Thursday, January 14, 2010

No Candles But Lots of Neon and A Milkshake

Today is my birthday and we went out for dinner. Since it was my choice I wanted to go somewhere to get a milkshake. One of the best milkshakes comes from a place called "Cheeburger Cheeburger".   Cute place, lots of neon lights, chrome and linoleum furniture and some great onion rings too!! Now I need to loosen my belt.


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday. I love places like this. We have one that we visit every summer when we vacation. I hope you had a wonderful day :-)

  2. A very happy wish for you on your birthday date, Janet! A burger and onion rings would be my choice too! Ice cream milkshake must come from The Hop in Asheville though. :-)

  3. Well happy birthday! 28 or 29?

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! This diner looks like it is straight out of Grease!

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful time; looks like fun!

  6. A milkshake, together with a cheeseburger and fries, beats candles hands down! Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Darling!
    I hope you enjoyed your special day.What a treat!

    What a fun looking diner.Oh, onion rings sounds good. ;-)
    Birthday blessings to you and may your day be filled with, love, family, friends and flowers.

  9. Hi Noelle, thanks so much I did have a good day. Got my H1N1 shot and they asked me how old I was and I had to think about it...kind of funny.

    Hi Ginger, thanks!

    Hi Tatyana, what a loyal subject
    ;-) thanks!

    Hi Frances, it was a great date-- sorry Ashville is a little far for a week night dinner trip. I am sure it is great, maybe one day....

    Hi Les, right! Our waiter asked if it was my 31st...he got a good tip.

    Hi Tina, thanks! It does look like something from Grease, the music was great too!

    Hi Sweetbay, it was a great milkshake too :-D

    Hi Rosey, thanks so much!

    Hi Lona, their onion rings are the best!! Thanks for the good wishes.

    Hi Debbie (and Holly) thanks so much.

  10. Janet, Happy Birthday Week! I am of the opinion that we need to celebrate our birthdays for at least a week! Love the restaurant~~ and dinner sounds delish! gail

  11. hi Gail, thanks, I am celebrating it over a number of days....dinner out tomorrow night with my mom and her beau and my girls are coming home as well.

    Dear Susanna Rosanna Dana, I missed your name, I am sorry sweetie, thanks for the birthday wishes. hugs!

  12. Happy belated birthday, Janet! I think any food or drink consumed on your birthday doesn't contain any calories:) I love places like this--I bet the milkshake was delicious, too!

  13. Queen... a little bit late.., but happy birthday too from me and kakdah!! ~bangchik

  14. Straight out of 'Grease'. Had no idea such places still existed. I'd like to go there once . . . but I think I'd be too dazzled to go back!

    Best wishes for your birthday. (See if you can make it last. First have your birthday, then your boxing birthday, then your boxing-boxing birthday, then, a week later - the anniversary of your birthday.


  15. Looks like you had a nice birthday...

  16. omg, I missed your birthday Janet ~ hope it was happy, happy!! What a CUTE place this is ~ LOVE the pink lights! I would definitely enjoy the atmosphere eating there. :-)

  17. Happy Birthday, once again. I can't live without hamburgers. We have some places like that with a 50's ambiance.

  18. HI Rose, I like that idea, no calories...will take and run with it! It was a good shake!

    Hi Bangchik and Kakdah, thanks so much.

    Hi Lucy, a good plan to stretch out the festivities.

    Hi Phillip, I did have a nice one, thanks,

    Hi Kathleen, it was a happy day and stretched into the weekend as well! It is a fun place to eat.

    Hi Donna, thanks it was a good birthday and burgers make it better.

  19. Happy belated birthday! That Cheeburger Cheeburger looks a lot cooler than the ones we had in Florida. I ate in one once and the food was pretty bad. But perhaps I should not have ordered the food but the milkshakes!

  20. hi Catherine, thanks!

    Hi Tiffany, the food at this one is pretty good...especially the onion rings.


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