Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If He Gets Overheated

A little humor for the evening post viewers..... If I throw the ball for too long of a time Skyler gets overheated. He will take matters into his own 'hands'.

What fun.

For all who are members of, the voting is now open to choose from the top 5 in all sorts of categories. Thanks to all who put me into the top 5!

ps- I found I had a photo of the Koelreuteria bipinnata with the fall pink scroll down to see another photo in the posting.


  1. LOL, he's one smart dog! Is that a MUD puddle he's in?

    I just saw your Tues. tree post--what an interesting tree, one I've never heard of before. I do hope it's not invasive; I can see why people would want such a specimen tree with its yellow flowers and interesting seed pods in the fall.

    I haven't been on Blotanical in so long--I didn't realize it was award time already! Congratulations on your nomination; I'll have to go over to vote.

  2. Puddles are MOST important for dogs! Good luck with the awards!

  3. Janet, How often does he end up getting bathed by his kind owner after puddle swimming? Congrats on your nominations! gail

  4. How funny! What a cute picture.
    Good luck in your categories :)

  5. Oh how cute! Do you ever wish you could jump in and join him, well if it was a bit clearer water, like maybe a swimming pool. Congrats on the nominations! :-)

  6. Hi Rose, He is smart, like a fox! And yes, it is a mud puddle, our front ditch fills quickly and drains slowly.
    The tree is a good one, think the pinnata is more likely invasive.
    I go to Blotanical about once a week or so....if I have time.

    Hi Tina,
    Puddles are important for this one. He crawls through the water. Good luck to you as well.

    Hi Gail,
    He gets a bath pretty frequently though sometimes I just hose him off. Congrats on your nominations as well.

    Hi Catherine, thanks, good luck with your categories too!

    Hi Frances, maybe if it were clean and more like a swimming pool...but then I don't think I would want him in there! Congrats to you as well.

  7. I imagine he will have double bath, one in the mud puddle and another in the bathroom a while later!!.. and Congratulation to you, for appearing in the top 5. Good Luck!


  8. What can I say? You are saving on grooming service! He takes bath himself!
    Congratulations to you Janet!!! Good luck!

  9. I had a Samoyed that use to do this right after we gave him a bath. ;)

  10. That is hilarious! But I can laugh from afar. I'm sure you have a devil of a time cleaning up the mess! Congrats on your nomination! That's fantastic.

  11. Dogs have a way of knowing just what to do for themselves. I bet he was glad to find that mud puddle. When I had a dog, she'd find a dead animal or fish to roll in during out nature walks. We'd have to banish her from the house until we gave her a bath.

  12. Skylar looks like a happy dog! Congrats on your nominations- I'm so new I'll have to figure out how to vote:)

  13. Awww, how cute. I feel like doing that some days too. My dog will do things like this the day after I get him groomed! Looks like he has a good life. Congrats from me too on your nominations with Blotanical. I don't even know how to view those.

  14. me again with the crazy id ~ I wonder why it's doing that??
    (Kathleen @Kaseys Korner)

  15. Hi Bangchik, yes, he gets double baths, triple baths, and on and on.. thanks, congrats to you as well.

    Hi Tatyana, for a dog who lays in the mud puddle you should see him in the bathtub-- like a cat with his back arched hoping for zero gravity. Congrats to you too!

    Hi Racquel, when we bath him in the backyard he will get under the deck steps if we aren't watching- right in the mud!

    Hi Daisy, I must find some humor in it, there are many pictures of him in the mud puddle or stuck in the mud of the creek bottom. Hard to believe he has white fur. Thanks

    Hello Mary Delle, welcome! it is good that he can cool himself off, but if I put a kiddie pool out for him, he doesn't get in it. I have been lucky that none of mine like rolling in stinky stuff.

    Hi Littlewing, He is a happy dog when he is playing ball. Thanks for congrats, it took me a little while to figure out how to vote. Click on the words 'voting is now open..' on the main page. I had to visit a few times before I clicked it.

    Hi Secret Agent Kathleen, dogs, gotta love them! thanks for the congrats. Go to the Blotanical main page and click on voting is now open... that will open the voting list. Wonder which computer gremlins you irritated to be known as 6p0035504402138834?

  16. Smart dog! My previous dog would always enter the hot springs with me. She was so cold blooded, and she loved the heated pools.

  17. What an adorable dog! He's going to love living next to the water. Congratulations on your well-deserved nominations your Majesty!

  18. Hi Victoria, he is a smart dog, just a little crazy too.

    Hi DaffodilPlanter, we are on the water now and he will only go in the creek if his ball goes in...the creek water is really really stinky.

    Hi Megan, thanks.

  19. By the way, Janet, congrat's on being in the top 5! There will soon be one lucky winner...shall I say, well-earned--and I'm pretty sure it's not gonna me me;-) As far as meeting, I've been driving my son to and from school every day, as the bus has been a huge pain. Of course that puts a big dent in my day...I have to leave to get him at 2:30. It's helped a lot though...his mornings can start out a bit more calm, and he doesn't have to get 'hyped up' on the bus.

    Have you guys done anything on weekends? I know that Sarah will be coming home several wkends in a row...once for a Dr appt on a Fri., another time for a Riding Meet in MD., and I think another to go to a concert in that doesn't look too good for my going down there to specifically visit her...Wish it was easier to do. I'm a big girl and should be able to 'get out', but I'm not footloose and fancy free (yet)!


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