Sunday, October 16, 2011

Can't Get Enough of It

Do you have a bloom that you are thrilled when it opens?  One where you watch and watch as the bud gets plumper every day?  You know what I am talking about, the prized bloom.  I think everyone has one.  Mine is the Epiphyllum oxypetalum.  I have posted about it many and here and here to name just a few.  One of the drawbacks is trying to get a great photo of this night bloomer....because it blooms at night!  If you use the flash it is too bright, the lack of flash you have the possibility of a blurry photo. 
This morning after feeding the dogs I noticed my Epi had bloomed...and the blooms were still open.  Maybe it was because the night was so cool...think the lows were in the low to mid 50's.  Camera in hand I went out and started taking photos.  I couldn't get enough .... I love photographing this beauty. 
 To be able to capture this great bloom in daylight was a treat.
 The lighting was super for capturing these blooms.
I took a bunch of pictures then ate breakfast, walked the dogs, went about my morning.  Just before noon, I looked out back and saw the blooms were still open!  Amazing!!  I was taking pictures from , the back.....

the front,

 the side
 I was enjoying every angle of blooms.  I wasn't sure how much later in the day before they faded so I kept snapping away.

For as gorgeous as the blooms are, the plant itself is sad looking and oddly shaped. It needs a good trim and other years I trimmed it just before briniging it in for the winter, which should be about now.  But I couldn't trim off flower buds before they opened.  So now that it has bloomed it will be trimmed and retired for the winter.  I have one person, Lola, who would like a piece of the plant, anyone else? 

This month the Gardening Gone Wild Photo Contest theme is 'Fill the Frame' I thought I would try my hand at it again.  I have two photos to argue with myself about which is the best choice.

Back of two or---
 inside of one..........

I think I am going for the back of two.   My entry is this one (see larger one above) or click on any photo for a larger view.

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  1. That is a fantastic flower and it photographs beautifully.

  2. beautiful, janet! the flower and the photos. how nice that they stayed open so long for you.

  3. Gorgeous! It looks like a waterlily. :o)

  4. So beautiful...I can see why you look forward to it so eagerly! I think for me, the one I totally worship is Lilium 'Black Beauty'...just can't ever get a photo that truly does them justice :-)

  5. I have one right behind me on a dresser, I bet it hasn't been watered in two months, sigh. Beautiful bloom. I too like the photo you chose for the contest.

  6. I have one too and only just found out that this is what is was! I felt uh duh me. I have never seen it bloom and was considering dumping the plant since it is not very attractive. The saving grace is its ease of care. I rarely water it and it does not drop it leaves. I am told I might get it to bloom once I bring it in this month so I should watch for it. It's a lovely bloom!

  7. Thanks so much for posting this, Janet! You sent me a few pieces a year or two ago, and I had forgotten the exact name of it. It hasn't bloomed yet, but it has kept growing with very little care.

    Your photos are all great, but I agree the back shot is unusual--good luck in the contest!

  8. What an extraordinary flower Janet, so complex, and so simple all at the same time. I'm not surprised you took a lot of photographs!

  9. I understand why you love it! It is a sumptuous bloom and worth waiting for. You are a magnificent gardener!

  10. Hi Janet, How nice of the flower to co-operate with your photo shoot! I have never seen Epiphyllum oxypetalum before. It is quite a beautiful flower that seems as if it has come down to us through time from the age of the dinosaurs.

  11. Oh Janet, just lovely! I can't wait until the start you gave me blooms someday. (It's still doing well, and growing.) I imagine the blooms are so much better even in person.

  12. Such a fascinating plant Janet. I love the blooms. Just lovely.I can see why you cannot get enough of those blooms.

  13. That is a beautiful bloom Janet. Well worth waiting for. When I had mine I really enjoyed the blooms. I really miss watching it. Did you notice yours begin to shake before the bloom opened? I heard that it did.
    Did you want any more azaleas?

  14. Hey my queen,
    I've never seen this beauty here. I thionk you've chosen the right image.

  15. Please, do post it, again and again. I love it! Pure beauty! Thank you Janet!

  16. I have blooms on my Night Blooming Cactus, too. (Photos are on my blog). Mine also surprised me by staying open after daylight. I am going to trim mine, too, and try to root the leaves. Never done that before, but I think it's time to try it. Do you have any tips for me?
    I like the photos from the back of the plant - I never thought to do that. Maybe I'll remember to try that perspective next year.
    Thanks for posting your lovely, elegant blooms

  17. Wiesz, ja myślę , że on spał w nocy ( zamiast pracować i rozchylać swoje płatki), aby Ci zrobić przyjemność i popracować w dzień :-). Mogłaś dzięki temu zrobić piękne zdjęcia . Pozdrawiam

  18. That is the most interesting bloom and well worth the wait! The stem kind of reminds me of a Christmas Castus. But they have small blooms. I like the backside pic as well and think it to be a winner!

    Beautiful and I can see why you snapped so many pics of it. Stunning...

  19. I think I get a little over anxious with every bloom I see! I'm forever walking around my garden watching each bud for signs of explosion. Must be my flower addiction :) Of course if I had a flower like this I would certainly be waiting on it to open too, they're quite spectacular.

  20. Sweetbay, thanks, it photographs a lot better in the daylight!

    Daricia, thanks! it was wonderful for the blooms to be open in the daylight.

    Tammy, it does kind of look like a water lily.

    Scott, I think I remember you sharing Black Beauty. One day you will get a photo that you feel captures it just right.

    Darla, thanks, hoping to do well in the contest. I just brought mine in the garage to let it go semi dormant...will water once a month now.

    Tina, glad you have one, though you are right, not very attractive foliage. Interesting that you bring yours in the house and that it will bloom for you there. When it blooms the fragrance is heavenly.

    Rose, yours will bloom in a year or so...think they have to be almost pot bound before they bloom. It is an easy care plant.

    Janet, thanks, you should see all the photos that DIDN'T make the posting. (just a few hundred!)

    Rosey, it is a beauty to be sure! I am not sure about my contribution to it, you are most kind.

    Jennifer, it does look like it has come down through the ages.

    K & V, I hope yours blooms for you in the near future so you can see first hand how cool this is.

    Lona, The blooms are lovely aren't they?

    Lola, your pieces will be in the mail the beginning of the week. I never noticed it shaking....will try to remember to watch for that next summer.
    If you have azaleas, I certainly won't turn them down! You are a sweetie.

    Patrick, well, thank you so much! Interested in a stem cutting? Just shoot me an email or comment again.

    Tatyana, ok!! I cant' help it--this bloom is just so fun when it opens.

    Lea, I am on my way over to your blog to get an email address, have a few tips on rooting. It does root VERY easily in water, after you let the cut tip harden off.

    Giga, it usually does sleep during the day and shows off at night, this was very different! zwykle nie śpi w ciągu dnia i pokazuje na noc, to była zupełnie inna!

    Skeeter, it does remind me of a Christmas Cactus too. Hope the photo is a winner!

    Marguerite, we all have a flower addition!! This one is well worth waiting for!

  21. Hello, Janet,

    Jennifer@threedogsinagarden told me about your delightful post on night-blooming cereus, after she read about mine, which also bloomed recently.

    Like you, I just couldn't stop marveling and photographing. (Fortunately, the plant's ugly-ducklingness can't dim the beauty of those blossoms)

    Seeing your evocative images is like having another plant putting on a show to remember.

    Cheers! – Lee

  22. Nice submission to the GGW contest. The intertwining petals really were a clever way to fill the frame. I would have worked that composition a bit to see if I could hide the black triangle in the bottom and the whole photo could be improved with a warmer white balance and brighter luminescence in the red stems.


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