Thursday, December 3, 2009

Once in a Very Blue Moon and Awards

This shot reminds me of Nanci Griffith's song. One of my better 'moon shots'. Our full moon was last night, however we had big thunderstorms and lots of no moonview. This was the night before.

Many thanks to both Noelle and Colleen for giving me this award.
I do not want to be ingracious about receiving such a nice award. I write this blog for various reasons and am pleased that others enjoy reading it. I accept the award and offer it to all who read my blog as I can't choose to whom I should forward this. Many thanks ladies. It is most appreciated. 


  1. Janet what a gorgeous photo!Sometimes a picture will really surprise you when you look at what you have taken. The blue night sky is fantastic.
    Congrats on the award.

  2. What an amazing picture!! Congrats on your award :)

  3. Stunning! (and congrats!)


  4. Janet,
    Very cool photo! Glad to see the rain gone!

  5. Love the picture! The moon has really seemed large the last week or so as it reached a full moon on Tuesday. Wish had taken a picture like this. Happy holidays!

  6. I am so glad you got a shot of the moon the night before. It is so beautiful with just a few clouds next to it.

    I think all who read your blog will appreciate your gracious offering of the award :0)

  7. Very deserving, Janet, congrats! And congrats on the moon photo, I love night shots, but am not good at taking them. Yours is full of atmosphere and mood, love it! :-)

  8. Janet,
    Nice photo...and congratulations on the award. We had the moon last night, but the clear skies lead to a good hard's supposed to be very cold and wintery here by tomorrow, just in time for the Christmas parade and the Oyster Roast Band benefit. Sigh...

  9. Hooray! I am so happy for you! First of all for getting the award and second of all, because you got that great picture.
    Love your blog, the award is well deserved!

  10. Fabulous photo! And congrats on the richly-deserved award!

  11. That is an amazing shot of the moon--beautiful! I noticed last night the moon was huge and with an orange tint, what I think of as a harvest moon. Congratulations on your award!

  12. What a cool picture - I love the cobalt sky.


  13. A very lovely post and gracious acceptance! Congrats to you! gail

  14. Hi Janet! Congrats on your award. You absolutely deserve it ~ you do a great job with your blog and the tree posts have been exceptional.
    Your moon shot is terrific. I am terrible at taking night photos so I can really appreciate yours. I have been admiring the full moon lately tho and I'm glad you snapped this photo before it started to rain.
    I see you have a blogaversary coming up too ~ woo hoo!

  15. Good morning Lona, I was very surprised with the blue additional color was added after the fact. thanks!

    Hi Phillip, thanks.

    Hi Catherine, thank you. :-)

    Hi Cameron, appreciate it.

    Hi Randy, we had rain for two more days...2 1/2 more inches. We need to dry out!!

    Hi David, thanks! Your pictures are so professional...this is a lucky shot. Merry Christmas to you as well.

    Hi Noelle, many thanks for the award. thanks for the comment on my photo.

    Hi Frances, thanks and thanks. It was a lucky shot.

    Hi Lauren, hope you didn't freeze at the parade and Oyster roast.

    Hi Rosey, thanks on both counts.

    Hi DP, well thank you very much!

    Hi Rose, the full moon really did seem like a harvest moon. thanks!

    Hi Ginger, cobalt --great description. thanks.

    Hi Gail, many thanks to you.

    Hi Kathleen, I appreciate your words thanks! Yes, a blogaversary is coming up tomorrow!!


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