Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beauties of the Night.....and Some of the Day

I have been noticing my neighbor's Moonflower every morning when I walk the dogs. All the blooms are spent and drooping. I decided to walk down the street tonight after dusk to see if there were any blooms open. Lo and behold….there were multiple blooms!

Once I got home I looked out my deck garden door and guess who else is blooming…for the third time this summer? Right! The Epiphyllum oxypetalum. This time there are about 6 or 7 blooms in various stages of maturity getting ready to open. I have really enjoyed this plant this summer. After this bloom session is done I will need to prune it back a little to move it into the garage. I may have some cuttings….stay tuned!!

As with everyone else's garden, mine is still putting on a good show. The pineapple lily that I bought earlier this year gradually turned green from the great burgundy color. Now there is new growth and it is the dark burgundy. Is this normal? I have no idea! It is certainly interesting looking. The pink is flowers falling from the Crape Myrtle.

The Black and Blue Salvia is also a new addition from last fall. It took so long to look like it was going to bloom and now it is getting the attention it deserves. Next to the B & B is one of the many Blackberry Lilies , Belamcanda chinensis, and it is in its berry mode. This garden borders my neighbor's yard. They were most curious as to the type of berry I was growing and wondering if it was edible! I told them I wouldn't try it.

The zinnias I have are the first in many years. I am really happy with the show they have put forth. Lots and lots of color. (The bees seem to enjoy it as well)

I love the contrast of the Dusty Miller and this variegated Iris.

The Clematis paniculata on the swing set is starting to pop like popcorn….a snowfall of white blooms.

Last but not least – I found the name of the Canna in the header photo of my blog. It is surprisingly hard to find many places that sell it…I bought mine at Sam's (!!??!!) I know…it was a box of 18 and it wasn't too pricey. Before the other plants filled in I was able to count the Cannas and they all came up!! This lovely variety is Canna Rosever. The foliage is chocolate burgundy in color and the blooms are a beautiful peachy- rose. I am digging up a few of these guys to take with me to South Carolina!!


  1. Good idea on digging up those cannas to take to SC. I think I'd be digging the whole garden up of all those lovelies. The learning garden folks are going to miss you when you move.

  2. Hi Janet~~ I'm adding your canna to my wish list. You know me, if it's pink, I've got to have it. I'm wondering when you cut your pineapple lily blossom. I've still got my blossom and although it's aged to a dull green, it's kept its form. I doubt that in this climate mine will grow any new foliage. [I bought it this past spring so I'm not sure how it will go through the winter.] Your new purple foliage looks wonderful. And the night bloomers are beautiful.

  3. You are blessed with so many flowers... Your zinnia has full color tone. Sweet. ~bangchik

  4. Black and Blue Sage is one of my favorites -- it's so easy to grow, the blue is so intense, and the hummingbirds just love it. I love the color of the canna.

  5. Isn't the Moonflower something. It's been years since I've grown any but they are a real treat planted close to a patio so you can enjoy their evening blooms. That Variegated Iris looks great with the Dusty Miller, who would of thunk? :) Let me know if there is anything you are thinking about dividing before you move to SC. You have some beautiful plants.

  6. Beautiful pics Janet. Your garden is looking much prettier than mine. Mine's kind of shot except for some late blooming purple perennials that were here when we moved in. I have to see if I can find out what they are or send you a pic. Those blasted Montauk daisies are about to disappoint me again, too!

    Susie Q

  7. That Epiphyllum picture is a stunner, especially with all the darkness in the backgroung. What else will you be taking from your Va. garden to SC?

  8. Thank you so much Janet for looking up that Canna's name! It's going down on my wish list. I have a young Epiphyllum oxypetalum that I have kept inside since rooting. I should have taken it outside for the summer- love those blooms.

  9. I love the smell and stark white blossoms of moonflower.

    But, that second flower blows everything else away! BEAUTIFUL!

  10. Hi Tina, I am trying not to think about taking too many plants. You know how it is to move. I will miss the LG folks as well!

    Hi Grace, This canna would be a great addition to your pink collection. I haven't cut my pineapple lily bloom stalk yet, it is laying over on its side. Was waiting for the seed pods to ripen.

    Hi Bangchik, I do have lots of flowers. Zinnias usually get mildew in my climate, so I haven't planted them for many years.

    Hi Sweet Bay, I really am enjoying the B & B -- one to remember in the future. I really like this canna. It is different.

    Hi Racquel, yes the Moonflower is amazing. I have been very impressed with this Dusty Miller this year. I will let you know when I start dividing stuff...come and get first pick!

    Hi Susie Q, My garden is a different setting than yours. (and I don't have bear!!) Send me a pic of the purple flower and I will try to ID it. Maybe your daisies need to be uuummm containers at the edge of your front parking area?? More sun?

    Hi Les, I have been really impressed with the Epi this year. I think the secret is banana peels (I know, not research based horticultural advice). I haven't decided on what else to take with me. Canna (the Rosever) and the Epi (after some pruning) and beyond that I haven't completely made up my mind. Maybe a couple of the ferns from Jim.

    Hi Littlewing, I was glad to find the name of the Canna. Given the state of my garage is was pure luck that the name off the box was in the general vicinity of where it should have been. I have found that my Epi does better with some outdoor time in the summer.

    Hi Ginger, That Epi is really so incredible... the fragrance is pretty great as well.

  11. simply beautifully captured shots....lovely views!

  12. Each photo was great but the variegated Iris is the one that knocked my socks off. Is it Dutch? Tall Bearded?

    Such a shame you can't pack the whole garden for the move. Are your buyers dedicated gardeners who will appreciate it?

  13. Looks like you are having a grand September garden. Nice! H.

  14. I met my first Moonflower a few weeks ago and I think they are just magical. Not a very common sight in Seattle gardens. Our B&B salvia blooms in Aug. but it's worth the wait. The hummingbirds won't touch anything else if there is B&B around. We finally got smart this year and put a plant on the patio and within minutes of going inside the hummers came! It is sold as an annual here but we have 5 plants (in the ground) that made it through last winter with all the snow and cold that we had.

  15. I liked the moon flower blooms. mine has set the buds and few are blooming but not the way they should. They will bloom good in late september.
    Epiphyllum oxypetalum beautiful bloom. i tried a lot to get this plant but nobody even knows about this in my city.
    thanks for sharing these wonderful blooms with us.

  16. Hi flyingstars, thanks!

    Hi Daffodil Planter, To the best of my recollection the Iris is an Iris ensata variegata. It was planted late last year and didn't bloom this year. :-(
    I have no idea who the new owners will be.....I need to let go of what I have done here. I know it will hard.

    Hi Helen, thanks ever so!

    Hi Curmudgeon, that is a good idea about moving the B & B closer to the house to enjoy it. I will keep my fingers crossed for you keeping yours another year.

    Hi Muhammad, thanks! I am sure some are getting tired of me posting every time the epi blooms, but it is so incredible!! Will plant Moonflowers one of these days.

  17. Oh, I do wish I had a moonflower! And some cannas and some blackberry lilies...
    I planted a moonflower vine and some seeds for blackberry lilies, but neither survived. On the other hand, I planted a "Black and Blue" for the first time this year, and I'm loving it. Zinnias are a favorite, too--the butterflies love them as well as the bees. I agree with Tina; you should dig up your whole garden to take with you!

  18. hi Rose, well, I am sure I will fill up the garden with many great plants. I am surprised you and Tina both have had trouble with blackberry lilies...mine come up all over as the birds spread the seeds.

  19. Those night shots are otherworldy. That Epiphyllum looks like the kind of thing you only see in fancy botanical gardens in the conservatory. Must be quite a treat to have one all your own.

  20. I'm so envious you have moonflowers nearby Janet! I tried starting them from seed this year but waited until too late. They are not going to make it to bloom this season. I'll try again next year I guess. I don't know how you pick what to take with you to your new place ~ you have so many great plants!

  21. Hi Megan, thanks. They are kind of cool blooms.

    Hi Kathleen, I know what you mean about the moonflower seeds, I forgot too. Oh well, there is always next year.
    The new place is a place to buy new plants!!


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