Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beauties We Invite Into Our Gardens....

Butterflies and pollinators are wonderful to have in the garden.


No wonder I had lost some tomatoes!!! Needless to say he is no longer with us!!


  1. The butterflies are surely in abundance. I saw my first monarch today but I've yet to see a caterpillar of a butterfly-only the moths. Those poor ole sphinx cats do become pesky but they are kind of special too I guess.

  2. Hi Janet! All the creatures are beautiful, even this green caterpillar. But he is an evil and should go. When we lived in the Midwest, we had these green guys in big numbers! They could destroy a tomato plant in no time. I remember sitting near the plants for 15-20 minutes trying to find them, it was not easy! Good luck! But they are pretty, aren't they?

  3. Yuck!! The sheer size grosses me out. They stripped a bunch of my tomato plants last year, but haven't turned up this year (so far), thank goodness!

  4. I wonder if tomato plants are any safer when grown in containers -- I sure hope so. ::shudder:: He's a fat beggar! Your blooms and your invited guests are all lovely.

  5. I never knew cannas to be attractive to butterflies and bees, lear rollers yes. When I see uninvited vistors to the garden, I invite them to take a swim with the koi, who make quick work of the unexpected snack.

  6. Great photos Janet! Love butterflies! I was thinking the same thing that Les said - didnt know butterflies & bees were attracted to cannas. It's good to know because I really like cannas & want to add them to my garden at some point.
    I haven't had any hornworms on my tomatoes this year. I've noticed birds hanging out on the tomato cages. I think their keeping them off for me!

  7. Morning Tina, I love seeing all the butterflies in the garden. Saw a monarch earlier in the season, but none for a while.

    Tatyana, hi there, Those green hornworms are really hard to see. I saw evidence there was one on the tomato and spent a couple minutes looking for him!

    Hi Ginger, hope you don't have any of the hornworms...yuck!

    Hello Nancy, I really hate to tell you this---the tomato that had the worm on it is in a container!!

    Hi Les, I don't see much activity on the yellow cannas, but the red ones really have a lot of action. Sharing uninvited visitors with the koi is a good idea. I just made him a big smear.

    Hi Alan, I have a lot of Carolina Wrens around the tomato on the deck (this is the one the hornworm was on) but I think it is too big for one of the Wrens to eat. maybe?

  8. Nice cannas. One of my favorite summer plants. This year there hasn't been as many butterflies but there are ten times the amount of hummingbirds. Nature, go figure.

  9. Beautiful butterflies! I have yet to capture a Sulfur, they flit around so quickly.

    Those Hornworms are a pain. Now that we have more tomatoes than we know what to do with, hubby is leaving the Hornworms and now we have the beautiful Sphinx moths at night.

  10. Even caterpillars are colorful, no wonder butterflies have extreme of colors! When a few caterpillars had a feast on my veggies, their color is light green, and definitely not as colorful as shown here.
    Just asking, can you guess the look of the eventual butterfly when you see a caterpillar?

  11. I also love all of these creatures & agree w/Tatyana, they are all awesome to look at...BUT, I agree: that 'borer' has got to go!! Thank you for your comment re: 'blogging issues'!

  12. Hi Digital Flower Pictures, maybe you are not around when the butterflies are, but there for the hummers? Go figure indeed.

    Hi Sweetbay, all those butterflies are busy, I was glad to get the pictures I did.
    Hornworms, ugh!!!

    Hi Bangchik, the colorful caterpillar is a future butterfly. Some I know which butterfly it will become, but I am certainly no expert!

    Hi there Jan, welcome!! We will have to make plans to get together. Daughter #1 is living up your way.

  13. What beautiful photos you've taken, Janet! Well, not the last one:) The butterflies have finally started to arrive here, too; definitely welcome guests!

  14. Janet - such wonderful photos! There's always so much happening in the garden.

    My husband and i have coffee on our front porch every morning to watch the show... the bees, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs... and especially our friendly hummingbirds. I keep looking for BST cats on the bronze fennel, but haven't seen any. We had some cats on the parsley. A lot more Tigers showed up today. I think we get more butterflies in August-October than any other months.


  15. We are having a massively butterflyish year where I live (Dorset in England) - and nearly all of them seem to be cabbage whites - wit painted ladies coming a close second . . . possibly overtaking.

    I's lovely to see them but it would be better still to have some variety.

    Caterpillars are interesting - until there are lots of them . . . then my stomach churns.


    P.S. I know you are the Queen of Seaford but my eye changes it to 'Seafood' every time I see it!

  16. So glad you found him, Janet. I hope you took care of his aunts and uncles, too. As you know, I can empathize with your tomato troubles. I started fresh Saturday. But the other caterpillars are beautiful.

  17. WOW... summer is POPPIN in your garden dear friend. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  18. BEAUTIFUL photos Janet! You are so lucky to have all the pollinators. I've still hardly seen any butterflies this summer. It's pretty sad. I also would not have known what that green caterpillar was ~ I just started growing tomatoes this year ~ but now I'll be on the lookout!

  19. Beautiful pics! I love butterflies. They are elegant yet majestic.

  20. Hi Rose, I was really happy with the butterfly pics. Butterflies really bring fancy to the garden, don't they?

    Afternoon Cameron, I read your post about the monarchs....will be keeping my eyes open for some here. My parsley is gone!! Eaten to the nub!

    Hi Lucy, I agree, lots of caterpillars can give you the willies! (I have to make sure people see it as SEAFORD not SEAFOOD! Our mailing address is Seaford-- not many know it)

    Hi Diana, I keep looking for any friends of that hornworm-- so far so good! Good luck with your second batch of tomatoes!

    HI Bren, Glad you came by!

    Hi Kathleen, Hope you don't have any of the hornworms on your tomatoes! They are tough to find as they blend in quite well.

    Miss Daisy - Welcome!! So glad you came by. I did visit quickly at your sight. Will be back again!!


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