Thursday, February 18, 2010

Four and Twenty.......

Blackbirds ......I hope everyone got their bird counting done this past weekend. I think it is fun to see exactly who your visitors are in the garden. Here is my list – my time was short to count this year, we were painting our bedroom, so there was little time for looking out the windows.  Had hoped for another time to count but when I looked there were a bazillion blackbirds again.

Observation Date: FEB 13, 2010

Start Time: 8:15 AM Snow Depth: Less than 2 in (5.1 cm)
Total Birding Time: 30 minutesLocation Type: Yard
Party Size: 1
Skill: excellent
Weather: good

deciduous woods
coniferous woods
salt water
Number of species: 14All Reported: yes
Canada Goose2
Great Blue Heron1
Mourning Dove1
Downy Woodpecker1
Northern Flicker1
Carolina Chickadee2
Brown-headed Nuthatch1
Carolina Wren2
European Starling1
Yellow-rumped Warbler1
White-throated Sparrow2
Northern Cardinal2
House Finch6

 Here are a few pictures of those I did see. (A couple of the pictures are from a day or two earlier as they are flighty little things, not willing to pose for a picture!) Be sure to go to Kylee's blog to see other postings of the bird count.


words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Beautiful birds they are. The place I am living now is very much urban residential area. Only three birds regularly pop in, gembala kerbau, crows and the little ciak. Terkukur and merbuk will come in when weather is a lot hotter and drier.... It must be fun to go on with the countings.
    Have a good day, ~bangchik

  2. Lots and lots of birds!!! We have the blackbirds and pigeons and I was so happy to see some doves the other day!!!! I hope that is a sign of spring!!!

  3. Love the picture of the 2 grackles on the feeder! Those amazing yellow eyes and mercurial colors show up very well.

  4. A wild birder's day. Great pics.

  5. I didn't do any counting...I don't know one bird from another. But it's good to know that you're doing your part!

  6. Wow, I thought the 25 crows I had were creepy! Your blackbirds take it to another level!!

    I love that picture of the blackbirds on the suet feeder. Such vibrant colors!

  7. I am glad you were able to get photos of your other birds as well :^) Your doves look the same as the ones we have.

  8. OMG Janet, I haven't had grackles in a while but it seems that when they do come, they come in masses like that. Sometimes I've looked at them and actually admired their shiny, colorful coats, which remind me of the way oil has colors through it. I better get my act together and post my birds...I saw quite a few. I always love the northern flicker, which I see you got...and I've never seen the yellow rumped warbler. I wish one would stop by 'cause they are quite pretty. So, I hope you are happy with your bedroom. I guess you're painting to get ready to put your house on the market. Lots of work ahead for you. Wow. It will be busy for you, and already is, I'm sure!

  9. Great post, Janet! Thanks for doing it! Wow...all those blackbirds! I've seen them like that here, too, but it's been awhile. You had some really cool birds show up for the count! Thanks for the link back to my blog, too. :-)

  10. Thanks a lot Janet. Now I've got that silly nursery rhyme stuck in my head. LOL

    Nice photos. You do have an impressive group of visitors. And I like the brown, double decker feeder. Way cool.

  11. I'd say that is a lot for 30 minutes, but I guess living on the water gives you more diversity. have a good day!

  12. What a lot of blackbirds! In the spring we see lots of them covering our yard, foraging for food, but in the winter nary a one can be found. I love the Northern Flicker--that's a bird I have yet to see here. I kept hoping the red-bellied woodpecker I've seen for a month would come out last weekend, but he was in hiding. It's fun to see all the different birds that people have posted--the dark-eyed juncos and the house sparrows were the most abundant species at my house.

  13. It was a fun experience Janet! Who knew so many different birds rely on us for their winter water and food. I especially love the woodpeckers and feel honored when they visit~~gail

  14. Hi Janet,
    Just look at all of those Grackles. They have the prettiest blue heads but they are mean birds.I had a fight with one last summer when it was throwing out the nest and eggs of a woodpeckers. The poor woodpecker was having fits and I saw what was happening. I chased it off.
    You have so many birds in your yard. I had a mourning dove yesterday and its feathers were all puffed out in the cold.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. That is a lot of blackbirds. It has been interesting to see the different counts from around the country. You got some great pictures!
    Funny that I counted just one Starling just like you. They are normally in big flocks taking over the feeders.

  16. I actually participated this year too and enjoyed it. It was easier than I thought. That is a LOT of blackbirds!

  17. Good for you to participate in the backyard bird count! And you sure had a lot of blackbirds, to be sure.


  18. Hi Bangchik, Thanks! It is fun to count and keep track of the birds in the garden. Some days it is amazing to see how many different birds we get.

    Hi Wizz, sure is a lot of birds.

    Hi Debbie, It was a lot of birds. I am not sure about doves being a sign of spring.

    Hi Sweet Bay, I agree, those yellow eyes are somehting.

    Hi David, thanks!

    Hi Phillip, I know another person who can't tell one bird from another. I guess I will have to count for both of you!

    Hi Ginger, it is pretty crazy isn't it? Those two on the suet feeder were asking for their pictures to be taken!

    Hi Noelle, I am glad I got some other pictures too. It was a snowy day -- so some of the pictures were hazy.

    Hi Jan, we sure have the grackle population here!! I think it was Sweet Bay that made the ID for the Yellow Rumped Warbler, it is a cutie.

    Hi K & V, These pictures don't even show the volumn of birds.

    Hi Kylee, thanks! and thanks for hosting the bird postings.

    Hi Grace, I have had it going through my head for a while now, just thought I would share! haaha

    Hi Les, It has been more other years, I have been bad about having seed and suet out on a regular basis. I always see lots more the day before the count begins, then they don't show for the count.

    Hi Rose, yup, Seaford Blackbirds! I guess we have yours in the winter. think? I think the first time I saw a Flicker when I was a kid and we lived in Michigan.

    Hi Gail, it is fun counting the birds. I do like seeing all the different ones and lots of them!

    Hi Lona, good for you! The grackles are sure big eaters at the feeders.

    Hi Catherine, I enjoy seeing the birds that you have too!

    Hi Tina, glad you participated, it is pretty easy.

    Hi Lisa, thanks, I look forward to participating in many years to come.

  19. I think you managed to do a great job counting Janet, with all you have going on!!! Oh and photographing too. I would have ended up with paint on my beloved camera. Good luck getting your house ready. I still haven't posted my bird count numbers. Better get on that!


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