Thursday, October 29, 2009

Farewell to October

The end of October and there are still so many blooms in my garden... This Rugosa Rose has been blooming all season long.

Rosa Rugosa 'Pink Grootendorst'

Looking down the creek-- a view I will miss

Back to the blooms-
I love this picture... look how tight the swirl of petals is before it unfurls

A couple weeks ago there were some pictures of gardens 'from above'. It certainly gives a different perspective. Here is my front yard. If you look closely, I have drawn a line at the property line.

And part of the backyard.

Finally....the Hibiscus opened on Thursday....another great performer.


  1. You have such a good view with all that water close by. Just lovely. The rose is a welcome sight in all this sea of brown leaves.

  2. Wow, Janet. It's still so beautiful in your yard. I can't get over all the color left. That rose is just gorgeous and I would certainly miss your view too.

  3. You certainly DO have some great performances left in your garden, Janet. There's a rugosa still putting forth buds just off my balcony -- I'm sure the colder temperatures won't allow them to open, but they're such "hopeful" little things. :) That hibiscus is stunning in colour.

  4. You know, I just love roses in the fall. You appreciate their beauty even more when other plants are shutting down for the season.

  5. Love the photos of pink grootendorst. And a hibiscus blooming today! It's snowing outside my window, though not sticking yet. Good thing, as I have a few hundred crocus and daffodil bulbs to plant still.

  6. Still no frost? Looking good, esp. the creek. October seemed to fly by; I wonder if it would drag on if I didn't love it so H.

  7. Janet! Beautiful photos! I can't believe how gorgeous your flowers are right now! Mine have all but disappeared. Not much to look at around here at this point...other than a few cosmos still hanging on, and a couple of withered rose blooms. Your backyard view looks wonderful. I'm sure you will miss that! You said you have water behind you where you're moving, right? Once you get the house built and the lot cleared, I am sure it will be even more amazing than what you have now;-)

  8. Gosh those dinner plate Hibiscus impress me. Scott

  9. Hi Janet~~ Yes, Pink Grootendorst, [I love saying Grootendorst for some weird reason] is so photogenic. I used to have it but damn [sorry] the thorns are vicious! I planted it too close to the path. I won't elaborate. LOL
    I love your view and the hibiscus is perfection, in bud and unfurled!

  10. Janet,

    That dinner plate hibiscus is wonderful. I love those old world roses.

  11. Good evening everyone!
    Tina- we do have a nice view, though the water can get high. this rose is such a great performer.

    Kathleen- thanks so much, we haven't had a frost yet, let alone the snow that you have had!! We do have a pretty awesome view in SC so it helps.

    Nancy- Rugosas are thorny but hardy! I love the color of this hibsicus. It is hardy to my area.

    Noelle- roses in the fall are nice for that very reason.

    VW- thanks for adding yourself as a follower! I can't even imagine you all having snow! Guess I know you will be outside this weekend planting those bulbs!

    Helen- Our average frost date is about Nov. 10. I still have August Beauty Gardenias blooming--in my head it is still August- just more comfortable.

    Jan- thanks so much. We will lose ours soon. We will be on the lake in SC and have a lovely water view. Did you see the post I did a few days ago? Dolphins off Wharry housing.

    Scott- it is such a great hibiscus and the color matches the crape myrtle it is planted near.

    Grace- I like saying it too. Some words are just fun to say. thanks, I was tickled with the bud unfurled.

    Randy- thanks! The dinner plates give such a big punch of color. These roses are super...and salt tolerant!

  12. I love the structure of the Hibiscus bud. I know you will have water at your new place, but I bet it won't smell like high tide and low tide (fragrances I happen to love).

  13. You really do have some nice blooms still showing off. And I can understand why you'll miss that creek view - it's wonderful.

  14. Those are some beautiful views! I'd love to have a house on the water one day. I can't imagine having Hibiscus still blooming!

  15. Beautiful views, Janet! I really like the overhead view of your garden to show the full effect. Your rosa rugosa is lovely and what a performer--do you have any trouble with Japanese beetles? It's great to see so much color in your garden; mine is mostly brown:) I don't think I'll be sad to see this October go--we're on target to have the wettest October on record here.

  16. I feel like a mcdonalds commercial... But I'm loving that Hibiscus! Pretty pink! It was nice to see some shots of your yard and garden. You have done some hard work!

  17. That Rugosa is a pretty bloomer. Another month has gone by so quickly. :)

  18. That's a fun angle to see your yard from. And so you are moving from water to water and a larger lot it looks like. Wonder how long it will take to sell your house there? Both places are very pretty.

  19. Hi Les, I just thought that Hibiscus bud was very interesting. I don't think you would like our low tide smell...not the fresh salty fragrance of the ocean...ours is nasty.

    Hi Linda, thanks! There is a certain charm to the creek.

    Hi Catherine, thanks so much. It is nice to be by the water.

    Hi Rose, I haven't had too much trouble with Japanese Beetles this year, have other years. We are having a pretty wet season as well.

    Hi Rosey, It is hard to not like this Hibiscus...great big blooms and hot pink to boot! Glad you like the overviews.

    Hi Racquel, I know--where did time go?

    Hi Anna, thanks, I have a few shots of the yard from upstairs at other times of the year. Gives good perspective. We should be able to sell our house pretty easily as it is on the water and there are a limited number of those. I am looking forward to seeing how our new lot is going to be after it is all done.


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