Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Appreciation of What is Growing In My Yard

With my focus on trees and getting pictures of various specimen to use in my tree posts, I have taken a renewed appreciation of the trees in my yard. I have two small Japanese maples. Once they were planted together and neither did very well. I moved one to the front yard and left one in the back, they both liked the change. They are pass a long trees, not named cultivars. The tree in the backyard has just glowed this fall. I wonder, previous years of drought conditions left this tree bare in the fall, it was certainly stressed. This year we are well over our yearly average rainfall. Many trees have held on to their leaves, giving us glorious fall color.

The backyard Japanese maple is green in the summer---

here is morning light

here is afternoon light

and the front yard one is red----


  1. The color is glorious, indeed! Thank you Janet for all your tree posts! I learn a lot from them. Thanks for the link to a tree site which you included in your comment!

  2. Oh, delicious! Is it okay if i have Japanese Maple envy? Because those are so lovely, but we're just a little too harsh in the winter here for me to grown anything much other than 'Bloodgood'.

  3. you're not calling that small are you?? I keep wanting to buy a JM, but the tiny ones - like 2 feet tall - are $60-100!!
    Maybe Santa will bring me one.

    I LOVE yours!! Stunning!

  4. I just love how the orange leaves contrast with the beautiful green trunk. Such beautiful trees. Unfortunately, they do not grow in the Arizona desert, so I will enjoy looking at yours.

  5. Oh, how brilliant are those fall leaves on your beautiful trees. They just pop in the landscape Janet.

  6. Janet,
    So colorful! We have a red one that never looks as good as yours.

  7. Hi, I just discovered your blog - it is beautiful. I love Japanese maples! I lost count as to how many I have. Some have produced seedlings, and I have potted these up, waiting for future homes, either in my own yard or the yards of friends. Some of the most beautiful ones I have were unnamed seedlings. I am looking forward to exploring your blog, now that I have found it.

  8. Wow, those colors are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

    ~A Pinch of Cheer~

  9. oke im like your articel!!
    good luck

    visit to my blog friend in

  10. I just love the colors. Yours has such a nice shape to it. They are definitely a favorite tree of mine, they have so much to offer year round.

  11. That first picture makes it look electric.

  12. Beautiful colors ... lovely light. Great to see as ours have fallen and now buried under snow! Carol

  13. Hello everyone-
    Charlie, you are a flirt!

    Hi Tatyana, thank you so much. You know it was Helen, not me who linked to that huge maple.

    Hi Jodi, you may indeed have Japanese maple envy. I do and it is my tree! Bloodgood is a nice to have as well.

    Hi Ginger, well I guess small is relative. It is about an eight year old tree. Good luck with Santa!

    Hi Noelle, it is a nice contrast. I am sorry they don't grow in Arizona....will take lots of pictures for you.

    Hi Lona, this one certainly popped!

    Hi Randy, This has been a great year for these two maples. Great color.

    Hi Deb, so glad you came by to visit. Your friends will be very glad to have a pass a long Japanese maple. Hope you come back soon.

    Hi A Pinch of Cheer, thanks for stopping by.

    Hi reinhard, thanks,

    Hi Catherine, you are right it is a great tree for year round interest.

    Hi Les, I thought it was pretty stunning first thing in the morning....or maybe it was that the sun was shining.

    Hi Carol, thanks so much. I am glad you came by to visit. We are to get some snow this it will be interesting to see what things look like then.

  14. Your trees are looking good. One plce I take care of has a collection of Japanese Maples (about 20 different ones) and they are pretty much a non stop show from the time the new growth comes out to the end of the season. The Coral Bark types add some nice winter interest too.

  15. These are gorgeous, Janet! I've been coveting Japanese maples ever since I first saw one, but I'm a little afraid--and too cheap--to try one yet. These are definitely special passalongs!

  16. I am going to HAVE to find a spot to add one of these to my garden Janet. Yours are simply gorgeous. It would make me so happy to look outside and see color like this!

  17. I've heard that the Japanese maples you get as seedlings rather than nursery propagated are faster growing, stronger, hardier varieties, and in my experience that has turned out to be true. Beautiful trees you have there.

  18. I thought Morning Light was the name of the variety at first. :) It is a beautiful color.

  19. I love Japanese Maples & especially like yours in the morning light. The color is full of fire!

  20. Hi Chris, thanks, they really put on a show this year. I can't imagine how wonderful the place you take care of is with so many Japanese Maples. I have a Coral Bark Maple on the list with my landscape guy in it!

    Hi Rose, it is easy to see why so many covet these maples. Both of mine are passalongs. I am cheap too!

    Hi Kathleen, I agree, find a spot for a J. maple!!

    Hi Megan, I am not sure about the speediness of growth from seed vs propagated...interesting though.

    Hi Phillip, thanks!

    Hi Donna, I like the name, we can go with that!

    Hi Anartistsgarden, it was like it was on fire, absolutely incredible.

    Hi Victoria, thanks!


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