Saturday, December 4, 2010

Field Trip To Newberry

Yesterday we took a short ride over to Newberry.  Why you might ask.  Well, Carter and Holmes Orchids was having a holiday sale.  I have long lusted after orchids, I admit it.  My problem is that I find ALL of them beautiful.  How can one choose???? 
Look at all these lovelies....each one is prettier than the next.  Some of them are fragrant, some tiny, and some are enormous. 

 I am a total novice with orchids-- perhaps some are easier to grow than others, we shall see.  I came home with three 'bargains'.  One Cymbidium with three spikes full of plump buds,

one Paphiopetalum with no flower bud (or stock---does this one flower on a stock???)

 and one Cattleya which needs to be repotted. 

 This isn't one I bought, but I love this one for its face...see the little face in the center?  Fun. 

The greenhouses go on forever it seems.....they have more than orchids.  There are many houseplants and some hardy ferns available, oh the choices!!  I will go back as I have found a source for those cool Rex Begonias. 

Stay tuned for updates on my successes with my new orchids!

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Janet,

    What a cool place to visit. Hope we are not related in any way. As I'm the killer of every orchid I buy.

  2. Something I've always admired but haven't ventured there yet. They will be lovely in your new home.

  3. Hi Janet. Oh, how beautiful they are. I love orchids but have had no luck with the one I had.Died this summer, poor thing.
    I know you will have success though.
    Have a wonderful weekend.I am watching the falling snow this afternoon.

  4. omg, Janet ~ are you ever lucky to have them located nearby!!!! I would be absolutely broke for sure if they were near me. I ordered three paph orchids from them last winter (thru Amazon) and they should all three bloom this winter. Good luck with the ones you purchased. I hope they do well for you.

  5. Beautiful pictures, Janet! I also think that all orchards are beautiful. I wish I could be better with them: they all die or grow without blooming. Good luck to you!

  6. It's nice that you've found some beautiful plants at a great price. I've heard they're difficult to grow and found them to be expensive so I've never tried. I will check back to see what works for you. I hope they all do.

  7. I have no experience with these exotic beauties either so good luck and keep us posted! :)

  8. I've admired orchids from afar, but I haven't tried to grow one yet. These will look lovely in your new house during the coming winter, Janet. If you find they're not too hard to maintain, I might get brave and buy one myself. Hard to resist that cute freckled face:)

  9. Very nice! Good luck with the orchids. I have one. It has never re-bloomed but at least it's still alive.

  10. Oh Oh OH, Heaven on earth! I am so glad you went and picked some new friends to play with over the winter! The cymbidium is a beauty, what promise with all those buds! The paph will send up a flat bud from the center of the newest growth, look for it. The stalk will grow longer and might need a stake to stay upright. Good luck with them all! :-)
    ps, don't overwater

  11. You have some stunning photographs here. Very nice.

  12. Randy- Oh dear, if inability to grow orchids is genetically passed, I hope we aren't related too!

    tina- I have admired them and hope I can make these orchids thrive in my house.

    Lona- Oh my, that doesn't sound good. I hope I don't kill these. Enjoy your snow!

    Kathleen- I know! OMG indeed! Keep me posted on your orchids too!

    Tatyana- thanks, sometimes you think you are getting a great photo and the focus is just a little off.

    Walk2write- I have been wanting to go to this place since we bought the land a few years ago. I have been very patient. I will post updates.

    Racquel- I have no experience either-- totally out of my element.

    Rose- me too, from afar. I hope I don't have indoor winter buggies. I like that face one, pretty fun.

    Victoria- thanks! I need all the luck I can get with these babies.

    Frances- Glad you stopped by, I knew you would be excited. New friends to play with for sure! I will heed your advice with the watering. thanks

    Life101- thanks for the visit, and thanks for the compliment.


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