Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January blooms and berries

The paperwhites always surprise me. The first couple years I had forgotten they were planted by the back garage door. This time of year the rain really takes its toll on this area as the downspout empties next to it. The mole made a few tunnels under this garden but as paperwhites are in the Narcissus family, the voles leave them alone.

The true show stopper in the corner garden is the Nandina domestica. The berries are plentiful and seem to just pop. I will transplant some of the more mature seedlings from under the bush to another location this spring.


  1. Beautiful paperwhites. It's nice to think of spring flowers here buried under feet of snow and subzeros temps... oh well.

  2. Hi Janet, those are so lovely, in spite of those nasty voles. We have them too, a constant battle. I have found that they dislike the cat poop from the little box dropped into their holes, well who wouldn't! HA Also, the misty moisty morning is a great favorite of mine too! :-)
    Frances at Fairegarden

  3. Your paperwhites are simply gorgeous right now Janet. I might have to add the bulbs I forced this year into the garden this spring when they finish blooming. My Nandinas are really showstoppers at this time of the year too!

  4. Are the paperwhites really blooming in your garden right NOW? Wow...the weather is REALLY different just 2 1/2 miles south of here:) My daughter will go back down there this wkend:( Back to school it is....
    I also love the Nandina domestica--I just have to get this for my garden:) Lovely post; Short, but SWEET:)

  5. Troutbirder,
    Thanks for stopping by. I can't imagine buried under feet of snow and subzero temps...brrrrrrrr.
    I don't have any cat poop, but thanks for the thought..:D too funny. Glad you are a fan of Mother Goose as well.
    Racquel- You will pleasantly surprised next season when your paperwhites pop up.
    You threw me for a loop-- I think you are a couple hours north. My kids have gone back to college as well. Very quiet around the house (except for the dogs !)

  6. I used to grow nandina strictly for the berries. But the foliage is also outstanding. I've wised up. I can almost smell the paperwhites.

  7. You just can't beat those nandinas can you? Beautiful!

  8. Looks like we both have paperwhites blooming for GBBD. I wonder what they will look like after tonight's temperatures. I am currently on the Eastern Shore and near a white house that sits on a perfectly square lot planted with NOTHING but Nandinas. There is a red and green moustache across the front of the house and a border of them, soldier row straight around the property line.


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