Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Love Fall

Fall is a time of year where the temperatures are more pleasant and I can get back into the garden.  It is like getting reaquainted with an old friend.  The ornamental grasses are in full bloom and dancing in the breeze.  Last year I planted three small Miscanthus--'Little Zebra'.  This year they are looking great.
 You may remember I planted some daffodils in our field across the street.  It is our septic drain field and will soon have to be cut again....have a few trees popping up.  I want to wait to have it cut (bush-hogged) until closer to frost.  I scattered some flower seeds in that area to come up after the daffodils were finished.  I don't water over there at all.  The only flowers that really put on a show are the Cosmos.  Love how they sparkle in the early morning sunlight.

Magnolias are great all summer long with their gorgeous blooms....and now, these lovely seed pods.  It almost looks like they are adorned with tiny little ornaments.  
 Additionally the Euonymus americanus is showing its seed pods....looking like its common name--'Hearts A Bustin'  I am happy to have some growing in my property.

Some of the Muhly grass is finally blooming.  Love how the water droplets hang on the seedheads.

We have had some more opportunities to go out on the lake and enjoy the wildlife.  Not too much longer and the Egrets will migrate.   These two look like they had an argument-- not looking at each other.
 I love these birds, they are so graceful.
 It was amazing how calm the lake was when we went out last time.  At our end of the lake there was nary a ripple.

All in all these are great examples of why I like fall....BUT- there are also the end of season plant sales in our area! At the end of September I went to one that I had gone to last year. Acres and acres of plants. The only thing limiting me was thinking about the holes I would have to dig in this hard clay soil. One neighbor asked for a pick axe!
 I had an idea what I wanted and headed through the rows with my wagon. Finally got them all planted and am crossing my fingers that they will all make it through the winter and shine next spring and summer. 
We have had a lot of company off and on for the past month.  I know I have missed many postings from all of you.  Will make my rounds and try to get back in the swing of blogging. 

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  1. Looks like you found some great purchases and yet resisted the urge to fill the truck entirely! good for you. Although our summers don't get near as hot I find I'm enjoying the cooler temperatures as well. I can work for many more hours with this kind of weather and it's quite pleasant.

  2. I see some more muhly in there, way to grab it when you see it! Fall is wonderful, so beautiful, that still lake is amazing. I have planted with a pickaxe, too.
    Happy Fall!

  3. Janet,

    Glad to see you back.The weather has been wonderful. All that room in the back of the truck? Rule #1 never take a vehicle too large to carry home your plants. Mt little scion was pretty full with 2 3 gal camellias on Sunday.

  4. I love the still lake shot and the one with the egrets not speaking with eachother. I have really come to appreciate that beautiful and graceful bird. They are much nicer than their cousing the great blue, who bitch, bitch, bitch when they are disturbed.

  5. Janet,
    The plant you asked about is Eastern Baccharis, Baccharis halimifolia. Native shrub.

  6. What a beautiful lake with all of its serenity. The hearts a burstin are so pretty!

  7. Love the no care attitude of the cosmos too. It is a very nice time of the year.

  8. Looks like you picked up some great additions to your garden, Janet. Ooh, I am jealous that you can grow pink Muhly grass! We have had such beautiful fall weather the past few weeks, I am loving every minute of October.

    Love the egrets!

  9. your picture of those "mad" egrets is great! so funny. i missed my two favorite plant sales this fall because i was out of town. i guess the up side is i don't have to figure out where to put any new stuff; i have tons of things that need moving as it is. we have a drizzly rain today. maybe i'll pull some weeds. :)

  10. That is a great haul you have of fall plants. I hope they do well for you. I love fall too! I just love the cooler temps and colors.
    The egrets are amazing. Great photo!

  11. I love to see the grasses this time of the year. They look so pretty in the sun. What great seed pods that Hearts A Bustin has. The lake looks like a mirror it is so smooth. Looks like you picked up some great plants Janet.

  12. Just beautiful post...I LOVE fall too! Don't you just adore the Pink Muhly...I'm always amazed at how a grass that seems so bland for most of the year can be so truly spectacular in bloom...I was just looking at it today and admiring it!

  13. This is a wonderful time of year, isn't it. Love those seeds, my magnolia is nowhere near as interesting, the seedpods are green and furry and then just brown. Lovely collection of plants you brought home with you.

  14. Good luck with your new plants, glad to see your garden is doing well this year. I love all the seedpods and pics of the birds. :)

  15. Hi Janet, We have missed you! I hope you had a nice time with your company. It must be nice to look out and see cosmos growing in a field. This is a great time of year for clearance sales. Like you I am hoping my last minute bargains make it through the winter. I have never seen a magnolia seed pod. How unusual!

  16. I so agree with you! Fall is wonderful--your photos reflect the beauty--especially that glasslike lake shot.

    We're off to Cabo for the wedding on the beach. We're all so excited! :-)

  17. Love the backlit photos of grass and flowers! We've had to use a pickaxe in our soil, too. Then we started piling bought soil on top of our bad stuff, but we still need the pickaxe for the deeper holes. Gotta love that clay, eh?

  18. Love that dance of light in the first photo!

  19. Marguerite, I needed room in the truck for my wagon! I was surprised I didn't buy more!

    Frances, I did get more Muhly! Each container had four plants in it --big bonus!! We love our clay soil...digging is a challenge.

    Randy, thanks! Glad to be back in the swing of blogging. I could have bought a whole lot more plants, given the room in the truck. My problem is digging holes. ;-)

    Les, The Egrets don't squawk as much as their cousins...but when they do---!!! Seeing fewer and fewer on the lake. Winter is coming.

    Randy, thanks!

    Tina, It is a great lake, very peaceful and quiet. Hearts a Bustin' is a great plant.

    Darla, I love the cosmos in the field too. Will scatter more seeds next spring as well.

    Rose, I did get some great plants. We can grow Muhly grass quite well in our area. I love October.

    Daricia, I love seeing the egrets. I need to pull weeds, big time.

    Rosey, I got a lot of great plants and hopefully they will do well. I spent a lot more time outside now that the temps are cooler.

    Lona, I love the grasses in the fall too. The graceful seedheads swaying in the breeze are wonderful. The lake was so smooth that day, really amazing.

    Scott, thanks! I do adore Muhly grass. Great native!

    Janet, I wonder if your seedpods get the red seeds later...when you don't notice? It was a long time before I noticed them.

    Racquel, thanks! I am happy with how well they are doing so far.

    Jennifer, thanks, you are most kind. I love hitting the clearance racks in the stores this time of year.

    Cameron, It is a great time of year. Hope your wedding was wonderful in Cabo!

    VW, thanks so much. You do some great photos with lighting too! Many recommend piling soil on top of the existing soil and planting in that....unless you have a larger shrub or tree it seems to work well.

    Sweetbay, thanks!!


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