Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wishing Everyone a Berry Happy New Year!

Every day I walk to the end of our little street with the three dogs and they love it! One would think it was a the best walk ever. While the walk is short I enjoy seeing all the plant material in everyone's yards. This is the season for berries on so many plants.

I wanted to share some of these great berries (though some are drupes) with you. Each photo can be enlarged by clicking on it.

It has been a wonderful year getting to know so many gardeners via the blogging world. I look forward to another year. May your weeds be few and your blooms be large and fragrant,
As the sun sets on 2009 I wish you all a Happy and Peaceful New Year.


  1. What a beautiful message and post Janet. Looks like there is plenty to keep the birds happy in your neighborhood. My dog is the same way about going for a walk. Such a simple thing is so joyful for them ~ it teaches us, doesn't it?
    Happy New Year to you too.

  2. Happy New Year! And I have to say it, your post is "berry" good. I really like the last picture and the creative positioning of the copyright watermark!

  3. So many beautiful berry shrubs. I have just got to add some to my gardens.
    Berry good posting.
    Happy New Year Janet.

  4. Love the berries! Have a great New Year's!

  5. Lovely pictures! And you have a great New Year too!

  6. I always love pictures of berries. They are always so bright they make me feel cheerful. I wish you a very Happy New Year!

  7. What a great idea for a post. There are so many pretty berries this time of year.
    I hope you have a very happy new year!

  8. Oh my goodness, I just love that last shot!

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year,

    RO xx

  9. "Berry happy new year"?!!? Groooooooan!!!!!!
    It's as bad as the pun on the Ao4 Digest today.
    Great pix!

  10. I love the pictures of the berries! I really love the last picture..very beautiful!! Happy New Year to you!!!!

  11. I just got back from a lovely foggy walk around the neighborhood and yes to the dogs it was like the first walk ever. I love the foliage and berries on Nandina and am sorry it has a bad rap in some places. I can't imagine gardening without it. I appreciate your wishes for all of us and send them right back at you.

  12. I hope you have a very happy new year, Janet.

    Always Growing

  13. Happy New Year to you Janet. May 2010 bring you many new gardening adventures!

    Carolina Victory Garden

  14. Quite the variety of berries!

    Happy New Year to you!

  15. Happy New Year! May your days be filled with good health and much Joy! Diana

  16. HAPPY NEW YEAR.... count the blessings and pray for more!! ~bangchik

  17. Happy New Year to you all!!! Thanks for all your greetings.

    Hi Kathleen, dogs are super...what great companions. I think they can keep you centered.

    Hi Dave, thanks for noticing the was fun 'hiding' it.

    HI Lona, Berries for the birds are super to have in your landscape.

    Hi Phillip, same to you!!

    Hi Charlotte, thanks so much.

    Hi Noelle, berries are cheerful aren't they?

    Hi Catherine, I was amazed to see so many berries on my little street.

    Hi Rothchild Orchid, thanks! It almost looked like spider webs in front of the sunset. Kind of fun.

    Hi K. What? you don't like puns?? I seem to recall many a pun coming from you!!

    Hi Deborah, thanks a bunch!

    Hi Les, oh to see the sun!!! Missed that full moon last night for the clouds/rain. I like Nandina. Mine does reseed a good bit but I know there are varieties that are sterile...certainly a possibility for landscapes.

    Hi Jan, same to you!

    Hi Lauren, hope 2010 brings you many new gardening adventures too!

    Hi Victoria, it is a great variety isn't it?

    Hi Di, thanks! Same to you.

    Hi Bangchik, excellent sentiment! To you as well.

  18. The berries do look very festive, Janet, and it's nice to have something of interest in the garden at this time of year. Now I'm going to have to go look up drupes...

    Thanks for the gardening wishes--I wish the same for you in 2010 along with health and happiness!

  19. Janet girl .. those berries are berrylicious ? LOL .. nothing like bright berries to some how brighten the mood .. does the trick for me ! : )
    I love that last shot .. it is perfect .. I think you should print that off , double mat it and put it in a wonderful frame .. it deserves lots of attention : )
    Happy New year again !

  20. Janet,
    Happy New Year! Great berry pics, love them all. I think that everyone was thinking what I was thinking when they wrote berry nice. :) I hope you had a good holiday.

  21. Hi Rose, they are festive aretn't they? thanks, health and happiness to you as well.

    Hi Joy, haha, yes, berrylicious! So you like the sunset shot? I was happy with it when I downloaded it.

    Hi Helen, thanks, berry much.

    Hi Rosey, I did have a good holiday, thanks, hope you did as well.

  22. Love the berries/drupes, you get a lot of good ones in your neighborhood walk. It's so much fun to see what's looking good in the winter. I have just recently learned about those blackberry lilies, and of course, now I must have one. Happy new year to you too!

  23. Happy New Year to you too!

    (Love the juniper berries the best).

  24. Hi Megan, it is amazing to see the diversity in a small neighborhood. You DO need a Blackberry Lily.

    Hi Pam, The blue/gray of the junipers is great!


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