Thursday, August 6, 2009

If It Were Your Birthday.... and an update on more cakes

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday....I did a cake for her like one I had done many years ago...twice. Guess how old my little girl is????
I have fun kids!
Do you want a cake like this??? I am adding more pictures, small in size, click on any to enlarge. These were scanned photos from birthdays past. We have fun with cakes--and spend very little $$ on them.


  1. 24 year olds LOVE beach party cakes!!!

    minus the cinnamon lifesavors....

    <3 <3 <3 Rachel

  2. I'm 25, and I'd LOVE an awesome cake like that!

  3. Some people have all the talent. And the rest of us drool. Your "kids" are very lucky. I'll take a piece!

  4. What a great mom! I'm sure your 24-year-old feels very loved.

  5. How adorable! At first I thought it was a teddy bear picnic, then noticed the bikini clad! HA Of course the blue water should have been a tip off. Lucky girl. :-) Yesterday was also my daughter Semi's birthday. Dare I say it? 33. :-)

  6. Rachel, beach partyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

    Anna, I hope you get a cake like that for your next birthday!

    Grace, you are most kind. The little Teddy Grahams started taking on their own personalities as I was decorating. Too funny.

    Tina, the younger one is 22.....

    VW, she does. I bet you could do that for your kids-- being crdative with birthday cakes is fun.

    Frances, A teddy bear picnic could be a whole other cake!! Did you like the sand? That was ground up teddy grahams (ugh)
    33 years young...just a year or two younger than her mom. ;-)

  7. Great cakes - you really do have fun with them don't you? I counted 25 twice - guess I was wrong twice! ;-)

  8. Raingardener- did you count the bears? Hmm.....I just decorated bears until my eyes were crossed!! Yes, we do have fun with the cakes. The last one- for those who are interested -- is the music for the song 'Happy Birthday' :-D
    One cake we couldn't find a picture for was 'Shawn of the Dead' a goofy cult film --lots of blood- so I used raspberry glaze. What will we do next year??? stay tuned.

  9. This is brings back many fond memories, Janet. I finally gave up trying to make my own cakes and usually ordered them from a friend who decorated cakes. From Scooby-Doo to Strawberry Shortcake, we had them all:) Happy belated birthday to your daughter!


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