Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Colorful Interlude

Before I take you into the next area of the new garden I wanted to share the beauty of our fall foliage.
Sunday afternoon we took a drive to the Pig to get gas for the boat.  I took my camera with me and was able to get some photos of the wonderful fall colors. 

Sassafras albidum --in its full glory.  I love the reds, oranges and peachy colors.

Native Dogwood- Cornus florida, gotta love the red!

All along the roadside is Sumac.  I believe it is Winged or Shining Sumac-Rhus copallina, again a brilliant red fall color. 

And of course we can't forget all the yellows in the landscape.  I have a number of Carya around me, haven't ID-ed all of them yet.  Some of the Sweet Gum are in their yellow phase as well as some of the red maple. 

Be sure to check out  The Fall Color Project 2010 over at Growing the Home Garden where every Friday there are more links to fabulous fall foliage all over.

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Beautiful collages, gorgeous colors! I also really like the shape of those sassafras leaves!

  2. Sassafras has got to be one of the best trees for fall color. They are just starting to change here.

  3. Great fall colors. I'm trying to pay attention as much as possible! One of our neighbors has a nice red maple right now. Our Sweet Gum trees are just turning and our sumac is looking beautiful.
    Thanks for the two Epiphyllum leaves! I have my fingers crossed that I can get them started.

  4. So beautiful! I know you are enjoying your new home on the lake!

  5. Thanks AoF! I love the different shapes of the leaves too.

    Sweetbay, I agree, best fall color!

    Victoria, thanks! I am glad the Epi's made it there fine, now it's time for patience as the roots form. I don't think they will bloom next summer, nor the following summer....but then!!! wow.

    Cameron, thanks, we are really enjoying our new place.

  6. Gorgeous fall color! I love that Sassafras, such interesting leaves.

  7. What great collages. I am glad that fall has followed you to SC, it finally arrived here this week with colorful foliage and the first camellia blossoms.

  8. oh lovely pics, just found your blog via facebook via Karen's page and pics.

    Sassafras ----- always used to puzzle me when I was a wee girl, cos I used to love the What Katy Did books by Susan Coolidge (I think that was her surname) .....and she always wrote about Sassafras....

    But being a wee girl in the UK I had no idea what it was!

    Serendipty, facebook and blogging, are such wonderful things.

    I hope to follow your blog and your wonderful photos regularly now I have found you.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Jeannie aka Marvin The Hollow Hound, aka Letty, aka Cassandra Vale on Facebook.

    xx ;0D

  9. Great Janet! I'm sorry I missed listing your post but I fixed that now. I love the dogwoods this time of year. I really wish we had a few more ones growing naturally in our landscape.

  10. Utterly beautiful - so glad you took your camera with you!

  11. Beautiful Ms. Janet! Thanks for participating in The 2010 Fall Color Project. Have you ever made sassafras tea?

  12. Racquel, thanks! Remember the one we saw in the Learning Garden? Sassafras is such a cool tree.

    Les, thanks --I was happy how these collages came out. Fall has certainly arrived here.

    Jeannie (or Cassandra) thanks so much for stopping by. I love Sassafras trees. Amazing that we have so much in common, and how much we don't. Hope you enjoyed your introduction to Sassafras... serendipity indeed!

    Dave, thanks for hosting the fall color project.

    Janet, I am glad I took my camera with me too!

    TC, thanks for stopping by. No, I have not had Sassafras tea...will have to check it out.


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