Saturday, February 27, 2010


What are you grateful for? Today is my husband's birthday. We just finished dinner, having a family favorite birthday meal. Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and Pringles. We don't have this often, so it is a treat. I show you the lettuce because it is one of the healthiest things on the table.
In addition to enjoying dinner conversation we are listening to the stereo. Currently playing is The Grateful Dead, oh, and the TV is on, tuned to PBS which is airing Lawrence Welk's show highlights.
So, what am I grateful for? My family, good times, and tonight, I am grateful the stereo is louder than the TV.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband!!!! That BLT sure looks very good to me...I love them and rarely get to have one!! Enjoy your day to the fullest!!!! Love, Debbie and Hollydog

  2. Looks tasty to me. A lady in the grocery the other day suggested grilled bacon, cheese and pineapple sandwiches. Sounds tasty to me, especially with my fav, Pepper Jack cheese.

    Best Wishes for many more tasty birthdays for your DH.

  3. Janet,
    Hope he's having a fun B day! Been a while since I had a BLT

  4. Happy birthday to your husband!

    We LOVE BLTs! Eat them too often, in fact. I eat only 1/2 to try to reduce the guilt! LOL

    I like your new photo header up at the top.

  5. How sweet!

    I'd enjoy that sammie with veggie bacon :)

  6. I could be a vegetarian if it weren't for bacon, or BBQ, or Smithfield ham, grilled chicken, ribs, steak salad, or maybe I couldn't. Happy Birthday to your husband.

    Great choice for music, does it jive with the polyester imagery from Lawrence Welk?

    (FYI, Friday as I was listening to Fresh Air's tribute to Johnny Cash, she mentioned that Monday's show will feature the Carolina Chocolate Drops)

  7. I'm with Les (in part) - I could forgo most meats - but a BLT - isn't it like the perfect food? What a wonderful birthday dinner - and it makes me want to listen to a little Grateful Dead, too (maybe it should go on the iPod for tomorrow?).

  8. Queen of Seaford, Happy Birthday to the King..... ~bangchik

  9. Janet, I was like, The Grateful Dead and Lawrence Welk?? You're obviously a well rounded fan of music. Happy Birthday to hubby and that sandwich has me salivating.

  10. My kids love to watch all the tap dancing on the Lawrence Welk show. My hubby, not so much. I was just listening to that GD album yesterday! I indulge myself with their music when the kids aren't in the car..."mom, what does 'living on reds, vitamin C, and cocaine' mean?" I try to avoid conversations like that when I can.

    Christine in Alaska

  11. OMG, I'm laughing so much here! I just love your sense of humor and right now, this is just what I needed. Please give my happy birthday wishes to your husband!

  12. Janet,
    You need to get on that house and get it on the market. The $8000 tax credit is over on April 31th if the house is not under contract!

  13. Belated Happy Birthday to the King of Seaford! BLT looks delicious!

  14. Hi Debbie, thanks so much, yes, we have BLTs for birthdays and that is about it. It was a nice day.

    Hi NellJean, the pineapple and bacon and cheese sounds interesting. My husband likes Pepperjack more than I do.

    Hi Randy, he did have a good painting. ;-) think you need to have a BLT!

    Hi Cameron, thanks, we don't have them too often, the February birthday makes it hard to get a good 'mater but the summer birthdays are easier. Thanks, the photo is of tulips from Maymont Flower and Garden Show.

    Hi Ginger, veggie bacon? Not sure about that one!

    Hi Les, hahaha right!! Our daughter gave Charlie bacon floss...too funny. Not sue that our dentist would appreciate that!
    Not even sure why we had Lawrence Welk on...must have come on after Austin City Limits or something. I will be listening to the Carolina Chocolate Drops on Monday!

    Hi Pam, yes, I think BLT is one of the most perfect sandwiches. Think it is time for Grateful Dead to be loaded on your iPod.

    Hi Bangchik, I will give him your birthday greetings.

    Hi Grace, I know -- what a combo eh?? I am not keen about Lawrence Welk, though it reminds me of watching as a kid with my grandmother. btw-- the sandwiches were excellent!!

    Hi Christine, you are a riot. Everyone here enjoyed your comments. I say add to the kids' experiences... let them watch Rocky Horror Picture Show... I did, had forgotten about most of the 'stuff' in it. haha, they all turned out fine.
    ps- thanks for visiting

    Hi Kylee, glad I could offer a laugh for you today. News looks better. I shared your birthday wishes with Charlie. He enjoyed all the birthday wishes.

    Hi Randy, thanks!

    Hi Tatyana, thanks so much, he appreciates all the birthday wishes, late or not! :-)

  15. What a delightful birthday treat!

    Best wishes to the King of Seaford, for sure.


  16. A belated happy birthday to your husband! We don't often have BLT's here until summer...the fresh tomatoes are my favorite part of BLT's:)

    The Grateful Dead AND Lawrence Welk?? Certainly an interesting combination:)

  17. Pringles and a BLT, that's my type of birthday food! It's one thing I can cook :)
    Happy Birthday to your husband!

  18. Happy Birthday to your husband!

  19. LOL! Janet I am trying to get the idea of The Grateful Dead and Lawrence Welk together. I take it you like all kinds of music ;-) I do too but maybe I will pick out certain songs that I like.
    A BLT sounds so good.Looks good too.
    Happy Birthday to your Hubby.

  20. What a special way to spend a birthday...enjoying the simple pleasures. Although, I grew up watching Lawrence Welk with my grandparents, it does not exactly rank as a simple pleasure for me ;^)

  21. A fellow deadhead! Well of course. A big happy birthday to your King, and a wonderful sandwich and those rotten pringles. Why does stuff like that have to taste so good? We have tried the turkey bacon, don't bother, although turkey pepperoni isn't bad. There is so much chemical poison in it, it could be shoe leather and taste the same. Not so with the bacon, a weakness here too. We played GD for our kids too, they seem to be okay. Just that one line in Uncle John's Band used to make me cringe. I should have worried more about Casey Jones, but didn't. :-)

  22. Yum Janet ~ it's hard to beat a good BLT ~ we just had one the other day for the first time since last summer. It was a very tasty treat. Sounds like a good birthday dinner to me! and I giggled at your music too ~ seems polar opposite!

  23. ps I love your new blog banner too! Beautiful!

  24. Sounds like a great evening!
    Happy Birthday to your hubbie!

    I should try to think of something I'm grateful for.....let's see......oh, I'm grateful this cold is on it's way out!

  25. Looks like a happy birthday to me :)

  26. Hi Lisa, thanks, I think it was a good birthday, and he also got a new truck. wooowhoo

    Hi Rose, I think BLTs in the summer makes much more sense. I wasn't listening to Lawrence Welk, it was just on!! :-)

    Hi Catherine, I think so too. Easy and fun dinner.

    Hi Tina, thanks!

    Hi Lona, it is a weird combo I know. thanks!

    Hi Noelle, yes, I remember having to watch Lawrence Welk with my grandparents, them thinking it was a best thing on TV.

    Hi Frances, yes a fellow deadhead. Matter of fact I need to get a new bumper sticker for the hubby's new truck...gotta have a Grateful Dead sticker! I have to say listening to the Dead is not going to corrupt the children. (Neither is letting them watch Rocky Horror Picture Show.... but didn't let them watch the Simpsons-- made sense at the time)

    Hi Kathleen, it is truly polar opposite!
    thanks, think your banner and mine are twins!

    Hi K & V, I am grateful for the coming of spring too!

    Hi Ilona, it was indeed!
    We tried turkey bacon years ago...what a waste. We are especially fond of Gwaltney bacon in our family.


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