Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beating the Storm

Earlier this week we went to South Carolina to look at the house, pick interior colors, choose light fixtures and talk to our landscaper.

The house is really coming along quickly. The Hardie plank is on, the roof is shingled and they are ready for the stacked stone to be applied to some of the front areas.

We walked through the house with the electrician to get a count on how many lighting fixtures were needed, the walls look like they are filled with spaghetti before the insulation and sheetrock. Our contractor and his subs are really nice folks and very easy to work with.

This will be the view we wake up to every morning.......

My day was really complete talking to Wyatt, our landscaper. He installed the riprap and is installing a flagstone patio, sod and irrigation, foundation plants, preparing the large (and numerous) garden beds. He and I have gone back and forth with lots of plant material ideas and how to keep a natural look to the garden. The lot slopes to the water, so we have some tiers and lots and lots of areas under the trees we were able to have as garden beds. There were some beaver damaged trees that needed to be removed. I am happy we were able to keep a good number of trees.

The flat spaces are going to be sodded (remember we have three dogs and they need a place to run). The debris along the riprap was washout from upstream. There were some big rains and the lake level rose 3 feet in one day.

From the dock you can see the house and the landscape coming into shape. The flagstone patio is at lake level and I think will be a super place to sit and enjoy the lake. The white sticks are the irrigation pipes with the sprinkler heads. You almost can't see where the grass will be as it is on the level area. The banks along the water are both garden. It is the full sun area I have to garden, most all the rest of the yard is shade or part shade. We are using as many natives or minimum care plants as possible. Deer walk through our yard to get to the lake so that is something we are keeping in mind with plant selection. Flowers and fragrance and foliage color......oh the possibilities!!

As we talked with the lady at the lighting store (one of our last stops) we kept a close eye on the weather. The original plan was to get our stuff done then relax for the rest of the day and drive back to Virginia today.....Saturday, you know, the day all the snow and ice plowed through the mid region of the country. We changed our plans and headed up the road midafternoon. After a short stop to see one of our kids in NC for a cup of coffee, we made it home by 10 PM, well ahead of the storm.

This morning when we woke the ground was white and when I let the dogs out they loved it!
Skyler must have made a million snow angels, doggie style-

And Newton and Monroe and Skyler were frolicing and having a grand time.

Glad we made it home and have no need to go out today. It continues to snow, I think we are about to 10- 12 inches. Did I mention we don't own a snow shovel?

Jury is still out with Windows Live, this was done without.

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Those doggie-style snow angels are too cute. :) Looks like your garden is going to be extensive at the new place. Very exciting!

  2. I love the new house...beautiful!!!! The movies of the dogs are so cute...doggie snow angels!!! We have about a foot of snow so far in our part of Virginia along with ice and it's COLD!!!! Debbie and Holly

  3. What a beautiful setting for your house!

  4. And which of those windows is for the guest room? You could have a steady stream of garden bloggers staying with you--will weed for food.

    Now rush out and buy volumes 1 and 2 of Carolyn Singer's "Deer in My Garden" series on deer-resistant plants. A funny appendix in volume 1 is a list of plants that other books incorrectly say are deer-resistant. Of course the four-legged dears will eat anything if they are hungry enough, but Carolyn has saved me much money and heartbreak.

  5. Your new house looks wonderful... I love the property too.

  6. Oh Janet, your new home and gardens are going to be gorgeous. I love the idea of a lake level patio. You will enjoy many a fine time there. I would actually start my day with coffee there!
    You were smart to keep an eye on the weather. I guess people that don't are the ones that get stranded then?? How on earth will you get rid of all that snow without a shovel?

  7. Janet I am glad you beat the storm! We've had a couple of inches of ice and I am sure that the roads have been really slick.

    Your SC home is coming right along. It will be very beautiful when you get it all together. How exciting!

    Loved the snow angels too!:-)

  8. It is looking so gorgeous. What a view to face everyday. I bet you can hardly wait to get into it.
    I could fish off of that long dock.

  9. I can just imagine ending the day at that dockside patio, watching the dogs swim, being thankful you made the right decision to move.

  10. Janet,
    The house looks great! That boat dock is sweet too! We got 6 inches of snow. We use pitch forks for snow shovels. Once it turns to ice the forks lift it right off our gravel driveway.

  11. Hi Meredith, thanks, they sure cracked me up this morning with their antics. Glad you like the new digs.

    Hi Debbie, thanks so much. Did your dog go nuts this morning with the snow? I could do without the ice. What part of VA do you live in?

    Hi Phillip, thanks, I keep pinching myself that this is my new place. Dream come true!

    Hi DP, the entire lower level (the Lake Level) has two bedrooms and another living area (family room) and a kitchenette. Come on down!! We hope to have lots of visitors.
    Our bedroom is the same level as the living/dining/kitchen level.
    I will look into the book -- sounds like it is what I will need for sure!

    Hi Sweetbay, thanks, we are really taken with the whole thing--setting, house, lake, gardens, and the people are really nice.

    Hi Kathleen, this patio is sure a super place to sit. I can't wait. Think both starting the day and ending it on the patio watching the water.
    As for the snow, I am married to a bit of a smart ass...he said, God put it there, God will take it away. I did sweep the steps around noon-- but that has long since been undone. Not sure when the warm up will come but hoping it is soon.

    Hi Lauren, I am glad we took off yesterday, can't imagine driving up the road today. yikes!!
    Looking forward to our move to SC.
    Crazy dogs with their frolicing.It was fun to watch today.

    Hi Lona, thanks! it is a great view isn't it? The lighting lady offered to show my husband how to set up a brush pile to fish for crappies.

    Hi Les, it does sound heavenly doesn't it? Will miss some folks around here though.

  12. Hi Randy, I am sure we will have lots of ice under this snow.
    Thanks, my husband is very fond of his dock-- which has another nice place to sit and enjoy the lake breezes.

  13. I like the dock too - perfect! The new place looks great - and I'm glad that you haven't changed your mind and gone RUNNING from the state...

    The dog videos were fun - I think those guys might enjoy a sled...

  14. Hi Pam, thanks! Think we are sold on SC for our retirement. It is an interesting the politics....very interesting!
    Looks like it is snowing again, we are really getting lots of snow! The dogs will play again tomorrow.

  15. Oh wow, it is going to be so peaceful and beautiful!

  16. I'm so intrigued with your house... and the setting! Boaters will be idling off the shore to see your gardens! :-)

    Are you close enough to completion to know when you might move?

    So glad that you made it home safely before this snow storm. We have what may be 5 inches of snow/sleet on the ground. It was a very dry accumulation, so the trees and roofs have no snow! It all blew down into drifts over my plants!

    One of these days, we'll meet up for lunch along your route when you drive through NC.


  17. Janet the house and property are looking beautiful, really coming along. You are going to have so much to enjoy! A word from someone with extensive experience with deer: no lillies. It's a constant battle.

  18. That is quite a view but I must say there is no lovelier view than that of a well thought out and designed garden-in conjunction with the water of course. I am very excited for you! Oh to start a garden from scratch and really design it and get in there with fresh choices would be awesome! I can't wait to see how it all progresses I tell you! P.S. My dogs are making snow angels too-it is pretty funny.

  19. So glad you decided to get home early, Janet! That is a lot of snow. Your house is coming along so nicely. Picking the lights and colors is fun enough, but talking to the landscaper is the icing on the cake. Those beds look great already. I can imagine the waterside plantings swaying in the breezes with lots of grasses. Yummy! :-)

  20. I love the look of the house and the trees. Choosing colours and accessories are fun!!

  21. What a beautiful house, Janet! I knew you were planning to move soon, but I didn't realize the house was being built already. And the landscaping! Oh, how wonderful to have garden beds already prepared so that you can do the fun part, planting. I didn't mean that you don't have to do some work--I just meant you won't have to dig up grass to create them, which is the part I hate. Will you be able to move in by spring?

    Skyler looks like he enjoys the snow as much as Sophie does, who also loves to make doggie snow angels. Glad you made it home safely--I think you have had more snow than we have had this winter!

  22. I think you'll really enjoy your lake setting! It looks like it'll be lovely.

    And glad you made it back to VA before the snow came down...

  23. Wow, what a nice setting. Busy times! Glad you are feeling at home already here in the Upstate!

  24. Hi Ginger, yes I think so too, we went out to the house at night and it is sooooo quiet. Very peaceful.

    Hi Cameron, I would like to meet for lunch too. Maybe this next trip. We will be moving in July, after the 4th. The house will be closed on in June.
    We had about a foot of snow and are very glad to have come home on Friday.

    Hi Susie, thanks! I do like lilies so much, was hoping for a few Stargazers and Casa Blancas. Oh well.

    Hi Tina, we are certainly having a great time with this landscape plan. It is just fun!!

    Hi Frances, we are glad to have come home early as well. And yes, icing on the cake indeed! We were talking about grasses on the bank by the water for just that reason...swaying in the breeze!

    Hi Bangchik, thanks so much. Yes choosing all the new things is fun.

    Hi Rose, yes we are well underway! My landscaper said oh sure we do the hard part and you get the fun part of planting.
    I think we have had more snow that a lot of places this year.

    Hi Lisa, thanks, we think so.

    Hi Jessica, thanks, it is a great setting. We are feeling at home in Upstate and look forward to being there.


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