Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blue and White

The colors that have been showing their 'stuff' in the last few days are blue and white. Of course I had to cut and bring in some of the Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nikko Blue'. You may recall I had forgotten to add the Aluminum Sulfate at the correct time, so I added some in the early spring. I think I will add more again, I want a rich blue color.

There are three Gardenias
in my garden. One is blooming
really well right now, it is
Gardenia 'August Beauty'.

Ok here is one I want you to guess what it may be...........

A Lily you guess? Nope, it is Hosta 'Frances Williams' I am always surprised to see how early the hostas send up their flower stalks.

In the same bed as the hostas is one of the Hydrangeas and a lot of Artemisia 'Silver Queen' (which I pull up in the early spring so it doesn't take over the is one of the rather invasive Artemisias)

These are some Forget-Me-Nots, though these are the annuals--and I believe it is the Chinese variety, the centers of these are not yellow with a white I am supposing these are Cynoglossum amabile.

Also in the bed with the Forget-Me-Nots is some Lacey Leaf Dusty Miller, Senecio cineraria.

I know many have Knockout Roses --I don't have any of them, but do have two Carpet Roses. This is White Knockout Rose, ROSA x Noaschnee. I have no problems with the Carpet Roses, little upkeep- I do prune a little in the winter (though the bunnies help with that).

Scattered throughout the garden, both front yard and backyard is Japanese Aster, Kalimeris pinnatifida. It spreads like Mums...not invasive, but there is enough to share with many many fellow gardeners. If you drive up my street you will see many offspring of these plants. This is a nice filler plant and it blooms from late May/ early June through the first frost! I will share more photos as it fills in during the summer. The bloom is a little bigger than your thumbnail, very delicate.

So- Happy Blue and White Day! Hope to be off to the Colonial Parkway to check out the Yorktown Onions this afternoon.


  1. Your hydrangeas are very early. Mine are only at the hint of a bud stage! Lovely pictures on your blog too!Val

  2. One of my favorite color combos in the garden! My Nikko is the same shade of blue right now. I'll keep that in mind about adding the aluminum sulfate to the soil for deeper blue blooms. I have some Hosta's blooming right now too! Have fun visiting the Battlefield, take lots of pics. :)

  3. Valeri, thanks so much for visiting. We are in southern Virginia, so I imagine we are a bit ahead of your growing season. Come back often!
    Racquel, I will try to remember to 'announce' when I add the aluminum sulfate. Wait until you see the photos I got from the Battlefield and Parkway! Wunderbar!

  4. Most beautiful! I love hydrangeas. I too think the hostas look like lilies. And it is always a bonus when they smell good too. Have fun on the parkway.

  5. thanks Tina, the onion pictures are up...check them out.

  6. Well I correctly guessed the hosta picture! I guess they are called plantain 'lilies' for a reason, though I don't notice the flowers much. I just purchased Frances Williams and she already has a bloom stalk, too. Must be one of the first to bloom everywhere.

  7. I like how the blues, silvers, and yellow greens go together so nicely. Very pretty. Your Nikkos turned out a very attractive blue and matches your home perfectly.

  8. VW, I think you will like Frances Williams, nice foliage color and a great flower. Glad you guessed correctly!
    Anna, thanks, I like blues and purples and the white complements it nicely. The Nikkos do match in the house don't they? Fun!


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