Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quick- If You See A Flock of Turkeys Crossing the Road, Where Are You?

For me, the answer would be Lake Greenwood, South Carolina.
south carolina october trip 105-1

We took a quick trip down to see the house progress. It was funny, we didn't see any turkeys until we were on our way out the back gate. We did see a black snake going across the road, a deer nestled in the grass and lots of birds, large and small. I like seeing the birds.

Additionally we met some neighbors. They are in the house closest to us at this point. It was very nice getting to know them, very nice folks.

For those of you who didn't know, next July we are moving to Lake Greenwood, SC for our retirement home. The changes we saw this time were quite remarkable. Once I go through all the photos and sort which ones I want to post you will see what I am talking about.

We almost took a passenger with us on the way out of the hotel. He was not ready to get off the car, had to be brushed off into some shrubs.

south carolina october trip 073-1


  1. Great shots! Sounds very exciting! I'll look forward to seeing the changes...I remember the photos of your woodsy lot...Have they already started building the house? My mother and my sister are both in the process of having homes built, in Delaware. My sisters should be done quite mom's may be done by Thanksgiving, or certainly by Christmas. You just never know with building, though. We've never done it before--but would love to have everything brand new and state-of-the-art!

  2. You must be moving to a great place if there's turkeys around!

  3. Awesome photo of the praying mantis! I wonder what kind he is? I figured you were out of town and I am so interested in hearing how the progress of your landscape is going.

  4. Good luck with the moving process ahead. We're hoping my in-laws will decide to retire to a retirement community instead of building a home out in the boondocks, far from doctors, as was their plan for a while. Lately they might be leaning toward a senior community in Mesquite, Nevada - hooray!

  5. Looks like a beautiful place to retire to, with lots of interesting wildlife nearby. I'll be looking forward to pictures.

  6. Huh.. these turkeys are reminding us about hierarchy, and the real need to stay in line and don't go astray... If I see these, I will stop. ~bangchik

  7. Great pictures. Answer for me would be on a road close to my house - which is in a very urban, alright suburban area of Milwaukee. Amazed me when we first moved here that deer, turkey and foxes that wonder through the subdivision. Makes me glad for all the "greenspace or conservancy areas" ie. Fox River flood plain that we are blessed with.

  8. How wonderful that you'll be moving somewhere with all this wildlife! It will be a peaceful retirement!

  9. Thanks Jan, we are not in a rush to get the house finished, they have until July. Wait til you see the new pictures.

    Hi Sweetbay, there are tons of turkeys!

    Hi Tina, It is coming along great! So happy with the look so far...!!

    Hi VW, We may be moving to the boondocks, but there is a great hospital in town and ambulance service. I think the area is nice and everyone is so friendly.

    Hi Catherine, there are some bald eagles nearby as well, but we only saw Osprey this time.

    Hi Bangchik, ha ha, yes, stay in line! One of these days I will get a super close up of these great birds.

    Hi Kim, thanks! Greenspaces are so important. Glad you have some closeby.

    Hi Ginger, thanks! We do enjoy seeing the It will be intesting to see my dogs with all the critters around the lake.

  10. Janet-
    What fun to visit and see new wildlife!

    And I'm glad to hear that you'll probably see osprey and bald eagles along the lake, too.


  11. Janet, I wish you well in your new home. It certainly sounds like a place to be enjoyed, especially if you like nature and all her critters. Great picture of the turkeys and mantis.

    We see turkeys here once in a great while-so exciting. :)

  12. hi Lisa, It was a great visit, quick but worthwhile. I am glad to know there are eagles as well as osprey too.

    Hi Beckie, thanks so much. It is a nice area and we look forward to getting more acquainted with Greenwood, and seeing more turkey!

  13. I look forward to seeing your photos!

    Wild turkeys are quite common still... just wait til you see the babies tagging along next spring! They are so cute and awkward! LOL

    PS I've not seen an email?

  14. Janet girl ... quick !! catch one for me ... wait a minute .. nope ! I have one ready for the oven for our Thanksgiving already , but it was a close call ? LOL
    We see a few flocks in the country side here once in a while and they do look funny, not being in the grocery store ? haha
    Wow ! moving to a new home .. with it being built they way you want it to be ? that is great ! plus a new garden ? to plan and buy for .. now that is FUN !!
    Joy : )

  15. Hi Cameron, we saw some babies last spring, and they are certainly awkward and fuzzy cute. I WAS going to email you and then time got away from me, it was a quick trip. Maybe next time.

    Hi Joy, Someone said something about we had our own supply for Thanksgiving dinner and my reply was that I was NOT cleaning it!
    We are having a good time with the new garden/ house/ and dock!

  16. Is that a praying mantis? Seems a very exotic creature to have on a car - only ever heard of them. Do they sting or bite?

    Interesting to see the turkeys too because they don't look as I would expect turkeys to look. Is this because they are wild or because they are different from our very ugly, farmyard, English turkeys?


  17. Hi Lucy, I think Praying Mantis look very prehistoric. They eat other insects, and are very quick...tried to feed a spider to one and it snapped at the spider and bit my finger. These turkey are wild, not the white farm raised ones you may see.


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