Thursday, September 17, 2009

GGW Photo Contest September 09

I thought I would try my luck with the photo contest hosted by Gardening Gone Wild. This month's subject is ornamental grasses.
This contest allows only one entry per person and boy was that hard to decide which photo to use. I went into the garden this evening to try and get another photo of this Miscanthus sinensis 'Dixieland'. None of the pictures I took tonight were as good as this one. This was posted earlier this summer. I really like this one and one of my darling daughters agreed.

Wish me luck!


  1. Oh how wonderful, definitely has that wow factor! Having that little extra bit of interest makes it a sure winner! I too was hoping for a current photo to enter, but no such luck. :-)

  2. Good luck! I love that photo, too! The grasses in my garden aren't quite ready for fall photos...I may have to go into the archives! gail

  3. Good luck! Wonderful textures! The monarch is just eye candy.

  4. Good luck Janet! The butterfly is lovely. Um, so I totally am not an expert photographer, but do you think the butterfly is a little dark? Maybe photoshop fiddling is against contest rules, but I would try to lighten the butterfly and increase its color saturation a bit so the orange really pops. Will you forgive me if you really didn't want any 2-cents' worth from a not-so-expert reader? Please delete this comment if it is annoying!

  5. That is very nice! Beautiful butterfly. I remember that photo. :)

  6. Janet girl .. I have been sick so I haven't been to my favorite blogs much at all .. guilt guilt !
    This is a beautiful picture : )
    I think you should be right up there with the potential winners girl .. if not THE WINNER !!!! : )
    Fingers crossed .. my crystal ball says "a shoe in!!" LOL
    Joy : )

  7. Oh yes, Janet, this one is a winner! I don't have any ornamental grasses, so I won't be entering this contest, but I would give anything to get one perfect picture of a Monarch like this!

  8. It's beautiful, amazing you caught that butterfly perfectly posed.

  9. I do wish you luck! Even though I entered too. I wouldn't want to have to be the judge. I really like the whole composition of this one. It captures the rhythm of the grass leaves perfectly. I can see why you like it.

  10. That is a great picture! Good luck with it. I love the butterfly, great shot.

  11. Hi Charlotte, thanks so much, glad you like the photo.

    Hi Frances, you are most kind, I have seen your contribution and think yours is quite remarkable! Love that Muhly grass!

    Hi Gail, Mine are just starting to put up their plumes, but I couldn't get a good photo with I went with this one. Archives are good!

    Hi Tina, Thanks! Gotta love eye candy.

    Hi K. thanks!

    Hi VW, Oh sure! Give me these ideas NOW! ;-) Maybe next month, whatever the contest is, I will try playing around with the color saturation and such...though I am only using Picasa3, no Photoshop.

    Hi Sweetbay, glad you remember it, hope it does well.

    Hi Phillip, thanks. You will have to join our local blogger get togethers.

    Hi Joy, I am sorry to hear you have been sick, hope you are feeling better. I like your crystal ball!

    Hi Rose, think so? you could go to someone else's garden that has some ornamental grasses...don't think the plant material has to be yours, just the photo.

    Hi Megan, thanks, I was tickled with the Monarch staying still for a second or two.

    Hi Healingmagichands, I looked at your entry and will have to go back when I have a few more minutes to look, I like the larger garden view of your ornamental grass. Good luck to you as well!

    Hi Catherine, the butterfly really steals the show doesn't it? thanks!

  12. Good luck Janet, it's a wonderful entry. :)

  13. It's a wonderful shot, with the monochromatic background emphasizing the butterfly.

  14. thanks MMD, hoping the ornamental grass subject matter for the contest isn't overshadowed by Mr. Monarch!

  15. Such a beautiful photo, love how you caught the butterfly amidst the texture of the grass!

  16. i am wishing you good is a great photo. glad your girl encouraged you to use it.
    happy september.

  17. Phew - I almost never check back to read replies to my comments, but I came back here twice to make sure we were still friends! You're a good sport. I love learning so much that I appreciate tips and advice, but I've put my foot in my mouth so often in life that I have to be careful when offering my 2-cents' worth to others :-)

  18. Hi Linda, thanks so much, I like yours as well.

    Hi Marmee, I wish you luck as well, I keep thinking about how artistic your photo is. Just grand.

  19. HI VW, yes, still friends! I like learning, adjusting, tweaking, growing-- I am so much of a novice with the camera features. Keep offering your 2 cents!


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