Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great Fishing , a WOW and an Oh No!

Sitting at my computer I can look out the door and see the water. On Monday this Great Blue Heron had the morning sun hitting him. It made him look as though he was glowing.

great blue 001-1

He didn't want me outside and started walking away.

great blue 002-1

great blue 006-1

He finally walked back over to the bulkhead to continue fishing.

great blue 009-1

A few more of these photos on my Flickr page.

Wednesday I went to Fort Monroe to take some photos for a future post. As I climbed the seawall I saw 5 dolphins jump out of the water. Of course the camera was not focused on the water at the time. If you look in the center there are about three fins that you can see. What a treat to watch the group of them swim along the shoreline.

When I got home I needed to take the dogs out and of course throw the ball for Skyler. Guess who's ball went into the creek? Time to get out the hose......


  1. What a great place, Janet! I miss herons, beavers, turtles, etc. which I used to watch when we lived at the lake in MO. Thank you for the pictures! Triple fun!

  2. What a treat to see the dolphins. I don't remember seeing as many around here when I was a kid as we have now. Might be one of the benefits of global warming. I have been wanting to go to Ft. Monroe with my camera, is it easy to get on the base and walk around? The last time I tried was within a year after 9/11 and I think they were doing cavity checks and taking DNA samples.

  3. Janet,

    Glad you getting to take nature in this time of the year. Seems I go to work at dark and get home at dark. Been hearing the winter birds calls though while building this huge porch.

  4. There's a heron that visits our neighborhood lake from time to time. Beautiful birds! Neat picture of dolphins!

  5. Your wildlife differs vastly from what we see here.
    Very aweseome dolphins! The heron photos were fabulous.
    I haven't been to the ocean in years. Visiting your blog is a treat for me. Thanks

  6. If I lived this close to the ocean, I would have a hard time staying away! Seeing the dolphin fins reminds me of visiting Florida several years ago. I got up before dawn one morning just to watch the sunrise. After the sun was up, I looked out and saw these fins swimming in the distance--I was scared to death they were sharks! No one else around seemed worried, and I finally asked a worker at the hotel who told me they were dolphins:)

  7. You live in such a beautiful setting! Dogs will be dogs (except greyhounds wouldn't jump into a creek -- they're too dainty! LOL).

    The dolphins are so much fun to watch and even some of the wild ones are so friendly. I have so many dolphin stories/encounters. I swam with dolphins in Hawaii a few years ago.


  8. Love the blue herons. I think I'd spend way more time looking out the window at the view than at my computer. It's lovely.

  9. Beautiful photos! Err... perhaps except for the one of Skyler.... ;)

  10. Whenever I see a heron it makes my day! This glimpse from your window is a real treat to start my day at the computer.
    I was having trouble sleeping, and thinking about posting photos of a tall grevillea that grows outside my front window - the view from behind my computer. It blooms throughout the winter months and the hummingbirds love it! So I have to be content with these 'little guys' ... and take walks to try to spot herons. Have a lovely day, dear Queen!

  11. I guess you'll be sad to leave the heron when you move to SC! At least you'll have plenty of photos to take along.

  12. I'm always amazed at how big those herons are.
    How neat to see the dolphins. Aren't they a great surprise to see jumping out of the water?!

  13. Hi Tatyana, it is a great place -- wildlife and lots of history as well.

    Hi Les, no DNA testing needed, a cavity search is all they do anymore. You can go on post with a driver's license. I used to see the dolphins sporadically in the late 70's and early 80's. Who knows, I chalk it up to seredipity.

    Hi Randy, the shorter daylight hours make the work day hard. Have had a Towhee on the deck for the last couple days. I don't see him in the summer.

    Hi Dave, I like the herons, watching them walk around and their patience fishing, great entertainment.

    Hi Rosey, I am happy I could offer a dolphin photo for you! It was a treat for me to see them.

    Hi Rose, When we first moved to this area and were out in the water we saw fins. It was scary. Since there were a group of them, we figured it was dolphins. If you go underwater when they are swimming nearby you can hear them talking to each other.

    Hi Phillip, you live as close to the bay as I the creek, that is another issue.

    Hi Cameron, thanks, it is a nice setting. The ONLY reason Skyler would go in the water is to go after his ball, his beloved ball.
    What fun to swim with the Hawaii no less!

    Hi Tina, I have great views out the back windows....and spend a lot of time looking out.

    Hi K- He wants you to give him a bath....

    Hi Alice, There was one day where a Green Heron, a Night Heron, an Egret, and a Great Blue were lined up on the bulkhead of a neighbor's --talk about a missed photo opportunity! Hope you sleep better tonight!

    Hi VW, would you believe we will have Herons on the lake? There are also Bald Eagles and Osprey. We saw a few Snowy Egrets too. .... so look for more photos in years to come.

    Hi Catherine, they are big aren't they?
    The dolphins jumping was amazing.

  14. How lucky you are to be able to step out your backdoor to see these visitors. ;) That was a cool capture of the dolphin fins in the beach photo too. Hope you got Skyler cleaned up good after his swim. lol

  15. The herons and the sand. Your dog looks like a sweetie.

  16. Hi Racquel, yes, I did get Skyler cleaned up. He is such a nut--save the ball!! Those dolphins were great!

    Hi Mary Dell, sweetie? well.... on occasion. ;-)

  17. To view Heron through the window is really a privilege... ~bangchik

  18. Nice animal post! Love those blue herons.

  19. What a delightful view from your window~ We always feel honored when we spot dolphins in the ocean on our vacation visits! gail

  20. As with Catherine - the size of Herons always takes me by surprise, especially when they fly.

    A Bottle Nosed Dolphin came and hung around our shores a few summers ago. Lots of people went out to swim with him. Although it was a great experience for the swimmers, I think it might have been a bit overwhelming for him. His dorsal fin got damaged too where people were hanging on to it.


  21. Great photos Janet. What a great view you have out your back window and how lucky to be able to drive to the ocean! I miss being able to do that.
    A BIG thank you for your envelope and sharing the epiphyllum with me. It came at the perfect time and was just the thing I needed to perk me up. I hope it does as well for me as it does for you.

  22. Hi Bangchik, it is a privilege indeed.

    Hi Victoria, thanks! I think they are pretty cool!

    Hi Gail, it was certainly an honor the other day to see them, and that there were so many!

    Hi Lucy, when they fly they remind us of pterodactyl! Dolphins are such fun.

  23. Hi Kathleen, We are in a nice location. I will miss the ocean, but we will have lots of wildlife on the lake.
    Glad the epiphyllum made it in good condition!

  24. How wonderful to get to live so close to nature. I love herons, every once in a while, I see one fly over our city neighborhood, probably looking for someone's backyard fish pond to raid. I've never seen dolphins in real life, but I've always wanted to. Lucky you to happen upon them! I'm glad you managed to capture them in a photo!

  25. Wow Janet, those dolphin photos are still great! How exciting to see them, the heron and have fun with the hose and doggie! :-)

  26. OH Gosh, that must have smelled musty. I like your grammar widget and so cool it's discussing the which on Halloween.


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