Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HOT HOT HOT- Smithfield Gardens

Aren't these colors great together? Crocosmia and Cannas with Lantana in the background.
Racquel and I went down to Smithfield Gardens yesterday to meet Les and Helen. We got there early and shopped for a while and checked out many of the display gardens. Racquel and I had planned on driving over the bridge and seeing Les with no date in mind when Helen said she was visiting Les on Monday and could we meet. After a lovely tour of Racquel's garden (it looks just like it does in her blog! Perfect!) we drove to Smithfield Gardens in Suffolk, Virginia.
We walked around and ooh-ed and aah-ed over lots of plants and then the display gardens. Love the hot colors in the picture at the top of the page. When I went around to the other side of the bed to see more of these hot colors there was a Hummingbird zooming from one bloom to another.
He was going so fast, but I did catch a blur!!

I love Gladiolas but have too many voles to grow them successfully.

After Racquel and I made our purchases Les and Helen drove up. We got a guided tour from Les. It was nice to meet both Les and Helen. I believe Helen will be blogging about the visit (with photos) on her blog. I am the good looking one. ?!?! Helen asked an interesting question-- What kind of garden do you have? Hmmm...? Messy? Haphazard? laissez faire? Interesting question. I am not sure, perhaps one that attracts birds and butterflies? with fragrance and color? Will have to get back with a better answer----- one of these days.

Les shared some seed heads with us---this is one still on the plant...............know what it is??

Yes,Daucus carota -Queen Anne's Lace. I love how it looks red/pink as it ages.
A grand day all around!! Thanks Racquel for driving, and great meeting Les and Helen.


  1. I planted crocosmia last year for the first time and they are blooming and I will be planting more. A friend gave me 5 or 6 bulbs, then I bought a whole bag at a plant sale for $1

  2. What fun to meet Helen and Les, and of course you've already met Racquel. Isn't blogging wonderful? I'll be looking for pictures on Helen's blog. She is such a nice lady and so warm and kind. Hmmm, as to the type of garden, it is hard because so many gardeners have different gardens with different styles within them. Even Helen does at her place. I think you two will share some good things. If I had to describe my garden style, it would be ecclectic cottage:)

  3. Princess, I love the crocosmia--nice bright red colors. Alas, vole food along with the gladiolas.
    Tina, I like it, eclectic cottage...good way to describe it.

  4. Great pics Janet, that's cool that you caught that hummer zipping along. ;) Thanks for the nice compliment about my garden. How sweet are you!

  5. What a fun time Janet! Glad it worked out for you all to get together. I love the hot color combination of the canna, crocosmia and lantana. It's absolutely stunning.

  6. It was indeed great fun meeting you, Helen and Racquel. I would love to show you Peninsula girls my garden in Norfolk, which I would describe as similar to a rough coated Jack Russell terrier - big attitude from a small dog in need of a good trim.

  7. Racquel, I was happy when I downloaded the pictures and saw a hummingbird. Your garden is very nice. (and I like Spaz!)
    Kathleen, it was a good time. Glad you like the combo --it was amazing. Great colors in the foliage.
    Les, thanks, it was fun for us too. Good description of your garden---can't wait to see it.

  8. Hey Janet, the one and only Queen of Seaford! What fun it was to meet you and Raquel. Great photos - esp the Queen's Anne lace. I would have never known that was what it was and I was there! I'm looking forward to seeing you again and your garden next month! What fun this is.

    I'm just getting back into town. I'll probably post the meeting on Sunday and about Les garden and Smithfield gardens later next week.
    Gardening With Confidence

  9. Hi there Helen!! So much fun to have our visit, even though it was short. We will have a longer one in July. I look forward to seeing your blog about your trip. So did your Queen Anne's Lace start losing its seed before you got home? I had a bunch in my purse.

  10. P.S. Do take Les up on the invitation. He has a really cool garden...and family to go with it!

  11. Helen, am looking forward to it. It was nice of Les to offer to show us his garden.

  12. I don't even like orange and that first photo floored me!

  13. I have two large clumps of crocosmia 'Lucifer'. I was out in the garden weeding yesterday and was between the two clumps. A female hummer landed on one clump and a male hummer was sipping from the other! It's a definite favorite.

    Helen is very nice. I had the pleasure of meeting her early this year.

    Glad you all had a wonderful outing.


  14. Hi Cameron - it was a pleasure meeting both Helen and Les. How fun to be in the middle of two hummingbirds as they enjoyed your crocosmias. That bright red tubular flower is exactly what hummers love!

  15. Oh you lucky girl~~getting to spend time with three other delightful bloggers....in a garden. The glads are beautiful...I never even think about growing them, but do like to have them as cut flowers when they are for sale at the Costco! You are so right, the canna, crocosmia and lantana look wonderful together. The variegated cannas really are show stoppers. gail

  16. What a fantastic meeting of great gardeners and bloggers. That Helen gets around. She's going to need a blogger photo album before too long.

    As I was reading this---I was thinking how cool that we know who Helen, Les, and Racquel are. Don't even need to know the blog names. We are an intimate group of cyber buds don't you think?

    Now that pod is a gift that keeps on giving. Remarkable bunch of seeds.

  17. Hi Gail -- it was lots of fun seeing people I chat with online. It is an amazing world we live in. You would probably do well growing glads...I bet Costco has bags of corms sometimes.
    Hi Anna, I am looking forward to seeing what Helen posts about her trip. She is really nice. We DO have a circle of folks we regularly visit, like old friends!
    I need to get those seeds scattered soon...just debating where.

  18. Good hot color combinations, seems appropriate on what is a hot day here in Portland. Those seed heads are fabulous, who knew queen anne's lace was so interesting close up? I've never seen it at this stage before.

  19. Hi Megan, hot temps all over the country. I like Queen Anne's Lace in all stages-- delicate, lacey, willowy...just a cool plant.

  20. That first photo is a riot of color--certainly fits the heat we have been having. I never would have guessed the last photo was Queen Anne's Lace; I've never seen it in pink or red before.

    Sounds like a great day made even better when you can meet up with some blogging friends. I saw Racquel's post on your visit; it's always interesting to see different bloggers' perspectives on the same experience.

  21. Rose, it is a riot of color, good description. It is interesting to see how plants/ blooms change as they age.
    You are right about the perspective on the same experience, just now reading Les' write up and awaiting Helen's.

  22. Woh, that Queen Ann's Lace looks like an alien!

    Crocosmia is so pretty, but it is so invasive here! I have some and I swear it does best where it decides to grow on its own, as opposed to where I plant it.

  23. Ginger, an alien? Well I figured it looked different enough close up that people would wonder what it was.
    Hard to believe Crocosmia is invasive. Wow. I could send a few voles down your way if you like.


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