Sunday, March 1, 2009

What are You Looking At?!?!?

Last year toward the end of March we had a new baby in the area. I first noticed this guy in the creek when tide was out!! I saw this white mass in the mud…fluttering around. I wasn’t sure at first what it was. After getting the binoculars out and really zooming in, we immediately saw it was a baby owl, a Great Horned Owl. He was nestled against the bulkhead on my neighbor’s side of the creek, stuck in the mud. The neighbors have a pool and more importantly – pool equipment. She was able to use the net and gently scoop this ‘little’ guy up into her yard.
photo by Kim

Doesn’t he look mad as a wet hen?

The mother was around, we could hear her. As you look out my back door to the right, the creek dead ends about 3 to 4 houses down. Above the creek was the nest, the neighbor could see it, I couldn’t. After calls to the Virginia Living Museum and others, it was decided that a make shift nest was formed in the back part of the neighbor’s yard. It was a long night and next day as we worried about the owl baby getting back to his nest and away from any predators. Long story short….mama owl got baby, who could flutter a bit into the air, back up to the nest. He continued to grow and flourish. My neighbor got another photo of him as he matured a bit. When the weather is good and windows are open we can hear the owls up and down the creek.
photo by Kim


  1. How absolutely special for you to have these birds living so close to you! And that baby picture is just a scream :D

  2. How exciting! He does look as mad as an ole wet hen-and looks like he might bite too. Do you suppose he was fishing and fell in?

  3. Janet,
    Oh, how fabulous!

    We've had barred owls, but to have great horned owls in your neighborhood that are successfully breeding, what fun.

    Your photos are wonderful...


  4. Hi, Janet-
    I guess I should have said Kim's photos are fabulous - whatever!

  5. How marvelous! They are so fascinating and what wonderful pictures.It is so nice that you have them living close by.

  6. tattered spinner- thanks for stopping by. I just love the mad baby picture. It is a scream.
    tina- I am not sure if he was trying to fly and fell into the mud and waddled up the creek, or what. When I saw him there was no water to speak of...we have really low tides (and really high tides as well).
    Lisa- We are lucky to have all sorts of wildlife here on the creek. And Kim DOES take wonderful photos. We alert each other to any and all 'visitors' in the wild.
    HHg- We are very lucky to have them close by.

  7. The owl has got to be one of the most dignified and regal animals on the planet. Even baby owl is looking like he isn't going to take any guff off anyone. His/her mature photo is something to be proud of--a survivor.

    Great post.

  8. Thanks Grace. He is rather full of himself isn't he? I appreciate my neighbor letting me post her photos. She takes some super shots.

  9. I like him! What a treat to watch this guy close!

  10. How cool is that, I never see owls in my area. They must not like the suburbs, lol.

  11. Tatyana, thanks for stopping by, he was lots of fun to see.
    Racquel- go out some summer night - you may find there are owls all around you. I know we have the Great Horned and Screech owls. Not sure about others.

  12. What a wonderful story (and photos)! A happy ending!


  13. Janet, that is adorable! Oh I wish I was there. That little guy is so cute. I am so glad you found him and I am sure is mama was too! Coodos to Kim!

  14. Oh, that is a cute baby! Glad you were able to rescue him (her?) with the pool equipment. I wouldn't mind seeing some owls around my house. My kids have followed my lead and like to chase off the robins while shouting "Leave our worms alone! Our plants need them!" We like the hummingbirds, though. VW

  15. What a very handsome guy. He grew up to be quite the looker. He'll take his grandkids about that fall he took and the kind people who rescued him.

    His baby picture cracks me up. Look at that face. Was he trying to look mad, cute, brave, or hopeful. Those eyes are very excited.

  16. Oh my goodness, what an incredible story and photos to boot! Seeing that little owl, even in the picture made me gasp in delight. He does look mad, trying the scary tactic as a defense, poor little guy. Oh the happy ending is heartwarming too. Thanks for the telling.

  17. Hi Janet,
    Sorry I'm just now getting around to reading this! I think he's the cutest thing ever (!), well, as far as owls go, that is:)

    What a treat to have him there! I'm glad it was a success story!

    My son is off school again today, and he's sitting here with me, looking at little owl and we're both smiling;)

  18. Cameron, Don't you just love happy endings?
    Sweet Basil, yes big time kudos to Kim...she really 'mothered' him over the course of the day and night he was there
    VW, You need to have enough worms to share with the birdies! ;-) After the garden was tilled we had a bluebird sit on the tomato cage every night, waiting for the perfect time to get a worm!
    Anna, I love that picture of him staring up at the camera. What a hoot... :-D
    Frances, I was glad that Kim had pictures of this little guy so the story ws able to be told.
    Jan, Can't believe the schools were out again today! Glad your son liked the pictures. Front row seat on nature is right here!

  19. love the Owls, great post. I posted a new quiz question for you.


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