Friday, January 8, 2010

Is That A Bearded Hedgehog Or Just A Fun Guy?

My friend Carol called me this morning and asked if I wanted to see a cool fungi. How could I refuse? Of course I wanted to see it. She found this very cool growth in a tree in the Learning Garden.

She knows me and knows I would want to see it! Look at it, have you ever seen such a thing? Carol had her book with her to make a good identification... Bearded Hedgehog, Hericium erinaceus. The colors range from orangish to white. The book calls these spines, but they are so soft.

Always pays to have a reference book on hand!!
A Field Guide to Mushrooms: North America (Peterson Field Guide Series)


  1. Wow, how cool is that! Thanks for sharing.


  2. How bizarre! Is it an edible fungus?

  3. Such a cool fungi... hairy and fluffy. ~bangchik

  4. HI Lisa, you are welcome, I knew others would love seeing this. Glad you like it.

    Hi Les, yes it is edible, but Carol and I didn't try it!

    Hi Bangchik, thanks-- it is a cool fungi. I was surprised how soft it was.

  5. That is one weird looking fungus ;-)

  6. This is gorgeous, what a good friend to call you over, with camera, to see it. It reminds me of the sporran, the purse like thing worn with a kilt. :-)

  7. Very neat! I can see where its name came from.

  8. I've never seen anything like this, Janet! Thanks for sharing. Not only does it look cool, it has a cool name as well.

  9. I've never seen that before -- very unique and beautiful!

  10. That is very interesting!! I've never seen it!

  11. How beautiful! I wonder if it is edible? It looks like it came right out of the movie Avatar. Beautiful Photographs Janet!

  12. Morning Tina, I know, I love the name!

    Hi K.-thanks.

    Hi Noelle, I certainly never saw one like this before.

    Hi Gail, glad to see you out and about a little. You are right, it is fantastic.

    Hi Frances, It does look like a sporran (didn't know the name of it but thought the same thing) Carol sure knows me!

    Hi Dave, it is a fun name..and I like hedgehogs.

    Hi Rose, I agree!

    Hi Susie Q, really? you are fun!

    Hi Sweetbay, I hadn't seen anything like it before either.

    Hi Deborah, thanks!

    Hi Catherine, cool indeed!

    Hi Carol, thanks for coming by, yes it is edible according to the book. I haven't seen the movie but heard it is beautifully done. Thanks.

  13. Fascinating!! I would've never thought to have asked you if it was edible!

  14. Wow! That is amazing. Looks like an anemone. I wish there was a way to grow those on purpose. Very cool.

  15. Hi Ginger, I wouldn't have thought about eating it is interesting though.

    Hi Megan, it does look like an anemone. I guess you could capture the spores and try it?

  16. Oh my, that is SO cool Janet! I would have liked to see it in person too. I can see how it got it's name. I've never seen anything like it before. Great job having your id book handy!


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