Friday, September 11, 2009

MEmeMEmeMEme--more of ME!

Kylee over at Our Little Acre tagged me for another Meme. I thought I could figure out the quiz thing that she did....guess I am not focused to figure it out today. So, since I did this not too long ago I will keep it short and sweet.

1. I get super excited when I see a Bald Eagle. Like the photo at the top? It is from my daughter's dock in North Carolina where she shares a house with three other kids.
2. Bugs fascinate me, well, some bugs.

3. I got a degree in Elementary Education in Pennsylvania and taught for a few years. Here is my book learnin' photo...

4. These Memes are supposed to be a window to 'my world' --here is my world.

5. I love using ornamental grasses in the landscape, they are almost carefree. This one reseeds, so its life in my garden may be short-lived.

5. Fragrance is a key element in my choice of plants.

6. Hot pink blooms are some of my favorite! And purple(!).

7. We built our family room on the back of our house in 1999 to take advantage of the wonderful views of the creek and the wildlife that lives in, around, and above it.

I know I am supposed to tag others to share about themselves. Since I just did one of these I will let it be up to you if you would like to share seven things about yourself. If you choose to do a Meme, link it back here so I can read about you!


  1. What a great sport you are to share even more stuff with us. I love the photos looking thru your window. Mine always look a bit blurry. Wasn't it nice to get some sunshine today? :)

  2. Oh goodness, I even READ your other one when you did it. I get your blog via e-mail and I can't believe I forgot that quickly. It has nothing to do with my age either. Nope, that's not it. You sure didn't have to do it again, Janet, but I'm glad you did! This one was more garden-oriented and you shared some fabulous images! Thanks! :-)

  3. I enjoyed learning more about you! I'm sure it was quite a thrill to see the eagle.

  4. When are you going to put the house on the market? I bet it sells fast---cause of that cool view.

  5. You are like one of my friends who only chooses plants with fragrance. I don't blame you for getting excited when you see bald eagles-me too!! I hope to see some this weekend on the lake.

  6. Very interesting, Janet! If you need a job, you can be a Nose for a parfume company. The view is wonderful! Location, location, location! What is that great white climber?

  7. Hi Racquel, it was fun to do. I got to use the pictures I had taken in the last day or so- win win!

    Hi Kylee, haha, not a problem. It was fun to do another one that was more garden oriented. I have a time keeping track of some of the blogs I read. I failed miserably on your quiz, but it was fun!

    Hi Robin, I love seeing eagles. Actually my daughter took this picture, wish I could have seen it.

    Hi Anna, I sure hope it sells quickly. We are looking at putting it up for sale in the spring.

    Hi Tina, I hope you see some Bald Eagles too! They are incredibly large. Amazing!

    Hi Tatyana, a nose for a perfume company--that would be interesting! It is a great view. The white climber is a Clematis paniculata. It has so many blooms right now it almost glows.

  8. The look of the creek and its influence to the surroundings... so sweet and naturally green. Nice meme points... Bangchik

  9. Janet, I liked seeing more of your world. The views you have a spectacular. Hooray also for the hot pinks and purples with scent.

    I have been tagged but still haven't gotten around to doing it-maybe one of these days. :)

  10. Hot pink and purple are two of my favorites, too, in the garden. Great photos to match your interests! I love the views from your window; I'm sure you're going to miss this when you move.

  11. Very interesting! Where is your daughter staying in NC?

    I love Ginger Lily too, the fragrance is just yummy.

    That's smart to locate your living room so that you have a beautiful view!

  12. Janet - you are a good sport! Having just done one of these after being tagged by Helen, I know! LOL

    If you love fragrance, you should be at my house right now. We have so many osmanthus fragrans and patches of butterfly ginger blooming that the sweet smell just about knocks us over when we go outside!


  13. Hi Bangchik, thanks! It is lush and green.

    Hi Beckie, I am glad you enjoyed seeing more of my world. I do like my views, always something happening in the creek. (go pink and purple!)

    Hi Rose, It was fun to match the photos to the interests (or was it the other way around? ) We are going to have another great view.

    Hi Sweet Bay, She is in the eastern part of the state near Roanoke Rapids. The Ginger Lily is so lovely to have blooming now. I am so happy we added this family room on to the house, what a difference!

    Hi Cameron, it was fun to do. We are planning on having Osmanthus fragrans in SC. With both the Osmanthus and Ginger lily I bet your yard is heavenly!

  14. I'm with you on the bald eagles, I hardly ever see them, but what a wonderful site. I'm even excited to see your picture of this one.
    I don't like to tag other people with the awards either. I think it's nice to let people choose to participate.

  15. Heloo Janet, thanks for visiting my blog. It helped me to discover yours.
    I love the picture with the creek - looks really cool - no wonder you decided to get that view on a daily basis.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  16. I want to come and sit out back and watch the wildlife!!! H.

  17. Hi Megan, so does that mean you would do a Meme? ;-)

    Hi Ewa, I am glad you found your way here. I hadn't been to your blog for quite a while--glad I visited! Yes, this view is one I really like!

    Hi Helen, Come on up!

  18. Interesting stuff Janet. I always find it fun to learn more about my blogging "buddies." I love your view too ~ it would be hard for me to leave it....
    Oh, we have a love of pink blooms in common. :-)


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