Friday, June 12, 2009

Amaryllis By Morning

Yes I know the song is "Amarillo By Morning" but every time I mention that my Amaryllis is blooming, my husband starts singing "Amarillo By Morning". We have a little game we play in our family....plant the ear worm (for lack of a better name). The challenge is to be humming or singing a song early in the day, then later in the day when you return from your day's activities, see who is humming/singing the song you 'planted'.
Here is my Amaryllis, variety unknown-- a Christmas-time purchase. I put some sticks around it in the ground to keep the dogs from stepping on it as it emerged this spring. I put it in the ground late winter a year ago. There was foliage last year but no repeat blooms.

Here is 'how-not-to' take a picture of a low growing bloom.....the flower is facing a pine tree so there was no getting in front of it to take the picture.
Newton at the gate.

The backyard has a number of Hemerocallis, some varieties are pass-alongs, so who knows what they are. Others include Stella de Oro, Grape Business, and Little Business. An added benefit of the Hemerocallis family- it is salt tolerant. These are in the lower part of the yard where we get tidal flooding on occasion.

The 'Fairy' rose is blooming its heart out right now.

and just for you.................. Amarillo By Morning


  1. Good morning! The stars are here in Nashville right now...for a minute I thought you were in town and ,didn't let us know! gail

  2. Gail, If I was going to Nashville, I would be sure to let you know. :-)

  3. I love George Strait but who doesn't? Cute game you play! The amarylis is lovely and outside too!

  4. Beautiful Amaryllis and Daylilies (I thought they were Daylilies but didn't know the Hemerocallis name). LOL
    After seeing your other blog and you have songs on occasionally I take it you are a musically inclined family (cute game - think I'll try it with Bob). Both of our families are too and we were both dating musicians when we met!

  5. What a fun game. I would be the one caught humming the tune. Once I hear one, I am usually stuck on it until the next one comes along. Now I'll be singing/humming "Amarillo by Morning" today thanks to you!! Beautiful amaryllis. I've never planted one in the garden, I just enjoy them indoors. It's sensational outside tho. Have a great weekend Janet!

  6. I didn't realize that daylilies were salt tolerant. Very interesting! I always check for fragrance too -- it is delightful when they turn out to be fragrant.

  7. Thanks now that song will be stuck in my head all day, lol. ;) I've been wondering if Amaryllis were winter hardy here. I'll let you know how my Leptinella squalida groundcover does, it really is a neat little plant. And by the way I'm sure I won't be able to stick to my guns when we go visit Les. ;)

  8. Hi Tina, I was really happy that this Amaryllis bloomed! Yipee. The game is fun.

    Linda, Yes, same as Daylily/ Hemerocallis. Glad you looked at the music blog. I like music, my kids are musicians and we like concerts, etc. (spend a good amount at too)

    Kathleen, I usually am the one who gets the song stuck in my head -- but every so often it is the other way around. Glad you are singing 'Amarillo by Morning'.
    :-D you have a great weekend too.

    sweet bay, since we live on the creek I need to have salt tolerant plants out in the back. I love it when a plant is fragrant too.

  9. Hi Racquel! So I got you with the song too. :-D FUN! You need to give an Amaryllis a try. I think that groundcover is really interesting.
    We will need to figure out when we can go see Les....$

  10. Beautiful! Dropped by from Anna's -flowergardengirl!

  11. Well thanks for visiting Darla, come back again.

  12. I love the pastel daylily collage!

  13. I'm listening to George and watching Newton sing along. Did you know that he knows the words. That is some talented dog. Like your bloomers.

  14. Ginger, thanks!
    Anna, gotta love George! Ha ha Newton is a talented boy! thanks.

  15. We have a similar activity in this house, but it is no game. We will think of a song, book, actor, movie, etc.. and be unable to remember a name. Later that day one of us will call the other at work with the missing information. Adled aging brains march on through middle age. Now where'd I put my Centrum Silver?

  16. Les, ah...aging brains, :-) I just call that my filing system. "I know stuff is in there, just can't access it." A new 'game' hubby has been doing with the girls--when we are out point to something (nothing), everyone looks, gotcha! Total silliness.

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