Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sharp Shootin' Susie or Wildlife in NYC

This story and the accompanying photos are from my dear friend Susie. She and her family live in New York, just outside New York City. REALLY! Just outside- 40 miles from midtown.

Their home backs up to Sterling Forest which is a 17,000 acre greenspace. She and I have been friends for many many years. We conquered the cities of central Germany together as new brides with husbands in the field. But, those are other stories...this one happened this past weekend.

As Susie tells it, her neighbor called her to say that on Saturday he walked out of the house and there was a large bear sitting in his driveway. OMG!! Well, the neighbor shooed him off...until....... later that night he heard what he thought was thunder. The shed at the end of the driveway next to the house had both doors ripped off and they had been padlocked with a heavy chain. The bear was back! Susie took in the small bird feeder attached on the kitchen window, but forgot something. There was a Fry Baby on the deck from when the kids had made homemade potato chips last time.

He was on the porch and got grease all over everything and pulled the fryer apart. If you look closely you can see the paw print next to the shoe...this was not a small bear!

then his footprints down the steps to the yard---

He also got into the bird feeder that was suspended 25 feet up on a cord.

Susie is sure he will be back. She promises to get a picture- or at least try. I don't think I would want him knowing I was on the other side of a window with a camera. Now, Miss Sure-shot also thinks a BB gun 'could' scare him off. I think it will just irritate the crapola out of him.

Here are some shots from last year when Mr. Black Bear strolled through. This one is a smaller bear. Either Yogi grew a lot or this is a different one this year. Notice the tomatoes in the fenced area, that is one way to ensure the wildlife will let you have a few 'maters to yourself.

These are stealing last year's bird feeders.


  1. I think I would be freaking out alot if I had to deal with bears in my garden!

  2. Ain't that the truth Racquel!!! Then today she tells me there are coyotes too. AUGGH

  3. I heard you got a little Silly together in Belgium, too... but perhaps that's another story for another day, too. :)
    I'm in the "don't tick off the bear" camp. And I tend to think that's what a BB gun will do.

  4. If I had to choose between bears or plant stealing neighbors and the occasional distant gun fire - I may have a hard choice.

  5. KZK- I think the correct phrase is that we got a little crazy in Silly!!
    Les- My goodness that is some kind of statement on the neighborhood!

  6. Janet, all I can say is WOW! That's a big bear and if he could rip off doors with a padlock and climbe 25' up, I don't think I would want to be anywhere near him. And I had no idea they would take bird feeders. Nope, a BB gun is just not big enough. I think an elephant gun is more in order. :)

  7. I don't think I'd be snapping pics either-I'd be hiding!

  8. Beckie- You are right about a BB gun not doing it. I would not want to tangle with a big black bear.
    Tina- It would be hard not to document it though! Maybe if you could take the picture from behind a very secure location...like upstairs away from the bear's ability to smell you.

  9. Wow, a black bear so close to NYC -- amazing!

    We have a lot of bears in NC but most are in the mountains and the coastal plain.

  10. Sweet Bay, I too am amazed it is so close to the city and yet there is such wildlife.

  11. If you posted this story on the 1st of April, I'd think it's a joke!
    A bear in NY... unbelievable!!!

  12. Tatyana, I didn't even think about the date when I posted these about the bear. Not an April Fool's Day joke!

  13. Oh, my goodness, I was going to make a comment about your vines, and scrolled down.

    Quite remarkable to have bears and coyotes relatively close to NYC.


  14. Hi Lisa, yes it is pretty amazing. Green spaces are pretty active-- between Harriman State Park and Sterling Forest-- you feel out in the country.


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