Sunday, January 10, 2010

Don't You Have Lots of Color In Your Garden?

I have lots of color in my garden at this time of year. I hadn't really planned any of this just happened. The dusting of snow covered it for a while but after the snow melted the color was still there.

I have orange.

Some really nice blue with the orange.

A big white "X".

And a large area of flags and yellow, orange, blue, white, and red.

Before we left for South Carolina we had some sewer issues that we thought were resolved. When we returned there were flags. Now we have Miss Utility marking all the utilities. Apparently the county needs to do some repair on the sewer line. While I am glad something is getting fixed, I do not relish my front garden getting dug up. I went to save some daffodil bulbs inside the white square...the ground is frozen solid. Will keep you posted.

In the meanwhile I will enjoy the scenery out back with the ice sparkles on the creek. This is my entry for Gardening Gone Wild's photo contest this month. The theme this month is 'Winter's Beauty'.


  1. I think the white X adds a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the overall effect. Nice touch!
    Beats having sewer probs, though - seriously!
    Great shot of the canal!

  2. I came by when I saw the word 'color', thinking your garden was really blooming;-) I feel your pain re; digging up the garden area. We had that happen several yrs. ago, at the corner garden at the bottom of the driveway, when our plumbing was backed up. THey dug down 17 feet and removed something that was left in the pipes by none other than a previous plumber: a plumbers snake!!!

  3. This is hilarious! I hope things get worked out for you...(sorry, couldn't help myself)

  4. Hey great color! LOL I know NOT funny. I should be the last to laugh after posting about having to replace our pump in the well last summer. The upside was it was a heck of a lot cheaper than having to get a new well! Good luck and I hope it all works out.

  5. Oh, and such pretty shades too. LOL! I am sure you are glad to get it fixed but don't you hate to dig up things now. We had a gas meter line change and I had to dig up plants that i had used to try to hide the thing. Nothing like moving them three times huh? ;-)
    I love your selection for the contest.Good luck Janet!

  6. As soon as I saw those markings, I knew it just had to be Miss Utility! They were in front of my house the other day when yet another water main broke so I have yellow and blue marks all over my yard, sidewalk and on and on it goes. Love your entry for the contest!!! Best of Luck to you!!!

  7. Not the kind of color you want to see any time of year! I hope it gets resolved quickly!

  8. I had similar colors in my yard this summer, maybe it is a long variety. Best of luck with your entry.

  9. This was pretty funny, Janet, until I got to the part about your daffodils--definitely not funny! But then neither are sewer problems, so I guess it's a matter of accepting what cannot be helped. Beautiful creek view, however--good luck in the contest!

  10. Hi K.- yes 'je ne sais quoi' indeed. Hey, you got your shower... no problem there! sort of.

    Hi Jan, yes, not exactly the color I would like. Apparently a utility punctured the sewer line and there is a burr inside the line. ewww

    Hi Jodi, hahahaa thanks!

    HI Raingardener, it is always something isn't it? thanks

    Hi Lona, yes, I love the blue especially. ;-) I am not happy about having to move the daffodils right now. Thanks for the photo compliment.

    Hi Deborah, sorry to hear about the water main!! thanks.

    Hi Sweetbay, no, not the color I would like to have. I keep wondering when they are coming to do the work.

    Hi Les, haha right! Thanks, same to you.

    Hi Rose, yes, not too happy about the daffodils. I am glad to have the sewer line fixed (didn't know it was 'broken', thought it was just slow) thanks..I like the sparkles on the creek.

  11. Not the color you wish to see at all. Best of luck with the dig up. I remember when they installed a waterline here. They did a good job but of course it helps if the homeowner is anxiously standing over them watching:) Good luck on the photo contest.

  12. Those marks are only good when it means you're doing something to your yard that you want done.
    Hope you can save some daffodils!

  13. Your post had me chuckling. I was expecting winter berries or something like that :-)

    Your photo submission is so beautiful. I hope it does well in the contest.

  14. I love the contestant, Janet! It is perfect. So sorry about the spray paint, but at least it's not in the middle of growing season. The earth will heal. :-)

  15. Yea.., snow will melt and expose all colour... nice or not nice. ~bangchik

  16. Those are all welcome colors when you're the one planning a project ~ not so much when there's a problem! I hope you can save your daffodils. The creek photo is pretty with all the sparkling ice.

  17. Awesome picture. thecontrast of the rocks and rhe water is striking. It looks so cold, but still inviting, if that makes sense:)

  18. Morning Tina, trying to get caught up on my responses. The yard got dug up yesterday, have pictures and will post once they are done.

    Hi Catherine, would you believe I asked the sewer line guys to save them and they did! Nice guys

    Hi Noelle, berries would have been nice! thanks, I have seen a lot of great photos entered in the contest.

    Hi Frances, thanks! you are right, the earth will heal. Today is supposed to be about 50 degrees. May get the garden put back together.

    Hi Bangchik, right!!

    Hi Kathleen, well after seeing the damage to the sewer pipe, I am glad it was done.

    Hi Melody, thanks!


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