your bulbs, as that certainly doesn't happen every time.

  17. Hi Debbie, oh no, you had this kind of work too? Hope yours wasn't too much of a mess.
    It is nice to see a bud ready to pop open.

    Hi Ginger, not sure, does it have sun it can grow towards? I see Carolina Jasmine at the edge of the it can handle some shade.

    Hi Sweetbay, I am glad too! They were nice guys.

    Hi Grace, it is small town service for sure. I do appreciate the promise of spring around the corner (even if it is a large corner!)

    Hi Gail, I did have a good crew and friendly too!
    Glad you were able to add the link, tis a good one.

    Hi Tina, I will let them bloom and be nice and showy for when the house is on the market...then I will divide and bring some with me.

    Hi Les, I operate on the theory of catching more flies with sugar...

    Hi Carol, glad to hear there are other nice crews out there. So glad you like this bud photo.

    Hi Susie, we do indeed.

    Hi Frances, boy, what I could do with a big ol' bucket scoop!! I am ready for less rain and less frigid weather.

    Hi Noelle, I was very pleased they were able to save the bulbs...these were special ones. They are Narcissus 'Cum Laude'

    Hi Rose, spring yellow blooms seem to glow don't they?
    I agree big machines would be fun!

    Hi Cameron, it did work out well. You know, they didn't even offer to let me take a test drive...hmmm.

    Hi Kathleen, great deal! I was very surprised to see such plump buds this early.

    Hi VW, it will be nice to have it bloom this year-- last year it didn't bloom very much. (and it would be fun to have you come and visit!)

  18. Megan, I just realized I missed your comment. Sorry. Yes, having the proper equipment would be wonderful when doing some of the big work in our gardens.


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