Monday, June 15, 2009

June Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Please visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see all the bloggers who have listed their sites for today.
With so many plants from which to choose, I will keep words to a minimum.
Remember the rose bush I pruned last winter? She is blooming up a storm. All photos can be clicked on to enlarge.

Hostas are all putting up their flower stalk.

Miss Huff Lantana

Oleander and Elderberry in the backyard.

Cosmos and Cleome in what was once the vegetable garden.

I bought a box of 50 Caladiums, thought most were Vole food, some are finally showing up and Impatients that have reseeded many times over the years.

This is a container at the end of the driveway with Gaura and Glechoma hederacea, on the ground behind is Sedum 'John Creech' Artemesia 'Powis Castle' and the Pennisetum 'Fireworks'.

If only you had smell-o-vision today..Dianthus 'Old Spice' wonderful! Achillea in bloom.

A couple Four O'Clocks still open this morning. The Yellow one in front of a bunch of Forget-Me-Nots.

More of the Japanese Asters blooming with the Spiderworts and an update on the front porch containers.


  1. Fantastic bloom Janet...I love cosmos and the variety you have is wonderful. Now tell me why can't I grow 4 O'clocks! gail

  2. I have Impatiens that keep peeking up every year because our winters are so mild here. Love the Japanese Asters -- they are so cheerful.

  3. Good morning Gail, I can't believe you can't grow 4 O'Clocks...they reseed so much in my yard! I am always thinning them. The Cosmos came from a seed packet mix from Ireland. My girls went with the JMU band one year and brought back seeds for me! :-)
    Hi Diana, Those impatients find their way into any nook and cranny of the garden. By the end of the season they will be 3 feet tall and the stalk will be about an inch thick! The Japanese Asters are cheery...they should do well in TX, very drought tolerant.

  4. Wonderful blooms and combinations! That rose is really something. Gee you can't even see the swingset anymore. Yup, I agree, must be summer-isn't it grand?

  5. Gorgeous blooms today Janet. I love your containers by the front porch, so full & lush!

  6. Hey Janet, Please tell my you are a half a zone ahead of me? Or I will be seriously jealous! Beautiful blooms. Looking forward to meeting you!
    Gardening With Confidence

  7. Janet,
    So many pretty blooms!

    My oleander died from this cold winter. I know I was pushing the zone edge. Yours is so glorious!

    Your garden must be filled with the wonderful fragrances that I wish we could smell.


  8. Hi Tina, I think the best thing about this rose is that it is a volunteer. Between the rose and the two vines (clematis and confederate jasmine) the swingset disappears.
    Racquel, thanks a bunch!
    I am zone 7b, some of the stuff is behind you and some is ahead. Go figure!
    Cameron, My oleander is down by the water, no protection. It is a little leggy, but blooms are pretty. Love the blooms with fragrance!

  9. Oh no. Once again, I forgot bloom day! I only seem to remember in the winter which makes no sense at all. Anyway, you have some beautiful blooms Janet. So many annuals too which makes me envious. Mine are just sitting ~ not enough heat. I'm wondering now why I don't grow four o'clocks? Yours are sure pretty. Happy bloom day!

  10. Beautiful flowers Janet. Will you be able to take much if anything with you when you move or will you be starting from scratch? la la la Amarillo By Morning.... la la la... still hummin' your tune!

  11. Kathleen, your blooms are gorgeous, (just add a link at the bottom of the page) ;-)
    My four o'clocks are getting overwhelming...and they aren't open in there is a lot of foliage most of the time.

    Linda, Oh you!!! Now I am singing it again.....!?!?! As for what I am taking with me...not sure yet. Much will be new, though I am sure there will be something I want to bring with me.

  12. Lovely blooms and different from many of those that I see here in the Midwest. Beautiful dianthus! Caladiums always surprise me--they usually appear just when I've given up on them, but some, well "vole food" sounds like a likely possibility:)

    Thanks for visiting me; I've seen you mentioned on several of my "regular" blogs, so it's nice to meet you!

  13. The Queen has certainly made Seaford more colorful. Really, it's all very impressive. I'm glad I stopped in for a visit.

  14. Hi Rose, thanks for visiting today. I keep getting surprised as the caladiums pop up...planted them early May (or was is late April?) Hoping for more to come up. cross your fingers.
    Welcome Donna,
    thanks so much! I am glad you stopped in for a visit too. Come back again. I will check out your blog as well.

  15. That pot at the end is fabulous! I enjoyed your bloom day tour, thanks.

  16. thanks VW! I have taken some of the compliments of my containers to heart and put them in the contest on Fine Gardening. Hope my blogger buddies go and vote. (check out the links at the top of right hand column)
    thanks for coming VW

  17. Happy Bloom Day! Carnation 'Old Spice' looks like it should smell good. Too bad we don't have smell o'vision!

    Our 4 o'clocks are open here too; I love the fragrance at night.

  18. thanks Sweet Bay, I am tempted to cut it and bring it in. So far there is only one bloom on the plant....need to lay in the yard to smell it.

  19. Your Miss Huff is well ahead of the one in my garden. Mine is green and lush, but she is still putting her face on before leaving the house. How does the oleander do for you? I am always reluctant to recommend it to people outside of Norfolk and Va. Beach.

  20. Good morning Les, I have two Miss Huff, only one is blooming, the more recently planted. Not sure why.
    The oleander does fair, though it could do better if it were in better soil and had some nutrients. I planted it along the riprap and there is so much clay in the fill they used. I never have done any fertilizing (did even water it much). It is the third year it has been in ground. I want to prune it a little so it is not so leggy.

  21. So pretty around your home this week. You sure have an assortment and your containers are filling in nicely.

    My house is about to float away with all this rain. How about you?

  22. Hi Anna, thanks! I am pretty happy with how the gardens are shaping up this season. I don't think there is such an assortment, until I see the pictures. wow! You all have been getting more rain than we have been...we are just very cloudy...though it rained last night.

  23. Un blog muy interesante te invito al mio fotografico

  24. Sr. Cruz - thank you for visiting, I will check out your blog.


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