Friday, February 5, 2010

An Older Fun Guy, Diane, Holly, Hazel, and a Few of Their Friends

Yesterday was Learning Garden day. I took advantage of what snow is left on the ground to see what photo opportunities were waiting for me.
This is the Rhododendron area with a blanket of snow...very calming.

A couple weeks ago we had a major planting session. The county had done some building and as it abuts the Learning Garden and some Wetlands, a Buffer zone planting was needed. We were able to choose the plant material which was very nice. The Master Gardeners, along with the extension agent, planted a large tree, three Chionanthus virginicus, a couple Cercis canadensis, Osmanthus fragrans, a couple Amelanchier, and various shrubs. One of the shrubs is Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane'. Isn't she a beauty? We were thrilled to see her full of buds ready to pop open.

After taking tons of photos of Diane I ventured into the wooded area to see a couple of Hollies.

Ilex opaca American Holly and Ilex aquafolia variegata.

On my way from one holly to another I passed by Hazel --her fragrance on the breeze...heavenly.

Hamamelis vernalis

Some of the Camellias are blooming but unfortunately their blooms have suffered from the cold. Camellia japonica 'Mathotiana Rubra'

I like the gentle movement of the Chasmanthus.

A tour of the garden isn't complete without checking in on our fungi, Mr. Bearded Hedgehog. He is getting a little darker in color as he ages.

To see his younger portrait see my posting here.

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. I love the color of 'Mathotiana Rubra', I love it more than reds and pinks. Great images of winter that we didn't have this year.

  2. Your master gardener group must be VERY active to pick and plant all those lovely trees and shrubs. Great shots of the witch hazels. Brace yourself for more snow.

  3. I can't get over Mr. Bearded Hedgehog. The love the pictures of the Witch Hazels and can almost smell them.

  4. Diane and Vern (H venalis) are blooming here...I do wish C&L was welcoming to hollies. The Learning Garden is a lovely place to spend time Janet. Thanks for the tour~gail

  5. Great close up shots of that witch hazel. Those bearded hedgehog fungi are so aptly named, I'd be inclined to try petting them to make sure they're not actually hedgehogs.

  6. I had to look twice at the bearded hedgehog shot, very intriguing. I have noticed that many Camelias had frost damage, they are still pretty in my book!

  7. Everything looks beautiful. I'm still amazed at Mr. Bearded Hedgehog! My part of Virginia is getting hit heavy by snow and ice yet again..not sure if it's coming your way or not yet. Debbie

  8. How pretty. The blooms on witch hazel reminds me of shredded colored paper.
    I just love your Ilex aquafolia variegata . Variegated foliage is always favorite of mine.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I love the blooms on Diane! WOW!
    Great shots!
    Happy snow storm.

  10. Sounds like it's going to be very pretty with the plantings that were chosen. Love the Witch Hazels!

  11. It was so enjoyable to be able to 'join' you for your walk. I love looking at different kinds of plants - we do not grow any of those here in the desert southwest.

  12. The witchhazels are gorgeous. I wish I had room for one.

  13. You have proven so well that there is SOMETHING happening outside if people can just get out there and look!

    Fine examples and I love the personification of the plants! The names add to their character!


  14. Mr Hedgehog is looking a little weary.
    Great walkabout Janet. I said last spring I should plant a witch hazel so there would be something blooming this time of year. Of course, I didn't do it. Now I'm regretting it again. I didn't know they had a good fragrance too. Now I'm really regretting it!
    Won't you be sad to leave the Learning Garden behind? Have you checked into similar opportunities yet at your new place? or maybe you'd like to just relax there?!
    Have a good weekend. Hope you don't get too much snow.

  15. Hi Janet~~ I love your Hamamelius. I've never grown them so seeing macros, [albeit sans scent] are delightful. Photos like these remind us that spring is not far off.

  16. I love your hedgehogs! I wonder if there's some way to cultivate them...probably not.

  17. Amazing .. I truly adore those blooms that thrive thru winter.

  18. Hi Tatyana, The Camellia is a little brown from cold burn. Funny how some colors appeal to us.

    Hi Tina, we do have a great group of MG's. It is a wonderful very helpful group. Boy, we sure got more snow! What a mess.

    Hi Sweetbay, Isn't Mr. Hedgehog great? As for the Witch Hazels, the fragrance was wonderful!!!!

    Hi Gail, the Witch girls are super! Sorry you can't have hollies, what great shrub/trees. Glad you liked the LG tour.

    Hi Megan, thanks! I was so glad to find the blooms on the Witch Hazels. The Bearded Hedgehog is really soft. We did 'pet' it.

    Hi Rosey, did you compare the newer pictures of the Hedgehog to the older ones? Yes, there were a lot of Camellias with frost burn.

    Hi Debbie, we got lots of snow this weekend again. What a mess!!

    Hi Lona, Yes the blooms look like crepe paper to me too. I like the variegated holly too. Thinking about putting a pair in matching pots out front. Hope your weekend was good.

    Hi K- you can keep your snow madam!! Do you have any Witch Hazels??

    Hi Catherine, I can't wait for the new plantings to bloom in the spring...we put in a lot of spring bloomers. Big impact.

    Hi Noelle, well thanks for coming along. I also appreciate your plant material that you share. Two different worlds almost.

    Hi Les, yes, I think they are gorgeous too, and agreed-- don't think you have room for one. bummer

    Hi Cameron, I really like being outside and seeing what is going on in each season. There are so many winter blooming is wonderful. Glad you liked the was fun.

    Hi Kathleen, Mr. Hedgehog is aging a bit. I would like to plant some Witch Hazel too. Time to plant one! The fragrance is like cloves.
    As for leaving the LG behind....I have have moved so much in my life, this is just another phase. I have looked into the Master Gardener class in SC.
    We got about 6 - 10 inches of snow. It is about all melted.

    Hi Grace, thanks I am lovin' the Hamamelis too! The shrub full in bloom is just wonderful.

    Hi Phillip, thanks! you will have to come by and see him first hand.

    Hi Blossom, I do too!
    Thanks for visiting.

  19. Lovely to see all these winter blooms, Janet! Diane and Hazel are especially appealing, and I bet they smell heavenly. Hope Mr. Bearded Hedgehog has his snowsuit ready--are you getting hit with all this snow, too?

  20. hi janet, i've never seen or even heard of a bearded hedgehog fugus! that is awesome. it looks exactly like its name. you've reminded me to look for witch hazels this year, too. i always wish i had planted them when they start to bloom so early. gorgeous photos!

  21. Watching the weather reports today and seeing more snow for VA. Batten down the hatches in case it heads your way!

    I am seeing more and more Witch hazel on blogs. Hummmmmm...

  22. It's so nice to see Diane and Hazel-I don't see witch hazel up this way very often. Perhaps it's just my particular area...I need to keep my eyes open this spring. I love my holly...I have trees and shrubs, both of which I'm worried about from this snow. A couple of the holly trees have snapped right in half, with their tops hanging down to the ground. Is that a bit early for Camellia to have bloomed?

  23. Hi Rose, I enjoy these winter blooms too! We did get snow, nothing like the DC area. Just enough to make the roads dangerous. Very ready for spring.

    Hi Daricia, thanks for commenting! Isn't that hedgehog fungus fun? I wish I had witch hazels too, but will be planting some this spring!!

    Hi Skeeter, isn't this weather nuts??? I see the Carolinas and points west and south are getting more tonight/tomorrow.

    Hi Jan, the snow has really taken a toll on the shrubs and trees in your area. No, it is not too early for these Camellias. Sasanquas bloom in the late fall and Japonicas bloom in the late winter...yes I know there are other varieties, but those are the two larger groups.

  24. Well, they are gorgeous, despite being a bit brown from the cold. I wish I had been more plant-observant when I lived there. I hope your roads are ok these days; I heard there was a huge (50+? car) pileup near Williamsburg...or something to the effect. What a winter!


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