Thursday, October 15, 2009

Garden Blogger Bloom Day October 2009 & Fun With Photos

I have been playing with both Flickr and Picasa for my photo postings. Grace had asked me for help on posting larger photos... yes, oh the possibilities! Doing this collage for Garden Blogger Bloom Day I wanted the photo to be large enough to see the labels I put on each flower.
When I first started blogging my sister recommended I use a trial blog to explore photo and text layout. Thanks K.!! It is nice to be able to see what the posting will look like before you send it out over the internet. Just make sure you use the same template on both blogs and same font, etc.
ANYHOW---- while trial blogging the different sizes I thought it might be a good example of how different the two photo websites can be. I like them both, but you can see large is not the same for both.

Flickr large--

october 14 bloom day

Picasa- large

Flickr medium---

october 14 bloom day

Picasa medium--

There are lots of options out there for photo posting and it doesn't have to be hard. If I can do it......

So- Happy Bloom Day, be sure to venture over to Carol's at May Dreams Gardens
for more blooms!


  1. I can't believe how much color you have in your garden. I am supremely jealous. ;-)

  2. Janet~~ And look at all your fabulous flowers!! I like being able to compare the size options. I don't have a Flickr account. Maybe I need to check it out. Just for fun and to whittle away a few hours. :)

  3. Wow, you have a ton of flowers still blooming! I'd never guess these pictures were taken in October.

  4. Your sister is smart, I wish I had one to give me advice. When I made changes to how I post, I just hit the save button and hope I did nothing wrong. I am definately a trial and error guy. Happy GBBD!

  5. That flickr large is awesome!

  6. I like the large size. The colors right now are so gorgeous, looking at them all together.

  7. What beautiful colors!!!

    Thanks for the size demo!

  8. Great comparison! Looks like FlickR rocked it.
    Wow.... that Les guy is really smart. LOL!
    Your favorite sister,

  9. Hi Liisa, we haven't had a freeze yet, I will have a lot of mushy remains once that occurs.

    Hi Grace-- More photo options to play with! what fun!

    Hi Queerbychoice- I can't believe it is October! this year is zooming by...........

    Hi Les, you shouldn't have said that, it will go to her head (!) oh has (see below)
    Your trial and error method seems to work.

    Hi Tina, I was surprised it was so much bigger.

    Hi Helen, fun with photos!

    Hi Bonnie, thanks, I like the large one too.

    Hi Ginger, thanks, and you are welcome

    Hi K. I know, I thought Picasa would be larger...oh well. (Don't let Les' comment go to your head
    ;-) )

  10. The collage looks great in all the sizes but the Flickr large is great. You can really see each flower. It still looks very colorful in your garden.

  11. My dear Queen,
    I might have to appoint you as my techie guru...
    surely I'm in need of one!

  12. Gorgeous collage! I especially love the Canna, and I'm not the world's biggest canna fan. My Green Coneflower finished blooming a while ago. Happy Bloom Day!

  13. Hello,

    Large or small, the flowers are so beautiful, though I prefer large photos when possible :0)

  14. Janet, your garden looks like summer to me--so many pretty blooms! I must admit I like the larger photos, but in the large Flickr composite the far right row is cut off. I can click on it to see all the photos, but then they're smaller!

    Thanks for the tip on changing the comment section; I did change mine to "all users," but I wanted to make sure that was all I had to do.

  15. Thanks for the tip on the photo collages! Your blooms are so fantastic. Happy bloom day to ya!

  16. No matter the size...the blooms in your garden are beautiful...The hibiscus especially caught my eye! gail

  17. Oh my, how big your canna flowers are! My cannas' flowers are so small, I hope they get bigger as the plants get older so maybe they will be as fantastic as yours!

    Happy Bloom Day!

  18. What great collages you're producing! I'm going to have to experiment with that.


  19. Beautiful collage! So many blooms. I use Picasa, but now you have me thinking about Flickr.


  20. It's always nice to get techno-encouragement from blogging buddies. You did a great job. I'm especially smitten with your peach and salmon colored blooms - beautiful!

  21. Evening all--

    CATHERINE- I was really tickled with the larger size for this collage. Way to go Flickr!

    ALICE- This is so funny on so many different levels! We were at our Master Gardener picnic this weekend reflecting on last year I was asking one of my fellow MGs how to load a video to youtube! How far I have come!

    SWEETBAY- This canna is one I really like, one of the few. It is small- only about 3 feet tall, has burgundy leaves and the peachy-pink bloom. Love it! My Green Coneflower had been done for a while, had cut back the tall stems and lo and behold-- one of them started blooming again!

    NOELLE- Thanks! I like the bigger ones too.

    ROSE- It is still very summery with these blooms. If you want to see the larger pictures- click on them (I think Picasa lets you magnify them again once you get to the webalbum) Glad the comment thing is ok.

    MISS DAISY- thanks so much! I think the comparison is really interesting. Happy bloom day to you as well.

    GAIL- thanks! I have been pleased this year with the blooms. Which hibiscus did you like? The orange one or the pink one?

    HILERY- hello! This is a nice canna--dark leaves, short, and these great blooms. came from a box of cannas I bought at Sam's!

    LISA- hope you are feeling better, the collages are fun to play with. I did a collage of our property ...lining up the panorama views from the lake to the driveway.

    CAMERON- thanks so much. I mix it up a bit. Not sure that I have a favorite web album place.

    DIANA- I have come so far in this short time using the computer web things....and know I have far to go. Glad you like the peach and salmon colored blooms.

  22. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  23. What a beautiful collection of flowers-you could make that collage into a postcard!

    Looking through all your pictures, I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of my canna today. Don't they add wonderful color?

  24. My first visit, and you have some fabulous flowers!

  25. Janet, thanks for this spectacular display! I looked at each and every flower! Tradescanthia color is new for me, I have blue and white. Thanks for comparing the sizes. I think I need to reduce the size of my verticals, they don't fit into a screen. Thank you so much for your comments and answers! You know what, I haven't come to a final conclusion. Half of the people never comes back, and another half comes back to read my answers on their comments.Go figure out!

  26. Hi flyingstars- thanks so much!

    Hi Dreamybee- welcome! a postcard, good idea! Canna do add a lot.

    Hi Jan, welcome! thanks so much and come back again!

    Hi Tatyana, I am glad you like the display. Sometimes the Tradescantia goes by another name, can't think of what it is... but it is hardy here, so there is a nice dark purple plant that I can rely on. Verticals are hard to size... if I have a 'landscape' orientation photo I use Picasa because when one of my 'viewers' goes to Picasa they can use the magnifier to enlarge the photo to see detail.
    As for the comments reply issue...if they don't use the email comment feature or don't come back to read an answer...oh well. Like someone said on your could become a part time job.

  27. Flickr large is great..what a colorful garden you gardenia a perennial for you?

  28. HI Raji, yes the gardenia is a perennial in my area. I have three of them, all about 3- 4 feet tall.

  29. Love your collage! everything is so bright and pretty.. I also use Picasa, but now I will be checking out Flickr. Thanks for the info.
    Have a wonderful weekend Miss Janet

  30. Beautiful blooms!

    I use Photobucket for my photo storage. When I upload photos that are stored there to Blogger, I can adjust the image to whatever size I need or want by clicking on the image, then making it larger or smaller by dragging the corner. It's really easy and I'm not limited to a standard-sized photo.

  31. What a gorgeous array of flowers you have out at the moment. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Hi Cherry, thanks, it is interesting to see the options out there. Have a good weekend yourself!!

    Hi Kylee, so I went to Photobucket, apparently I had an account there. I forgot! I can play a little more with the picture on Photobucket but keep getting an error that the upload to my blog failed. hmmm....will have to play around some more.

    Hi HappyMouffetard! Welcome! thanks for coming by.

  33. Glad to see you're having some fun with photo collages! ;) Lovely blooms this month, I missed another Bloom Day.

  34. All I can say is WOW! Colors are gorgeous...are they 'still' this beautiful after the chill and rain we've just had? I can see a big difference between our gardens just 2 1/2 miles away. Your collages are spectular, truly!! I don't use Flicker but you are making me very curious indeed!!

  35. Whoops...I meant 2 1/2 HOURS away (not miles!!) ha ha!!

  36. Your flowers are so lovely and the larger collage is sweet indeed!I've been using Picasa for my collages. I ran out of space on Flickr when my internet provider stopped providing the free Pro account. I had already been considering paying to upgrade, now there's even more incentive!

  37. Hi Racquel, I am having fun! Just glad you are back!

    Hi Jan, Most of the ones that I took photos of on Wednesday (14th) are still looking pretty good. Once we get a frost that will be a different story. Glad you are thinking of trying Flickr. You ought to look at Photobucket too. I know you meant 2 1/2 hours. ;-)

    Hi Robin, thanks! I am sure one of these days I will run out of storage space. You have such great photos. I still want to take a class. btw-- this is a free flickr page. I haven't paid for any of my blogging access.

  38. Hey - this was useful, thanks. I haven't used these sites (and know that I need to) - perhaps this will motivate me to start storing them online (instead of on an external hard drive).

  39. Hi Pam, storing them online is an interesting would be a lot to upload in my case.


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