Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Middle, The End and a New Beginning

The middle-- what we wait for...

I thought I would catch the last bloom of this set of blooms, but I forgot last night. So here is the END....

Thinking we were done for the year I was surprised to find two more buds!!
A new beginning!!

I know some are tired of this flower being posted each time it blooms, I just can't help it. Each time it opens it is magical.
Once the epi is ready to come inside for the winter I am going to prune it a bit. I will share these clippings with five (at least) of you. If you are interested in having a piece of this plant, let me know in the comment area. I am sorry to say I can't send this overseas so the offer is limited to stateside bloggers.


I added a link at the top of my sidebar for a young lady in North Carolina. My daughter and her roommates are teaching in rural North Carolina and supplies are not always available. This young lady is teaching high school English with a minimal number of books. Please check out the link.


  1. It's a gorgeous bloom, how exciting to get shots of the beginning, middle & end of the cycle. Is this something you would have to keep indoors? I'm not great with houseplants anymore. ;)

  2. I'd love to have a piece of this beautiful plant, but living in Canada, I realize that's an impossibility. :) It really is quite spectacular!

  3. Janet,

    Wow it all happens at one time. We had 3 blooms 2 nights ago and 1 tonight! No more buds here but they can happen as yours did.

  4. Hi Racquel, I just love this bloom. When the temps get below 50's I bring it into the garage and water it once a month. No houseplant.

    Hi Nancy, I know, I am sorry I can't share across the border! It is a great bloom.

    Hi Randy, Last year I don't think I had three series of blooms, let alone four (if these new buds mature!)

  5. Very pretty! Although the garden is winding down for the year, fall is just fabulous.


  6. It's a little wonder, and please keep posting its pictures!

  7. I can understand your infatuation with this plant--it's lovely! I love the middle, end, and beginning shots. I'm always up for cuttings of new plants. I'm not very good with over-wintering plants, but if I'm one of the lucky ones, I think I can handle a once-a-month watering:)

  8. I think these are most cool. Dave's Garden newsletter recently had a feature on them. I thought-hey-I know this one because I had seen it on your blog.

  9. It's a lovely bloom, and you're lovely to share. I won't request one now since it looks like it would need to spend winter indoors and my houseplants have been neglected lately. BUT I did order a set of 3 'Faro' amaryllis to come soon, so I'd better take care of them at least. Rambling, sorry, but enjoy your day!

  10. That is a gorgeous bloom! I'll not ask for a cutting since I already have one rooted but maybe I'll give it more attention now( at this point *any* would be good,lol).

  11. Never apologize for sharing a beautiful plant with us! It's lovely~~Thank you for the offer, but my cat and indoor plants don't get along! gail

  12. I would keep posting pictures too. There are some flowers that do that to me also, I just can't stop getting excited over certain flowers. I don't think it would be warm enough for it here, otherwise I'd love a clipping.

  13. I never tire of seeing this, from end to beginning! I was given a piece of this in Chicago this year and now know where to look for the bud, thanks! :-)

  14. Hi Cameron, thanks! I enjoy the gardens again in the fall.

    Hi Tatyana, thanks, I hope to have one more round of blooms.

    Hi Rose, I am happy to send you a cutting. Seems many have this one already.

    Hi Tina, I will have to read the newsletter at Dave's Garden, I don't go there regularly.

    Hi VW, Let me know if you change your mind or if you want to try in the spring when you can have it outside. I keep mine in the garage in the winter. I have enough 'houseplants' for inside during the winter.

    Hi Littlewing, I am glad you have one rooted... (feed it banana peels-- gets mine blooming, if it is a small pot, just use part of a peel, buried in the soil.)

    Hi Gail, Well, if you want one later on...rooted during the summer, you can keep it in the garage. When my cat was alive she ate so many of my indoor plants.

    Hi Catherine, Glad you like the photos too. The structure of this bloom is so amazing.

    Hi Frances, Hope yours blooms for you soon. Mine took a couple of years to be mature enough to bloom. Each year it has put out more and more blooms.

  15. Never apologize for showing us blooms from this plant Janet. It's really a marvel and perfect for me since I'm a night owl. If you think it would survive in my zone 5 garden (I'd overwinter it either in the garage or in my basement) then I'd love to be considered for a start.

  16. beautiful! does that flower smell as lovely as it looks?

  17. Hi Kathleen, got your address and will send you some when I trim it.

    Hi Susie, yes, it is wonderful!! Want some?

  18. Hey, I checked out the link and the project got funded---yea! So send me a email and tell me where your daughter is teaching. Is it close to me?

    Pretty bloom and I never get tired of seeing any of them!

  19. Hi Anna, Yes it got funded with matching funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. I think are some other grant requests from this group of kids so I am leaving the link up for a while.
    I am glad you like the epi. I counted 5 new buds last night!!

  20. Oh it never gets old to see this blooming. It's magical to see it happening even from afar. The way it buds out is just crazy. And even the spent bloom is fun to see. Thanks for the update on this one.


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