Monday, December 7, 2009

Reflections on a Year of Blogging

It is hard to believe that an entire year has gone by since I started this blog. My initial intent was to share gardening information and observations. In my first posting I said I would post about once a week. Kind of funny now….who would have thought I had so much more to write about?

Acuba japonica 'Mr. Goldstrike'

Over this past year my knowledge has grown. I had to ask my sister how to get my blog going. She patiently answered my questions about adding html language on the sidebar, how to add photos, and a myriad of other things I now take for granted. One of the best things she recommended to me was to build a trial blog. This is a place I can upload all the words and add the pictures and play around with the placement on the page. Thanks K!!!

Physocarpus opulifolius 'Ninebark' 

One desire was to share pictures of the Learning Garden, a place I have enjoyed working as a Master Gardener. My pictures will help build the library of information within the Cooperative Extension office and its webpage. Taking pictures and identifying the plants correctly increased my knowledge of what the plant was and where it is in the garden.

fun fungus on a stump

My Tuesday's Tree series is a learning experience for me as well as others who are kind enough to read my posts. As I travel around I see trees that interest me everywhere I look! I think I am becoming obsessed with trees!
With each picture I have improved a little bit. I have learned about photo editing and adjusting as well as how large or small to post a picture. From my fellow bloggers I have learned about programs to use to make my photos better.
I have made new friends in this blogosphere. Some folks I have met in person and some are still my electronic pen-pals.             

a stink bug on a leaf

Euonymus americanus
Hearts A'Bustin

It has been fun but time consuming. As I move into my second year with this blog I want to maintain my focus—learning and growing. I may scale back on the time commitment as our move to South Carolina gets closer…..or I may bore you with more pictures of wild turkeys near our new house, time will tell. Stick around and see what 2010 brings!

Bloom and fruit on a pyracantha bush...strange weather this fall!


  1. A very very happy blogaversary to you, Janet! You have so much to share with us, I always enjoy every single post. But the trees of Tuesday is such a public service. Being addicted to trees is a very good thing. When you have run out of trees in the learning garden, kudos to you for building up their virtual library!, the world is full of even more, so don't ever stop! We look forward to reading about your move, since we have moved ourselves many times. BTW, we share blog birthdays too. I guess that makes me your older sister. What were we thinking, starting to blog in December! HA :-)


  2. I sure have enjoyed your blog!! Keep it up.

    That hearts bursting thing is gross and fascinating!

  3. Happy Blogaversary, Janet! I don't remember when I first started reading your blog, but I do know I found it through Racquel's one day, and I've enjoyed reading it ever since. I agree with Frances that your Tuesday tree posts are wonderful; I've learned so much from them. And I'm sure your photos are a much-appreciated helpful addition to the Extension's records.

    To another great year of blogging!

  4. I didn't realize we started around the same time. You've been doing a great job! I especially enjoy Tuesdays Trees.

  5. I thought you'd been blogging for more than a year, Happy Blogaversary! I too enjoy your Tuesday Tree posts, as a fellow gardener fascinated by trees.

  6. Congrats;-) Glad you're still enjoying it!

  7. It is good we have sisters to prod us along! My sister got me hooked too. congrats to you and your fabulous blog. I look forward to see what you come up with, esp, turkeys!

  8. Isn't it amazing how quickly we move forward from that first beginning step? Trees are your trademark; I can't think of a better one for a garden blogger.

  9. Janet,
    Happy Blogaversary it seems hard to believe you have been doing this for just a year! I think I have been fortunate to read the past 9 months of your blog. Yes I too look forward to your tree posts. I know a lot of trees and you seem to find ones I don't know.

  10. Congrats, Janet!
    Quite an accomplishment.
    I love the connection we've made. Surely it's one of the very best aspects of blogging: These lovely online friendships that, when lucky, lead to actual in-person meetings.
    Hope that one day we are able to move from the virtual world to the real one ;-0

  11. Janet, congrats on your blogaversary ! I have enjoyed reading your postings and learning of new plants and trees.
    Hey, we like pictures of turkeys too. ;-) It will be a whole new area for opportunities.

  12. Happy Blogaversary! Funny my sister is the one that helped me start too. I love your blog and the Tuesday's Trees has been very informative for me. I think you should post whatever you like and I know I'll enjoy learning about trees, seeing turkeys and your new home.

  13. Happy blogaversary!
    I had so much help from friends when I started - I'm thrilled to be able to share the knowledge!
    Love the pyracantha shot! :)

  14. Congratulations on 1 year of blogging! I can only imagine how much you have learned in that time. I have only been working on it for 4 months and I have learned so much.

    I look forward to your future posting as you get closer to your move to S. Carolina.

  15. Happy paper anniversary! I sure hope you will document your move, your new house and especially your new garden on your blog. I also look forward to your insights on living in SC - at times it was like living in another country when I was there. Hopefully, it has not subcumbed to complete homogenization.

  16. Hi Frances, thanks so much, and happy blogaversary to you too. A public service? How very kind. I have a love-hate relationship with getting the tree posts done. I want them to be done well.

    Hi Ginger, thanks! Keep coming back. Hearts a'bustin is gross? It is a bit overripe.

    Hi Rose, thanks for reading my blog! It has been fun adding the photos to the extension library of photos. Yes, to another year!

    Hi Phillip, I didn't realize we started around the same time either and thanks, glad you like the trees.

    Hi Sweetbay, nope, just a year. Trees are pretty cool! By the way, I will be linking to your posting with the Ironwood fall foliage color.

    Hi Jan, thanks, I am enjoying it.

    Hi Rosey, sisters are pretty cool. thanks!... and be careful you may tire of the turkeys!

    Hi NellJean, it is really funny to see how fast we catch on! My trademark? Nice!

    Hi Randy, thanks! It has a been a fun year. I have enjoyed reading yours and many other blogs. I have learned a lot from everyone out in the blogging world. Glad I find some trees you don't know....makes it interesting.

    Hi Alice, one year under my belt!!! The connections are wonderful. I like the idea that everyone is my electronic pen pal. One day we will get to meet face to face...I feel sure of it!

    Hi Lona, thanks so much. I am glad you like the tree postings (as well as the other ones) I think there will be lots of turkey pictures in the future.

    Hi Catherine, thanks! Seems the sisters out there are very helpful! I hope to have some trees that may grow in your area one of these days. Pictures of the new place will be coming soon!

    Hi little sister! I appreciate the knowledge you shared, and the patience with which you!!! I don't understand___ (fill in the blank) thanks! :-) glad you like the pyracantha

    Hi Noelle, doing these blogs really offers lots of information out there. I have enjoyed seeing your desert very different from my swamp.

    Hi Les, thank you! Paper indeed, in this cyber world. You know I will be documenting a great deal of the house and will do so with the new garden. We have talked about some of the SC experiences already....there will be so many more. I like a little flavor.

  17. Your pictures are beautiful! Happy blog anniversary to you!

  18. Dear Janet, Let me join everyone in congratulating you on your blogaversary. I am thrilled that you began blogging~~thanks to your sister for assisting you way back then! Like Frances, your older blogging sister said...the Tuesday Trees is wonderful and a great resource for all of us! Have a great week! gail

  19. HI Robin, thanks so much, appreciate the visit.

    HI Gail, thanks a bunch. I am glad I started blogging too (keeps me off the online video games :-) ) I am glad you are enjoying the Tuesday's Trees.

  20. Janet, congratulations on your one year anniversary. Funny how time flies. I've enjoyed reading your posts - singing Jolson was fun - of course I, too am a music nut from way back.
    I barely knew what a blog was when someone said I should do one about my gardening and within 2 days I was trying to figure it all out. Still am!!!
    Anyway congrats again - you've done a great job!!!

  21. Your MaJesty, I curtsy and wish you many happy returns! Your blog is a wonderful mix of information and beauty! And your online friendship is pretty darn special too. What was in the stars that made us start our blogs a day apart?

  22. Hi Raingardener! Haven't seen you around lately, hope all is well. How fun that you remembered Jolson! Appreciate the kind words. thanks!

    Hi DP, my hat is off to you as well. It has been a lot of fun meeting some really great folks out there, glad you are one of them!

  23. www.talesfromthelaboratory.typepad.comDecember 9, 2009 at 7:44 AM

    As someone who lives in that 'other country', I think you'll do just fine, as long as you don't read the local newspaper, pay attention to local politics, or have to educate a child...otherwise, it's a great place to live!

    Happy First Anniversary!

  24. thanks Pam, it will be a new experience for us in SC.

  25. I've missed some of your latest posts Janet but even tho I'm late, I wanted to add my congrats on your one year blogaversary! I'm so glad you joined the blogging world and that I had the opportunity to get to know you thru the blog. Isn't it funny where blogging takes you? It's totally different than I envisioned when I started mine too. I look forward to reading more and following you to SC to see what you do in your new garden.


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