Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh the Possibilities............

Today we had a lovely lunch at the home of friends who moved up the road a piece. Gorgeous setting and a nice visit. After lunch we went to a place where dreams are made..........

Is this a dream??? Nope---just a foggy lens because of the humidity.

She looks like a companion to the one in my family room.

The place is in Toano, VA- Charlie's Antiques. Oh the possibilities for the garden!!!

Any sculpture or ornament is there for you!

I like the use of a grist stone for a water feature.

All sorts of items in addition to stones, boulders, flagstones, river rocks-- you name it, it is probably there.

Oh man...see the sky in the background?? yikes!!

Well, here's lookin' at you!!!

We got home in time to find we got 4 inches of rain in the span of about 30 minutes!!


  1. Oh, I have been wanting to go to this place for sometime now. The people who I used to work for have several treasures in their garden from Charlie. My only hesitation is going there only to see many a thing I would covet, but without the money to buy a thing.

  2. I want to go! It looks a great place to visit. I agree with Les, I hate to think of how much money I would end up parting with...but looks like it will be worth it. H.

  3. What a great place - lucky it's too far away for me so I don't have to worry about not having enough money to buy everything.

  4. They have some pretty crazy stuff there! There's a big bronze grizzly bear that would look great in my yard.

  5. Hi Les, I know, for as long as we've lived here, today was the first time going there. We are making plans to go back and perhaps look more closely at the ironwork fencing.
    Hi Helen, A big pile of $$ could easily be spent here. What a collection!!
    RainGardener, hi there, I bet there is something near you.... seems there is always a neat place that has fun stuff like this.
    Hi Phillip, I saw that bronze bear, it had your name on it!!

  6. Very creative indeed.... Hmm, just thinking, if having giant snail will scare off the real snails... I love the gist stone as water feature, very cool.

  7. She looks like the twin sister to your mermaid! Oh, we were down there when the rains came! Took Sarah down today and helped her move in. We saw what you saw, and were there in person! We went down 17 because traffic was heavy on 95 and 64. It was a nice drive. Didn't have time to do anything but take her and come home. I slept all the way down, and back! I'm glad hubby drove! We had storms up here fact, just last night, huge branches fell from trees into my garden!

  8. All those hypertufa look fabulous! So many!

  9. That looks like an interesting place to visit! Whoa, 4" in a 1/2 hour... that is extreme.

  10. Hi Bangchik, I am glad you like the grist stone too. It creates a very nice water feature.
    Jan, Hi! I know what you mean about the trip...64 and 95 are a parking lot on Saturdays and a little less on Sundays. ugh! Sorry you had some branches down. We just had a ton of water.
    Hi Tina, I like them too! Imagine a lot of sedum planted in those.
    Hi Sweetbay, it is an interesting place, everywhere you looked was something drawing you in to look closer. We had a lot of flooding on the roads on the way home.

  11. There is a need for places like that here, i guess in another hundred years we might be old enough.

  12. It has been a crazy year with the rain, hasn't it? We were drying out here last week and then got clobbered.

    I never know what to buy at a place like Charlie's.

  13. Hi Jen, this is an amazing place... are we ever old enough?

    Hi Digital, this has certainly been an interesting summer for rainfall. clobbered is a good word for Saturday's rain. We didn't buy anything at Charlie's....yet!

  14. The grist mill stone water feature is wonderful...I have just the spot for it! Les said you've had 12 inches of rain this month. Wow! I can see how you might be tired it it. Glad you got home safely. gail

  15. Oh man, Catherine, that place looks like heaven!!! I love that stuff and saw several cool faces, not to mentions those trough planters too. But the sky is pretty cool too. Rain is always good? Well nearly so. The burning question is: did you make a purchase? :-)

  16. *drool* I would never want to leave.

    Well, except for that storm brewing in the background.

  17. Hi Gail, yes we have had a ton of yard is soooo squishy. I really like the grist mill stone...might do one in SC.

    Frances, hi there. It is a very cool place to explore. We didn't buy anything this time....but ideas are brewing. Janet :-)

    Slyvana, hi, thanks for visiting. The storm helped us decide it was time to leave!

  18. ooh, I love these kinds of places. I also really want to start visiting some salvage yards. I want to know if you bought anything too!?
    I also wanted to tell you I've been faithfully reading your blog but having some trouble posting a comment? Not sure why? Thankfully today, it seems to be going thru okay.

  19. Hi Kathleen, so glad you got caught up today with some comments. Sometimes I feel like I am really behind in reading others' blogs....oh well. Glad to see you! (And no, I didn't buy anything --this time)

  20. Yes, let's all go! You do need the mermaid as a friend to the coffee table.

  21. Hi Anna, she does need a friend doesn't she?


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