Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Color is on Your Deck?

As I look out the door to the deck I watch the raindrops on the creek. In between the door and the creek is the deck with those plants that will stay outside all winter (or until they are done producing).

The basil is still growing (and blooming), I will bring it in soon and dry some of the leaves.

In the same pot as the basil is Tri-colored Sage- this will be clipped throughout the winter for culinary delights.

Next to the herb bowl are a couple window boxes with lettuce --The 'Red Sails' is really coming along.

The Sedum is showing a change of color that matches the clay container it is in..

After I took the containers apart earlier this fall I put the Hedera helix 'Pink-n-Very Curly' in its own container and put it in a bit more sun. What a change! The leaves are really showing some of that pink color.

Still hungry? The cherry tomatoes are still growing and putting forth fruit.

Last but not least-- a miniature rose.   I used to think I needed to bring this in for the winter, though I don't know why!!  It has lived outside since 2003 and been very happy. 


  1. My deck is all green. Green from the tropical houseplants that have grown so well this year from all the rain. Green from a chore that awaits me when I decide it is time for them to be dragged in to the house.

  2. Janet out deck is brown covered in wet oak leaves. We moved all the house plants in a few weeks ago. We do have 2 zucchini growing in the garden still.

  3. Give me a deck, and I'll answer your question! Ha-ha, no deck here, but I brought some pots into the garage already. Although some geraniums and fuchsias are still blooming... I just don't want to do this chore when it's cold and wet. My garage looks like a nursery. The main problem now is how to avoid mites, etc. Your rose is so lovely! What will you do with your sedum, Janet?

  4. Your deck is looking pretty good. A great spot for some winter herbs and lettuce! Mine is covered with leaves and a bit dull right now.

  5. I like your yellow rose. The plan for my deck is to get everything into the ground except for the two Christmas cactuses. Plants hate my house and I don't want to have to lug anything but the Xmas cactus in and out.

  6. Your lettuce looks delicious!!!! Mine is about an inch tall (and green)

  7. Your tomatoes made me laugh. I thought I'd have late season tomatoes too - until I learned that the ever-lovely and deeply vegetarian Pointer Sister, Annabelle Lee, has been stealing them all off the vines. It's a problem. I suppose I have the whole winter to develop a strategy...

    I did the same thing with a miniature rose once - I gues there is something about them that makes us want to protect them!

  8. My deck is a leaf covered patio and my carport still has plants and bulbs that need to go into the ground! The cherry tomatoes look delicious and that rose is a beauty! gail

  9. Hi Les, Your deck was lush and green when we were there. I got the tropicals inside already, because I had time. It is a chore!

    Hi Randy, You have either acorns or oak leaves...sounds you are deep in the woods. I am surprised you still have!

    Hi Tatyana, you are funny. I understand about putting the plants in when the weather isn't too ugly. My garage looks like a nursery too. Spider mites are always a problem in my house with a few of the plants. My sedum is a hardy one...stays out on the deck all year.

    Hi Tina, I keep a big pot or two or three of herbs on the deck. We are so swampy in the winter and I don't like to walk through the yard to get a few sprigs of thyme or oregano. The lettuce is up on the deck to be away from the bunnies.

    Hi Sweetbay, thanks, I like this little yellow rose too. Always a bright bloom on it. I have my Christmas cactus in already (well all my tropicals) and the big one is really getting plump buds.

    Hi Ginger, I planted my lettuce in August ...seemed like a good time. You have a longer growing season I think.

    Hi Pam, Sorry Annabelle Lee steals tomatoes! Silly girl. I have this in a container and it is on a bench...maybe you could elevate the tomato away from her?

    Hi Gail, thanks! I imagine your deck has some of those gorgeous hickory leaves on it. I put a bunch of daffodils in last year-- about the only bulb I will plant as the voles are voracious eaters. I need to keep picking the tomatoes...yum!!

  10. Your deck is very colorful with all those fruits & blooms still going strong. I love that Hedera 'Pink-n-Very Curly'. Such an appropriate & cute name. ;) I'm thinking we can get together this Friday if your game? Let me know.

  11. Good to see so much color on your deck, Janet! Those cherry tomatoes look delicious! I've been bad this year about bringing things in, but I still have a fern planter filled with geraniums and asparagus ferns looking good on the back porch. Say what you will about geraniums, they are pretty tough plants!

  12. My patio is brown and yellow from leaves. By the way, that curly ivy is wild!

  13. We have a grey porch deck in the front and concrete patio in the back. The front has a pot of corkscrew rush that still looks good, plus some pumpkins and green gourds sitting in the pots with hostas (whose leaves are long gone). How nice that your rose can handle the winter outdoors. Pulling plants in and outside hasn't made it onto my to do list yet - they've got to pick their spot and make do.

  14. My deck has zero plants on it. Just some ice and a bit of snow. But my greenhouse has a few spinach plants and parsley struggling along. Such a beautiful rose that yellow one is! LOVE IT!

  15. Hmm, the case of the missing comment again. Oh well, I still remember the gist of it. You still have so much going on, Janet. The curly ivy is so lovely, never seen that one before. Love the yellow rose too. The only color on my deck is the pumpkin collection, mostly orange with blue, green and yellow ones too. Love your lettuces. :-)

  16. Hi Racquel, I am loving this Pink n very that it is getting pink! Friday is Charlie's day not as good for me.

    Hi Rose, these cherry tomatoes are wonderful... first in the season and last after all the other tomatoes are gone. Geraniums are pretty tough.

    Hi Phillip, yes it is! I still have some Hibiscus coccineus for you.

    Hi VW, I think corkscrew rush is intresting. I like having the houseplants out in the summer, but hate bringing them in in the fall.

    Hi Rosey, hard to believe snow and Thanks, I like this little rose too.

    Hi Frances, I wonder why your comments are not showing up? I mean --just because I delete them :-O Kidding!!!!!! I don't understand all the workings of Blogger. My lettuce is about ready to be eaten..just about tall enough.

  17. I think your deck still looks like summer Janet! That yellow rose is just gorgeous. I don't have a deck either but my concrete patio is mostly BARE. boo hoo. I've hauled most of what I want to overwinter into the basement, the rest is in the garage. I still have my birdhouse container out there but I need to get busy moving it to safety too. I sure envy your longer growing season especially this year when ours was cut unusually short.

  18. I have potted arborvitae on my back deck (because it goes around our swimming pool - not much space for plants and I'm not allowed to grow anything by the pool that attracts bees).


  19. I don't have a deck so in my mind it is very green. The mini roses do well planted in the ground here. Some have been living for 15+ years out there and in some respects seem hardier than their larger cousins.

  20. Hi Kathleen, thanks, I like this rose. All that is pictured will stay out all winter. Granted, the basil and tomatoes will die soon, the lettuce will produce for another couple months...but the rest....all winter!

    Hi Cameron, There are some nice little arborvitae. I guess swimming and having bees nearby can be a problem.

    Hi Chris, I guess I could put this one in the ground but I like seeing it in the container on the deck. Great mid-range view from my kitchen sink window.

  21. I have basil in that stage, I've been feeling guilty I never harvested any this year. I've never grown edibles before, and haven't gotten the hang of eating things out the garden. Good to know I can still harvest leaves and dry them so it isn't a total waste.


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