Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Snow in South Carolina

The snow started late Christmas night.  Given the news reports, we were in for a big snow storm.  Our news stations are north of Greenwood, one of them is from Asheville, NC.  The geographical difference between there and here drive time is between one and two hours, but worlds different when a storm rolls in.  Thankfully we just got a dusting.
 This was the view of the lake first thing this morning.  It was snowing from when I got up at seven until about eleven.  The direction that the snow blew in was so clear...from the north!

The backyard, the deck and the northern exposed areas were covered....... while the southern exposed areas were less so.  Look at the trees in the woods.  All have snow on the northern side.

These were taken on the side of the street that the pines protected the southern side.  In the photo below you can see my house through the trees. 

These two were taken just across the street from ones above. 

Full of snow cover!  The day is warming to above freezing, so the snow is getting thinner.....good photo opts were earlier today, now not so much.

Think this Asparagus Fern will come back?
 Coralbark Maple is super against the white background.

So, while typing this short offering of winter, we had an event!!  A BALD EAGLE EVENT!  Sadly these are the photos from said event---

There were two Bald Eagles flying around, in and out of the woods.  Tough to get a good picture of them.  First true sighting of Bald Eagles since we moved in. 

I did change lens for the last couple photos.  While editing those, the Redheaded Woodpecker flew into the yard. 

 He flew from tree to tree, taunting me to get a good shot.

Then this sweet little Junco flew to the deck railing, sitting still long enough to get a nice photo. 
So, everyone, enjoy your snow---I will keep my eyes peeled for more bird sightings.

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Janet,

    Wow a Bald Eagle, surely you'll have lots of them in the summer on the lake! Still very sweet to see one.

    Our snow is about 5 inches. We went for a walk with the landscape lens. Left the telephoto lens only to find lots of cedar Waxwings in the roadside hollies. Later at home I got great close ups of a Pine Warbler!

  2. A delightful post and how cool to spot an eagle. My first visit here... I'll be back.

  3. Looks pretty, though! :)
    LOVE that little Junco!!! Very sweet!

  4. It's really exciting where you are! Snow and eagles! I saw a couple of eagles circling right up the street from us a week ago. I always find them exciting to see since I remember when they were on the endangered species list.
    You are going to have so much fun with the bird count this year!

  5. Your snowfall around the lake looks so beautiful. I cannot believe you got snow. LOL! My cousin lives in Cleveland Tenn. on the Georgia line and she got two inches. She got more than I did with my one inch of the stuff. She wasn't as happy at seeing it as you are Janet. LOL!

  6. What a treat to get snow! I just love the red headed woodpecker. I don't see many here. Enjoy the snow while you can. Calling for 60s here at the end of the week. Hard to believe.

  7. How exciting to see a bald eagle in your back yard! I've never seen one in the wild at all, so this is so amazing. Your dusting of snow makes everything look so Christmasy and peaceful. We had 4" or more on Christmas Eve, making traveling difficult for many people. But it looks like the Northeast is really going to get hard this week.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Janet!

  8. I am glad you got enough snow to make things look nice, and wish that is all we got here. Hampton Roads got it bad with most areas getting close to 14". They say it is the most snowfall at one time in over 30 years. Your coral bark maple looks great!

  9. I wish I could say we just got a dusting here Janet. We got blasted with over 12" and it's a real mess. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :)

  10. Great shots, Janet. I hear your neck of the woods is getting hammered. Stay warm!

  11. Wow, Bald Eagle sightings from your house!! And a Red-Headed Woodpecker too. We don't have Red-Headed Woodpeckers on our farm, I don't know why.

    We got snow the day after Christmas. Quite a bit too. I can't remember a major snowstorm this early.

  12. You have a wonderful array of bird life Janet. The barred owl sighting still ranks at the top of the list for me but I guess because I see bald eagles from time to time and never a barred owl! I love that woodpecker tho. We don't have him here either.

    I bet your snow is gone now? I hope to talk to my Aunt (in Myrtle Beach) tonight ~ I'm wondering if they got any?? It's been an interesting year for weather, hasn't it?

    ps I hope your orchids bloom soon. I ordered three paphs from Carter and Holmes (via Amazon) last January and only one has bloomed so far. When I went back and reread the information, it said "plants would reach blooming size in 12 to 18 months!" So I guess I still need to be patient but it's hard!

  13. Isn't it something - you have snow in SC, but we don't have any of it in WA!!! I am jealous! Thank you SO much for these fantastic images! Enjoy this white beauty!

  14. Yay for our Christmas snow!!! I wish I'd gotten bald eagles, too though!

  15. Very beautiful!
    I have always wanted to have a white Christmas, but we dont get those in here.

  16. Janet, how totally amazing to see Bald Eagles like that, not surprised you didn't have time to get the perfect shot, birds rarely seem to make it easy for the photographer... That first picture out across the lake looks magical, what a fantastic location to create a garden. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  17. You have a beautiful property. It looks very peaceful there. I know what you mean about capturing wildlife, especially if it's on the move.

  18. Wow, Janet, a bald eagle sighting! I hope to see them someday and capture a photo! I adore those juncoes! Happy New Year, gail

  19. Janet, goodness, how wonderful to see bald eagles!

    And I didn't realize that you had Christmas snow, too. We've quite enjoyed ours up in the mountains, but we haven't needed to get to work....

    Great photos-- isn't it hard to get those fleeting ones?


  20. Beautiful snow pictures, I am envious! We finally got some snow, only a week after Christmas!

    I love bald eagles. Reminds me of Nacho getting nutrition from those eggs.

  21. hi Randy, I thought we would have lots of eagle sightings during the summer, but it wasn't til this winter that we saw some. I need to take my telephoto lens on my next walk. Enjoyed the Pine Warbler photos.

    Meredehuit, thanks for coming by! Hope to have posts to keep you coming back.

    kzk, yup pretty cool. I love Juncos...they are fun to watch.

    Catherine, Excitement on the lake! I also find eagle sightings very exciting, each sighting is an event. I am looking forward to this year's count.

    Lona, I can't believe we got snow either. I am happy we are free of it for now. Today was 50*. Went for a great walk along the lake.

    Tina, This Redheaded Woodpecker has been hanging around a lot. Glad to have a photo.

    Rose, it was exciting. Snow does make it look Christmasy. We have some rolling hills that make travel difficult if there is snow. Glad it is gone.

    Les, Super glad we weren't in the mess in Hampton Roads, big time! Glad you got home ok. I have photos of the snow 30 years ago at Ft. Monroe....covered my car.

    Racquel, I know, you all got slammed. Sorry. I did have a good Christmas, thanks.

    Grace, actually my neck of the woods was just south of the big snow, thankfully.

    Sweetbay, Pretty neat eh? I never saw Red-Headed Woodpeckers in VA, though they are sure in these woods.

    Kathleen, I do have a wonderful array. Glad you like the owl, I keep looking for him as I walk the dogs or drive through the further sightings. yes, the snow is gone, was pretty much gone by that night.
    As for my orchids, as long as I don't kill them, I have hope for blooms.

    Tatyana, this has been screwy weather this year. thanks!

    Eliza, I think you got a little more snow than I did. I am amazed at the birds we have, it's great.

    fer, sorry for no snow at Christmas in Japan...

    Janet, it was great to see the eagles. I love my new garden.

    W2W, thanks, we love it here. Peaceful and much nature.

    Gail, cool right? I was thrilled.

    Lisa, yes indeedy. It was great to see them, they were here for three days running....didn't see them today. :(
    It is hard to capture the birds as they are flying.

    Rosey, thanks!!! Nacho is the man!

  22. Very nice blog and lovely bird photos. Juncos are one of my favorite small winter birds.

  23. I love your snow pics! I was in Virginia, so I missed the SC snowfall - heard that in Charleston it flurried most of the day (but melted once it hit the ground - so no accumulation).

    How fun your bald eagle pics are - I've been seeing them alot lately (on the drive between Charleston and Georgetown/Hobcaw Barony). It's always a treat.

    Best wishes for the New Year!

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