Monday, October 18, 2010

October Garden Blogger's Bloom Day....a Little Late

I am a few days late posting for October's Garden Blogger Bloom Day.  I did take these photos on the 15th.  I have a good number of plants blooming.  The butterflies are still enjoying the blooms.  Please go and check out more of the GBBD pictures on May Dreams Garden.  Happy gardening!

The blooms are- Double Knock Roses, Darum Lorepetalum, Gaillardia, Yarrow, Camellia 'Bonanza', Lantana, Helenium, Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy' and Basil.  I have the variety names....somewhere.  When I profile each garden section I will include the full names.  This is just eye candy tonight.

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Hi Janet, Glad you decided to post about your October blooms. You make me think that maybe I should just go ahead and post late, too. Perhaps I'll do just that. But definitely not today.
    I love that pink yarrow; and the Lorepetalum is pretty, too. How nice to see blooms on your basil...does that mean they're about 'finished'? Mine are still all green with no blooms, as yet.
    Talk with ya later!

  2. Eye candy indeed. They are beautiful!

  3. Hi Janet, Love your blooms. And your header photo is pure genius.

  4. Tina took the words right out of my mouth! Beautiful!

  5. Don't you just love the 'Cherry Brandy' rudbeckia? I hope mine re-seeds as much as the other rudbeckias have done. Enjoyed the "eye candy," and I'm really looking forward to seeing all of your new garden when you're ready.

  6. Better late than never Janet. :) Lovely blooms still going strong in your garden this month.

  7. hi janet, i'm glad you're back! really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your new place - what a great spot to garden! i've heard about helenium from lots of garden bloggers this year and i love it. it's on my list for next year. look forward to seeing your new garden develop!

  8. I'm impressed that you took time from unpacking and decorating to post! Or maybe you're done already - but it sure takes me a long time to finish up those sorts of things when I move.

  9. Those are lovely blooms! My color is mainly coming from the leaves that are turning now. Pretty gaillardias :)

  10. I was admiring your header photo too. Dog Fennel really is beautiful time time of year.

    I really like your Lantana, so colorful.

  11. Beautiful! Nice to see you back again, i've been slow about blogging lately too. Thanks for your compliment on the lavender path!

  12. Hi Jan, thanks --I am glad to get posts it Bloom Day or whatever. Yes, my basil is about done. Guess I could start some in the house.

    Hi Tina, thanks!

    Hi Grace, glad you like the header. Gotta love the weeds along the roadside.

    Hi Kylee, most appreciated.

    Hi Rose, I do love the Cherry Brandy...hoping mine does well over winter.

    Hi Racquel, true, better late. :-)

    Hi Daricia, thanks so much. I am working hard at getting the wild areas tamed! You should get Helenium...I was surprised to find a nice fragrance while I planted it.

    Hi VW, well, we have been here since July--and I will say, the house has some areas that are still 'undone'.

    Hi Ilona, I like how bold the Gaillardia is.

    Hi Sweetbay, thanks! I am still trying to make an ID on this plant in my header. I thought it was Dog Fennel, but now I am not sure. Oh well....

    Hi Anne, thanks for coming by. Good to see you too.


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